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The southern part of Lu County had always been a place of wealth.

Large residences were gathered there.

Sun Panshi had long bought a mansion here as a temporary residence.

He had also recruited hundreds of servants and taught them martial cultivation.

On the surface, they were training the outer sect disciples of the Taichong Sect.

But in reality, they were raising private soldiers.

Other sects like the Heavenly Sword Sect, Green Jade Monastery, and the Dharma Monastery also had similar methods.

After all, there were too many accidents in this chaotic world.

Only by possessing enough martial strength could one protect themselves.

300 to 500 servants who knew martial arts and had learned some formations and were equipped with superior weapons were enough to defeat thousands of soldiers who lacked clothes and food.

At this moment, Sun Panshi, Wang Jinsheng, Peng Lanzhi, Ouyang Zhen, and the others were gathered at Sun Panshis house to celebrate.

This celebration was naturally because Cui Hengs food and salt supply had been cut off and he could no longer fight with them.

Moreover, the price of grain and salt had soared to 15 times its original price.

It was enough for them to make a huge profit.

Especially Sun Panshi and Wang Jinsheng.

They were definitely the biggest contributors to the grain and salt industry in Lu County.

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“Everyone, weve won this time.

Its really satisfying to snuff out that little county governor!”

Sun Panshi raised his glass to salute everyone and laughed heartily.

“He has already run out of ammunition and food.

I reckon that in a few days, he will personally come to apologize to us.


He had completely forgotten that he had previously guaranteed that Cui Heng would visit him in less than three days to apologize.

However, no one said anything.

They only raised their glasses and drank, echoing Sun Panshis words.

However, they were scheming in their hearts.

This new county governor, Cui Heng, was obviously not a pushover.

His background was also astonishing.

He could actually sustain a grain and salt price war for a month.

Food and salt were transported over every day, and the exact source could not be found.

It was simply unbelievable.

Sun Panshi and Wang Jinsheng had huge businesses in these two industries, so they it was not to a point where they would not be severely affected.

However, their main businesses were in other aspects.

Food and salt were just supplementary.

In the past month, several shops had already closed down.

This caused them to lose a lot of income in Lu County.

Although Cui Hengs food and salt supply had already been cut off and they should not be able to continue fighting, their experiences in the past month were still fresh in their minds.

Subconsciously, they felt that this new county governor was not someone to be trifled with.

There was no need to fight head-on with such a person.

Besides, it was just grain and salt now.

Would it be coal, ore, and cloth next

That was their main industry.

Moreover, the Heavenly Sword Sect, Green Jade Monastery, and the He family of Pingchuan were not based in Lu County.

The industry here was already expanding outside the range of their own base, and their foundations here were insufficient.

When they had the upper hand, things naturally went smoothly.

However, once they encountered a continuous attack like the war on grain and salt, they would most likely be defeated.

If they lost their share of the assets in Lu County, their sect would definitely organize a force to exact revenge, but the specific people in charge of the assets would definitely suffer.

It was necessary to make plans early.

Of course, these thoughts could only be kept in their hearts and calculated in secret.

It was impossible for them to tell Sun Panshi and Wang Jinsheng.

“Brother Sun, dont be happy too early.” After taking a sip of wine, Wang Jinsheng suddenly spoke up and said with a smile, “How can you be sure that County Governor Cui wont be driven to desperation and simply rob all your businesses”

“He dares!” Sun Panshi glared and sneered.

“In the entire Lu County, anyone who dares to offend the combined forces of our few sects will have to die.”

“What if he really has the guts of a bear” Wang Jinsheng shook his head and said, “Brother Sun, were competing for the position of State Overseer this time for the sake of the once-in-a-century Immortal encounter.

We have to be careful.”

“Dont worry, Brother Wang.” Sun Panshi didnt dare to show off in front of Wang Jinsheng.

He poured a cup of wine and said with a smile, “Actually, even if that county governor has the guts, he doesnt have the ability.

“We have thousands of soldiers in this Lu County City, and they are all soldiers who know martial arts.

How would a mere county governor like him dare to raid our place With just those hundreds of useless foot soldiers Little Brother is really overthinking.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, there was a hurried knock on the door.

“Young Master, Young Master! Its an emergency! Something important happened!” This was the voice of the Sun familys servant.

“Whats going on Didnt I say not to let anyone disturb us” Sun Panshi roared outside.

“Speak quickly, or get lost!”

“Young Master, something bad has happened! Li Chongs servant has escaped.

He said…” The servant was clearly a little nervous.

After taking a deep breath, he said,” That dog county governor sent someone to raid his house.

Li Chongs head has already been chopped off! ”

“What!” Sun Panshi was instantly stunned on the spot, his face alternating between red and white.

He felt like he had been greatly humiliated.

Just now, he was still assuring Wang Jinsheng and everyone present that Cui Heng would come to apologize today.

He even said that Cui Heng would not dare to make a move.

Was he slapped in the face so quickly

Peng Lanzhi, Ouyang Zhen, and the others expressions also changed slightly.

They had thought that Cui Heng might continue to fight in other industries, but they did not expect him to use force directly.

In a price war, everyone competed within the rules.

Even if one lost in the end, they only needed to admit defeat and submit.

It was not life-threatening.

But once he used force, the meaning would be completely different.

He was playing with his life!

He would rather die than be controlled by a sect

This was a little manly!

What was County Governor Cui thinking

Peng Lanzhi, Ouyang Zhen, and the others were puzzled.

No one felt that Cui Heng would have any chance of winning if they used force.

After all, everyone knew very well what level the soldiers on the county governors side were at.

They were not soldiers who could fight at all.

As for the question that Cui Hengs martial cultivation might be very high… it was directly ignored.

They were all large martial sects.

Which sect did not have their own experts

Even a Xiantian Grandmaster would have to retreat when facing thousands of elite soldiers who knew martial arts.

No matter how high his martial arts were, could he become an Immortal


Cui Hengs actions stunned these people.

They looked at Sun Panshi and Wang Jinsheng and asked for their opinions.

“Lets go and take a look!” Sun Panshi slammed the table and stood up.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I dont believe that theres really a rebellion in Lu County!”

… .

While the servants of the Li family ran to report to Sun Panshi, Hui Shi had already slaughtered the Li family until blood flowed like a river.

He had implemented Cui Hengs orders and killed anyone who dared to stop him.

As a Grandmaster at the peak of the Qi Condensation Realm, these ordinary servants were no match for him at all.

They were completely cut down like melons and vegetables.

Even Chen Tong, the county commandant, was shocked by his ruthless methods.

He sighed sincerely in his heart.

“What good saber skills!”

At this moment, no one in the Li family dared to resist.

They all hugged their heads and squatted in the corner, trembling.

Those who dared to resist were already dead.

As for those soldiers, they had already become porters.

Boxes after boxes of the Li familys gold, silver, and jewelry were moved out, as well as the Li familys stored food.

Bags of them were carried out, piling up like a mountain.

Seeing this scene, the citizens who followed behind felt relieved and resentful.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back of the crowd.

Many people subconsciously retreated to the sides.

It was Sun Panshi who had already brought people over.

Sun Panshi smelled the pungent scent of blood in the air and saw the blood flowing everywhere, as well as the heads.

He was so angry that his entire body trembled.

When he saw the boxes of jewelry and bags of food, he was even more furious.

Peng Lanzhi, Ouyang Zhen, and the others felt their scalps tingle when they saw this scene.

Was County Governor Cui crazy!

They really wanted to fight to the death!

Wang Jinsheng narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

“Stop!” Sun Panshi roared angrily.

“Stop right now!!”

No one was listening.

The soldiers were still moving the goods.

Now, they only listened to Hui Shis orders.

“How dare you!”

Sun Panshi was furious.

He strode forward and raised his hand to punch a soldier.

He was a Qi Condensation Realm martial artist.

When he punched out, True Qi immediately surged!

The fist wind was like a violent gale, instantly knocking over a few soldiers beside him.

The soldier who was targeted by his punch was even more stunned.

His face was filled with fear, and his legs were weak.

He could not even escape.

If this punch hit, the soldier would die on the spot.

Killing soldiers on the streets was simply lawless!


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound.

Sun Panshis punch did not hit the soldier.

Instead, it smashed into a rough and wide palm.

Hui Shi took the punch and said with a cold gaze, “How dare you attack the officials in public I think you dont take the Governor seriously!”

“True Qi!” Sun Panshi was shocked.

He immediately retracted his fist and retreated, sizing Hui Shi up.

“Theres actually someone as capable as you under that young county governor”

“Cut the crap!” Hui Shi did not respond at all.

He went forward and shouted, “Who are you What are you doing here”

“Im Taichong Sects Sun Panshi! Stop now and get your people to scram!” Sun Panshi pointed at Hui Shis nose and roared, “Dont think that just because youre a Qi Condensation cultivator, I cant control you!”

“So youre Sun Panshi.” Realization dawned on Hui Shis face as his right hand gripped the hilt of his saber again.

“Youre the one whos been obstructing the Governors administration”

“Thats right, Im the one! Why, could it be that…” Sun Panshi glanced at Hui Shis hand holding the saber and said mockingly, “You even want to kill me”

“Nonsense!” Hui Shi pulled out his bloody steel saber.

“Anyone who stops me will be killed on the spot!”

“You dare!” Sun Panshi glared.

“Why wouldnt I dare” Hui Shi grinned.

He mobilized all the True Qi in his body on the spot, and crimson flames immediately appeared on the steel saber.

Like a madman, he suddenly slashed at Sun Panshis head with the saber.

“Im under the orders of the Governor to raid the residence and kill anyone who stops me!

Why wouldnt I dare

Now, die for me!”


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