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Chapter 84 Purple Qi from the East, 9,999 Meters (2)

At this moment, the praise for Cui Heng rose like a tsunami, reaching the Nine Heavens.

It was as if it had fused with the Purple Qi from the East, as if even the Heavens were praising him.

Cui Heng, who was still in the Captains office, immediately sensed the changes outside.

He could clearly sense countless red and white lights coming from all directions, instantly making the two lights around his Golden Core rise much higher.

The red light that symbolizes joy increased by an inch and a half, and the white light that symbolizes love increased by two inches and a half!

This meant that the red and white lights of the Seven Emotions and Seven Lights had broken through a foot in height, immediately making Cui Heng feel as if he had crossed a new threshold.

However, he could only confirm what changes this had brought him after he carefully comprehended it.

At this moment, although Cui Heng was overjoyed, he did not have the time to directly comprehend this change because he sensed a faint and blurry thought in the Purple Cloud Sword.

Jiang Qiqis will!

This was a message she had imprinted in the sword.

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One could only sense it after activating the phenomenon of the Purple Cloud Sword.

Unfortunately, perhaps because it had been a long time, this wisp of information was already a little blurry.

(Big Brother Immortal… Be careful… Heavenly Void World…]

Cui Heng only sensed this bit of information.

But even so, at this moment, he felt a sense of spatial dislocation, as if he had returned to the time from 200 years ago.

“Be careful… of the Heavenly Void World”

Cui Heng pondered over this piece of information in his heart.

The two might not be related, but there was no doubt that this Heavenly Void World should be extremely important.

“Is it related to the “Upper World” here, the Immortal Dawn Sects sealed mountain, and Qiqis whereabouts”

Thinking of this, he looked at Chen Ying, who was still immersed in shock, and asked, “Do you know about the Heavenly Void World”

“…Heaven, the Heavenly Void World” Chen Ying shook her head in confusion, as if she had just recovered and was still not fully awake.

However, her eyes quickly regained their brightness as she nodded and said, “Ive heard Master mention this before.

Its said that its an extremely dangerous place.

The people inside are also extremely dangerous.

If we find any clues related to the Heavenly Void World outside, we must return and report it to Master as soon as possible.”

“Is it related to the Immortal Dawn Sect sealing the mountain” Cui Heng frowned slightly.

“Master didnt mention it, and the sect is also very secretive about the reason for sealing the mountain back then.” Chen Ying shook her head gently and rolled her bright eyes.

“However, I guess its most likely related to this Heavenly Void World.”

“Why” Cui Heng looked at Chen Ying in surprise.

“I guessed it after asking around.” Chen Ying twirled with the hair on her forehead and said, “According to the records of my sect, the Ancestral Master disappeared a hundred years ago, and the mountain was sealed from then on.

“Its said that the Patriarch left a warning before she disappeared.

She said that the Immortal Dawn Sect should be kept aloof from worldly affairs and should focus on cultivating our bodies and minds.

Thats why they sealed the mountain.

However, the investigation of the Heavenly Void World also started a hundred years ago.

How can there be no connection”

“Yes, its a very reasonable guess.” Cui Heng nodded slightly when he heard this and asked, “You just said that your Ancestor, Perfected Hengxia, is missing”

“Yes.” Chen Ying nodded and said, “I asked Master about this.

However, Ive always felt that theres something strange about it.

Back then, Patriarchs martial arts could already be said to be invincible in the world.

How could such a person suddenly disappear”

“You think that this is also related to the Heavenly Void World” Cui Heng asked.

“It must be related,” Chen Ying said with a look of certainty.

Then, she said dejectedly, “Its a pity that I havent been away from the mountain for too long.

I havent found any reliable clues for the time being.

I havent even found out what the Heavenly Void World is referring to.”

“Well figure it out eventually.” Cui Heng seemed to be deep in thought before he suddenly smiled and said, “Why are you answering whatever I ask now It wasnt like that just now.”

“Because of the Purple Qi from the East, stretching 9,999 meters.” Chen Ying pointed at the Purple Qi in the sky and said with an incomparably serious expression, “This is a message that the Ancestral Master specially left for us Sword Masters.

“The five Immortal Swords left behind by the Ancestral Master have spirits and will choose their own masters.

The moment we become Sword Masters, the image of the Immortal Sword Phenomenon will appear in our minds.

At the same time, we were told that if we encounter someone who can trigger this phenomenon, we can trust that person unconditionally.”

“…” Cui Heng fell silent.

He could now roughly confirm that these five so-called Immortal Swords should be the information left behind by Jiang Qiqi.

A hundred years ago, Jiang Qiqi had probably encountered great trouble and had to choose to leave.

Hence, she left behind five Immortal Swords as items that carried her message.

The condition to activate the Immortal Sword Phenomenon was for his Dharmic powers to come into contact with Jiang Qiqis will imprinted in the Purple Cloud Sword.

Moreover, from the internal structure of the Purple Cloud Sword, only by coming into contact with his Dharmic powers would a phenomenon appear.

If even the aura of the Dharmic powers was different, it was unable to trigger the Immortal Sword Phenomenon.

“This already involves the combination of Dharmic powers and spiritual energy.

Its at the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

Qiqi already had such a cultivation level before she disappeared”

Cui Heng was a little surprised.

After all, when he created the Immortal Dawn Sword Art, he had just broken through to the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

Therefore, the highest realm of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art should only be equivalent to the Early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

However, he quickly rejected this guess.

This was because this Purple Cloud Sword contained Jiang Qiqis True Qi.

It was clearly only equivalent to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

She had yet to reach the Foundation Establishment realm.

“Did she figure out a method to fuse her spiritual energy with True Qi at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement” Cui Heng almost couldnt help but gasp.

If that was really the case, she would be even better than himself fumbling his way to the Mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

What was a genius

This was what a genius was!

“My Lord, my Lord” Chen Yings worried voice woke Cui Heng from his thoughts.

“Lord, why are you suddenly silent”

“I thought of something and was lost in thought.” Cui Heng smiled.

His heart skipped a beat as he asked, “Can you bring me to visit the Immortal Dawn Sect”

He wanted to interact with the other four Sword Masters.

“Im afraid not.” Chen Ying shook her head and said, “Lord, please forgive me.

My sect has sealed up the mountain and is refusing all visitors.

Moreover, as a Sword Master, I cant rashly expose your identity to the sect.”

“You cant rashly expose my identity” Cui Heng was a little surprised.

Then, he smiled and said, “Could it be that you were also told to do this when the Immortal Sword chose


“Yes.” Chen Ying nodded obediently.

“Alright, I understand.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

He could roughly guess Jiang Qiqis intentions.

It was very likely that she was worried that there was a spy in the Immortal Dawn Sect.

If she rashly exposed his identity, he would be harmed.

“If thats really the case, the trouble Qiqi encountered a hundred years ago must be extremely difficult to deal with”, Cui Heng thought to himself.

“She actually felt that it might threaten me.

Is it the Heavenly Void World”

Back then, the level of martial strength he displayed in front of Jiang Qiqi was not weak.

His sword pierced through the clouds and even cut a three to four thousand meters long gap in the ground.

In this Great Jin territory, as long as he slashed a few more times, it would be enough to destroy several cities and countries.

However, Jiang Qiqi was still worried that he would be harmed.

“However, since Qiqi was able to prepare the message with ease before she left, it means that her life shouldnt be in any danger back then.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “In that case, I can put the Immortal Dawn Sect aside for now and wait until I figure out the situation about the Heavenly Void World.”

Right now, investigating the Heavenly Void World was the most important thing.

And the Heavenly Void World was also suspected to be the so-called Upper World.

Moreover, the time when the Upper World descended once every hundred years happened to coincide with the Immortal Dawn Sect sealing the mountain a hundred years ago.

“If I want to understand the Upper World, I must either obtain the position of State Overseer and participate in it myself, or…” Cui Heng turned to look in the direction of Yanzhou.

“Ill have to ask the people from those top aristocratic families and sects.”


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