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When Hui Shi walked out of the county magistrates office, he saw the huge mass of people kneeling before the gate.

When everyone saw someone coming out, they immediately became excited and wanted to surround him to ask.

But they saw that Hui Shi was wearing armor and was obviously a military official.

They shrank their heads and did not dare to get up again.

They continued to kneel.

On one hand, military officials were indeed not to be trifled with.

On the other hand, it was also because this matter involved the livelihood of the entire county.

Military officials usually had no way of making a decision.

There was no point in asking him.

Right now, Hui Shi was working with Deputy Chen Tong and gradually completing the handover of power.

After the handover was completed, Chen Tong would be in charge of the garrison of this county.

However, he was still only a Deputy now.

If he wanted to lead troops to raid the merchants, he had to report to the commandant first.

Ever since Cui Heng arrived, Chen Tong, who had been extremely busy, finally had some free time.

Every day, he would practice boxing, rear flowers, drink tea, and live like an Immortal.

He had long decided to rely on Cui Heng.

He planned to take on the title of an advisor in the county magistrates office after the transfer of authority.

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Then he would just lie down and watch.

After working so hard for so many years, the world was still in chaos.

He could not be bothered to do anything else.

However, the merchants had gone too far this month, and Chen Tong could not help but interfere.

For example, sending troops to guard the food and salt to prevent others from snatching them.

As for the troops transfer order from Hui Shi, he only took a casual look and agreed.

He didnt even ask anything about it.

But this time was different.

When Chen Tong saw the contents of the transfer order, his eyes widened.

He looked up at Hui Shi in shock and smacked his lips.

“You want to raid everyone on the list”

“Thats right.” Hui Shi nodded and said in a low voice, “Under the orders of the Lord, the entire family of the merchants on the list will be investigated.

If we encounter any obstruction, we have orders to kill them on the spot!”

“Alright! Ive long disliked those dogs!” Chen Tong slammed the table and stood up.

His eyes lit up as he smiled.

“Lets go, Ill bring you to the troops.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Hui Shi said with a smile.

“I should be the one thanking Lord Governor.” Chen Tong chuckled, his admiration for Cui Heng increasing.

Actually, he had the same thoughts as Liu Litao.

He didnt think that Cui Heng would be able to handle the chaos in Lu County.

At most, he would rely on his martial skills to protect himself.

After all, he had not personally gone to Juhe County, nor had he personally interacted with Cui Heng.

His understanding of Cui Heng only came from some military reports and rumors.

Naturally, he did not have much confidence.

However, he was dumbfounded and extremely impressed by the actions of the grain and salt battle for the past month to gather the hearts of the people.

What surprised him even more was—

In the end, he really dared to be so ruthless.


He was really amazing!

… .

Hui Shi and Chen Tong brought 200 soldiers and charged towards the first grain merchant on the list.

Along the way, countless citizens gathered to guess.

“There are so many soldiers, and the leader is even the commandant.

W-what are they doing Is there going to be a war”

“Werent all the Yan bandits destroyed by the heavens Who else can they fight Did some ferocious beast appear so they went to kill the ferocious beast”

“Hehe, in my opinion, theres indeed going to be a war.

Theyre also going to kill ferocious beasts.

However, the ferocious beasts are the profiteers.

Theyre going to kill the profiteers!”

“In that case, could it be that the Governor has decided to attack those profiteers”

“Thats great.

Those traitors deserve to die.

They actually raised the price of grain to 15 times the original price!”

“But I heard that these profiteers are backed by some big sect or family.

Even our original Governor couldnt afford to offend them!”

“Lets go and take a look!”

Of course, the onlookers were not only ordinary people, but also the servants of the merchants.

Seeing so many soldiers marching forward with killing intent, they immediately trembled in fear and ran home to report.

The first stop Hui Shi and Chen Tong were going to was the largest grain merchant in Lu County, Li Chongs house.

Li Chong was originally the servant of Elder Sun Liansheng of the Taichong Sect.

Later on, he was sent to Lu County to manage the food business.

It had been more than 30 years since then, and they had accumulated an extremely rich family fortune.

There were more than 1,000 servants, and the land they annexed was more than 10,000 acres.

The mansions and courtyards were even built like palaces.

Old Master Huang of Juhe County paled in comparison to him.

“Master, bad news, bad news! Bad news!” The Li familys servant ran back, panting, shouting as he ran.

“What are you shouting for!” Li Chong scolded unhappily.

Then, he swayed his fat body and walked out.

His hands were supported by two beautiful young girls.

As he walked, he rubbed his arms against the young girls delicate body.

“Whats going on!” Li Chong frowned as he looked at the servant and sneered.

“Youve disturbed my good mood.

If you cant explain yourself, Ill smash your brains out!”

“Master, Chen Tong and County Governor Cuis men are here!” The servant said anxiously, “Should we invite Young Master Sun over”

“Bullsh*t!” Li Chong kicked the servant over and scolded, “Why would I be afraid of a mere Chen Tong Do you think he would dare to kill me You want me to disturb Young Master Sun over such a small matter.

I think you dont want to live anymore!”

He had the support of the Taichong Sect.

In the past few years, be it in business or with officials, he was used to being domineering.

He did not think that a commandant like Chen Tong would dare to do anything to him.

After all, if they killed him, it would be equivalent to offending the Taichong Sect.

They would also offend the few large sects and families that were on good terms with the Taichong Sect.

In turn, it would affect the livelihood of the entire county and make life difficult for the people everywhere.

This was not a price a captain could afford.

Tap tap tap!

At this moment, accompanied by the orderly footsteps of the soldiers, Hui Shi and Chen Tong led 200 soldiers and rushed to the entrance of the Li family!

“Who is Li Chong” Hui Shi took a step forward and asked loudly.

“Where did this little pawn come from Get lost!” Li Chong cursed angrily.

“You have no right to speak here.

Let Chen Tong come over!”

He did not know Hui Shi, nor did he take him seriously.

“Who are you” Hui Shi asked, putting his hand on the hilt of his saber.

“Im…” Li Chong was about to speak when a servant came over and whispered in his ear.

He immediately looked enlightened.

“So youre someone from the new County Governor.

Are you here to snatch over the grain and salt business because you cant beat me”

“Let me ask you again.

Are you Li Chong” Hui Shis eyes narrowed.

“Get lost.

If you want to know who I am, get your County Governor to come over and ask!” Li Chong pointed at Hui Shis nose and scolded.

“Looks like youre Li Chong!” Hui Shi suddenly nodded.

Then, he pulled out his steel knife and chopped off Li Chongs fat pig-like head!


Blood gushed out, and Li Chongs fat body turned into a headless corpse on the spot.

It was as if someone had pressed the pause button on the entire Li family mansion.

Everyone was stunned and stopped moving as they watched this scene in horror.

Hui Shi held the round-eyed head in his hand and looked around with his saber still gleaming red in his hand.

He shouted sternly, “The Governor has given his orders.

Li Chong inflated the price of grain for his personal greed, causing grievous damage to the peoples livelihood and are guilty of heinous crimes!

“The entire house will be confiscated.

Whoever dares to obstruct us will be killed on the spot!”

At the same time, in the corner of the mansion.

Li Chongs son was so frightened that his face was as pale as paper.

His entire body trembled as he said to the servant beside him, “Quick, go out from the back door.

Go and invite Young Master Sun Panshi!”


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