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Chapter 93 Learning the Dao in the Morning, Death in the Evening (2)

There were many ancient rituals among the disciples of the Daoyi Palace.

If he rashly visited a senior he had never interacted with before, it would be extremely rude.

That was why he found Lu Zhengming first and handed Cui Heng a visitation card.

“So thats the reason.” Uncle Chen immediately smiled when he heard that.

“Dont worry, Governor Cui will definitely meet you.

Hes a living Immortal, the best person in the world.”

“Little Zhou, you dont know, right Old Chen is actually from Dachang County in the east.

He moved here with the Governor,” an old man beside him said.

“Old Chen has seen Governor Cui before.”

“Theres actually such a connection” Zhou Hongyis eyes lit up as he asked, “Uncle Chen, I heard that Governor Cui has the ability to summon the wind and rain.

Is that true”

“Of course its true.

I saw it with my own eyes on the city wall that day.” Old Chen was very excited when he said this, and his saliva flew everywhere.

“The hundreds of thousands of bandits came in a mighty manner.

Governor Cui stood alone on the city wall… With a wave of his hand, a huge hole immediately collapsed in the clear sky.

The water of the Heavenly River poured down, and the hundreds of thousands of rebels were thrown off their feet on the spot…”

This was clearly the speech of a storyteller, and it immediately attracted the mutterings of a few old men beside him.

“Old Chen, didnt you say that Governor Cui splashed a bowl of water and caused a storm”

“At that time, there were only 40,000 to 50,000 rebels.

Old Chen, Little Zhou was asking you seriously.

Dont brag.”

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“Even if Governor Cui is really a living Immortal, you cant brag like that.

Tell us the



Uncle Chen was a little embarrassed by what he said.

He coughed lightly and said, “Hehe, actually, I was a little scared at that time.

I didnt dare to go up to the city wall to defend the city.

I only stood at a high point and saw the storm outside the city from afar.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

I only heard about Governor Cuis ability to turn water into rain.

“You just have to remember that Governor Cui is definitely a living Immortal.

Hes a great person.

Dont worry about anything else.

This is definitely true! Ill leave first.

Otherwise, that old woman of mine will capture me back for dinner.”

With that, he put down the chess piece and jogged away.

Even though he was almost 70 years old, his footsteps were still very agile.

“Hahaha, Uncle Chens words are still so funny.” Zhou Hongyi also put down his hands and stood up to bow to the elders.

“Ill leave first.”

In fact, in the past half a month, he had asked around about Cui Heng many times in Xiling County.

Almost everyone who came from Juhe County said it with certainty, and many of them had even seen it with their own eyes.

However, after more than 20 years of martial arts cultivation and his understanding of the Martial Dao realms, Zhou Hongyi found it difficult to believe that there was such a method to turn water into rain.

It was too exaggerated.

As the direct disciple of the Daoyi Palaces Sect Master, there was a high chance that he would become the next Daoyi Palaces Sect Master.

He naturally had a lot of understanding of the Martial Dao realms.

Although he was only an Inner World cultivator now, he had long known what Deity Realm experts could and could not do.

He even knew very well what Human Immortals and Earth Immortals could and could not do.

Even an Earth Immortal from the Upper World could not summon wind and rain to destroy an army of 50,000 with a flick of his finger.

Whether a Heaven Immortal could do it was debatable.

This made Zhou Hongyi curious about Cui Heng

If Cui Heng could really summon the wind and rain

In that case, was he also related to the incident where the stars fell like rain in Xiling City and destroyed King Yans hundreds of thousands of troops in one night

Just like Zhang Shuming, Zhou Hongyi did not think that the so-called divine punishment existed.

The incident in Xiling County that day was definitely man-made.

The Heavens were heartless and treated all living things like dogs! It was impossible for it to interfere in the disputes of the human world.

He had come to Xiling County this time to investigate the matter of the meteor rain in detail.


What kind of person could use such an incredible divine technique

He did not care about the possible dangers.

Instead, he thought that this was an opportunity to approach the truth of the Great Dao!

In Zhou Hongyis opinion, an existence with such a great divine power must be closer to the Great Dao than everyone else!

As long as he could find this existence, he might be able to approach the Great Dao.

Even if it cost him his life, it was worth it.

If one hears the Dao in the morning, one could die in the evening!


After Zhou Hongyi came to Xiling County, he quickly became good friends with Deputy Governor Lu Zhengming.

Therefore, when he arrived at the county magistrates office, he only informed the bailiff Feng Wu, who was guarding the door, of his intentions before entering.

No one stopped him.

However, Zhou Hongyi had only taken a few steps when he saw Lu Zhengming running over with a happy expression.

“Hongyi, youre here.

I was just looking for you!” Lu Zhengming laughed loudly.

“Lu Governor has replied.

The Governor said that you can go over and see him at any time.”

“Really!” Zhou Hongyis eyes lit up.

He immediately bowed to Lu Zhengming.

“Thank you for your help, Brother Lu.”

“Haha, why are you bowing to me” Lu Zhengming waved his hand and said with a smile, “Hongyi, actually, as long as you help me ask the Governor when you see him, Ill be able to follow him around.”

“Brother Lu, dont worry.

I wont let you down.” Zhou Hongyi nodded solemnly.

At this moment, Feng Wu, who was guarding the door, walked over and reported, “Lord, theres a Daoist priest outside who wants to see Daoist Zhou.”

“Daoist priest” Zhou Hongyi was stunned at first, then he looked at Lu Zhengming.

“Oh.” Lu Zhengming nodded and said, “Let him in.

He should be from Hongyis sect.”

A moment later, a young Daoist who looked to be in his twenties walked in.

He looked harried and a little anxious.

“Greetings, Uncle-Master Zhou.” The young Daoist priest cupped his hands and bowed.

“Zhizhen, why are you in such a hurry” Zhou Hongyi was a little surprised.

The disciples of Daoyi Palace had always been the most focused on calming their minds and recuperating.

It was rare for them to be in such a hurry.

“Sect Master asked me to inform you of an important piece of news.” The young Daoist priest leaned over and lowered his voice.

“The Wang Family of Langya and the Xie Family of Pingshan intend to harm the Governor of Lu County.”

Liu Zhizhen was one of the best among the younger generation of disciples in Daoyi Palace.

He had already broken through and reached the Profound Gate realm at a young age and was about to become a Xiantian Grandmaster.

He usually had a good relationship with Zhou Hongyi and spoke more casually.

“What!” Zhou Hongyi was a little stunned when he heard this.

He almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

He said in surprise, “Are they tired of living”

“Ah” Liu Zhizhen was also stunned.

He didnt understand, nor did he understand what Zhou Hongyi meant.

He said in confusion, “Uncle-Master, the Sect Master wants you to go to Lu County City as soon as possible to prevent anything from happening to that Governor.”

“Alright, I understand.” Zhou Hongyi nodded with a strange expression and chuckled.

“Coincidentally, I was already planning to set off for Lu County.

You can go back and tell Sect Master this.”

“Yes, Uncle-Master Zhou!” Liu Zhizhen heaved a sigh of relief.

He had finally sent the news.

The news that the Sect Master had specially instructed him to deliver, no matter what it was, was definitely extremely important.

He sent it over as quickly as possible.

However, Liu Zhizhen was still a little curious.

He couldnt help but ask, “By the way, Uncle-Master Zhou, can I ask whats the background of that Governor of Lu County He can actually make two aristocratic families attack him.

Even the Sect Master values him so much.”

In Liu Zhizhens opinion, he was just a county governor and should not be involved in any major secrets.

There would be no problem in asking.

Moreover, even if there was really a great secret, Zhou Hongyi would definitely tell him not to ask.

“This Governor of Lu County…”

Zhou Hongyi opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but then hesitated.

In the end, he smiled and said, “If my previous guess is correct, it might be an opportunity for Sect Master and I to comprehend the Great Dao.”

“Great… Great Dao!”

Liu Zhizhen was stunned when he heard this.

As a disciple of Daoyi Palace, he knew very well the weight of these words.

But how did it become related to a Governor of Lu County


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