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611 Deepest Part of the Palace


Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying looked at each other.

They had never heard any sacrificial ritual.

Moreover, Fu Cheng was a Paramount True Immortal of the Ninth True World Realm, one of the seven strongest overlords below the Human Emperor.

What could make such an existence offer sacrifices

This was a sacrificial ritual.

At the very least, the sacrifice had to be dedicated to a powerful existence whose essence of life was far higher than a Paramount True Immortal.

But before Cui Qing arrived, was there such an expert in this Immortal Land

However, the two of them did not shake their heads directly.

Instead, they fell into deep thought, trying to find something related to this in their vast memories.

Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying were the most valued subjects of Fu Cheng and were very close.

If Fu Cheng did anything abnormal, the two of them should be able to sense some clues.

Now, they were very eager to find this trace from their memories.

The sooner the better.

Therefore, they did not dare to wait, nor did they dare to bet that the expert from the Central Capital wouldnt directly search their souls to investigate the information he wanted.

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They had remembered the scene of Jiang Pings soul being searched.

Moreover, no one wanted everything in their memories to be casually flipped through by others.

That way, they would have no secrets and their mental state would be greatly damaged.

It would be very difficult for their cultivation to improve in the future.

Whether it was Zhou Mingyi or Feng Taiying, they both hoped that they could quickly filter out all the anomalies in their memories.

As for whether Fu Cheng was really sacrificing something, in their opinion, this was without a doubt.

There was no need to doubt it at all.

After all, Cui Feng was a peak existence at the Twelfth True World Realm.

His senior clan brother, Cui Qing, was a terrifying expert with the ability to destroy the world and his cultivation had surpassed the True World Realm.

How could such a big shot speak without thinking

It was impossible.

There must be something wrong with Fu Cheng.

After thinking for a period of time, Zhou Mingyis eyes suddenly lit up and he immediately said, “Theres something! Fu Cheng did behave strangely, but Im not sure if its for a sacrifice.”

At this moment, Feng Taiying hurriedly said, “I also thought of something abnormal about Fu Cheng, but its also possible that the two of us are thinking the same thing.

Brother Zhou, please speak first.

Perhaps I can add something.”

Cui Heng nodded slightly and said to Zhou Mingyi, “Speak.”

“Its like this…” Zhou Mingyi said in a low voice, “From 10,000 years ago, every time after Fu Cheng discussed important things with us, he would go to the deepest part of the palace alone.

In the past, he would never be like this.

Something happened 10,000 years ago.

From then on, he became like this, as if he was going to the deepest part of the palace to discuss with someone more important.

We dont know whats in the deepest part of the palace, nor do we know if Fu Cheng is really sacrificing something inside, but this should be the only thing thats barely abnormal about him.”

“As the Emperor of Wu Kingdom, Fu Cheng should know very well that he cant hide his actions in the deepest part of the palace from you.” Cui Heng pondered for a moment and said, “But he didnt hide it from you at all.

This means that there are two possibilities.

Either its an ordinary matter for him to go to the deepest part of the palace and theres nothing special about it, or he doesnt take you seriously at all.”

At this point, Cui Heng paused and said with a faint smile, “Which one do you think it is”

Zhou Mingyi immediately lowered his head when he heard this, and his expression could not be seen.

“It should be the second option.” At this moment, Feng Taiying suddenly spoke and sighed.

“I can feel that although Fu Cheng often acts like he values us very much, he doesnt actually care much about us at all.

He just treats us as dispensable tools.

Moreover, there must be something wrong with him always going to the deepest part of the palace.

Once, I saw him walk out of the deepest part of the palace.

At that time, his aura was filled with a sinister and terrifying aura, completely different from his usual state.

At first, I thought that he was studying some new divine technique.

Now, it seems that its not that simple.

Perhaps hes really sacrificing something in the deepest part of the palace.”

“The anomalies you can point out are all related to the deepest part of the palace in the capital of the Wu Kingdom.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“This is indeed a place of attention.

In the past 10,000 years, have he issued any strange policies”


Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying fell into deep thought again.

Over the years, they had handled countless government decrees.

It was really not easy to find “odd” government decrees from them.

However, although their memories were very large, their soul power was also very powerful.

Coupled with the urgency of the situation, the two of them quickly thought of another anomaly.

“From 10,000 years ago, Fu Cheng began to pay special attention to the army that went out to fight,” Feng Taiying said first.

“Although he would also care in the past, he was not too enthusiastic.

But in the past 4,000 to 5,000 years, as long as its a troop thats going out to fight, regardless of size, he will personally inspect them and let every soldier see him.

This is completely different from before.”

“Yes, I know about this too.

Thats indeed the case.” Zhou Mingyi nodded and said, “The rulers of other countries wont be like this.

Although this might not be a bad thing, its still a little different.”

“I understand.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and did not continue asking.

Then, he smiled at the two of them and said, “I wont kill the two of you and will let you go, but can you keep what happened today a secret”

“It will definitely be kept a secret!”

“We definitely wont say anything!”

Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying immediately nodded, overjoyed.

They did not expect to be released.

“Go.” Cui Heng raised his hand gently and sent the two of them out of the Central Capital.

However, when he sent Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying out, he also left a mark in the deepest part of their souls.

As long as someone asked them about this matter, Cui Heng would immediately sense it.


Feng, did you gain anything” Hong Fugui asked.

“I gained a lot.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Now, I can basically confirm the situation of the Wu Kingdoms Emperor.”

… .

After questioning Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying, Cui Heng did not take action immediately.

Instead, as if nothing had happened, he began to carefully build the martial academy and teach those students who entered the martial academy the high-level martial techniques.

Just like that, another 120 years passed.

He Wuyou, Mo Kong, and the other fake identities had begun to take shape.

At this moment, the Martial Dao Academy had just ended the fourth batch of recruitment.

Cui Heng finally made a decision and sent an incarnation to Wu Kingdom.

He began to investigate the nature of that unfamiliar power.

At the same time that he split out this incarnation, Cui Heng used the “Evasion” technique and linked the origins of this incarnation to the Human Monarchs descendant.

If this incarnation was exposed, the source would only be traced back to the Human Monarchs descendant.

The incarnation that Cui Heng had sent out was not weak.

It was equivalent to the Twelfth True World Realm.

It also grasped many Immortal techniques and was extremely powerful.

Therefore, he entered the Wu Kingdom as if there was no one around.

No restrictions or array formations could obstruct him at all, and he directly arrived at the capital of the Wu Kingdom without any obstruction.

Then, he walked into the capital palace according to Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiyings description and walked straight into the depths.

The entire process was incomparably smooth.

Even the concealment array formations and restrictions had lost their effect and could not confuse him at all.

After all, although this was an incarnation, the essence of his soul was at the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

It was naturally impossible for him to be confused by the concealment formations here.

Just like that, Cui Heng arrived at the deepest part of the Wu Kingdoms capital palace and stepped into the secret chamber.

He saw the dense strange runes and the dark blue flames flickering around them.

Suddenly, a sinister and terrifying voice echoed in the secret chamber.

“Who dares to barge in!”


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