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He had been saved!

This was something that Xu Fengan had never experienced before.

In his past life, everything that made him feel despair had never changed.

However, he did not expect that his first fortuitous encounter would be when he was on the verge of death.

As the golden light descended and enveloped him, Xu Fengan immediately felt his crippled body change.

His shattered internal organs began to squirm, and his incomplete lungs recovered in the blink of an eye.

The other internal organs were also recovering rapidly.

The bones of the right ribs and arm that had already disappeared grew out of thin air.

Immediately after, flesh and blood grew!

New flesh and blood quickly wrapped around the right half of his body.

Flesh and blood appeared on the bones of his shoulders and arms at the same time, quickly growing into a complete arm.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Xu Fengan could clearly feel that his heart, which was about to stop, had started to beat again.

Moreover, it was strong and powerful.

His new blood quickly flowed to his limbs and bones.

He had become better and healthier than ever!

“Returning from the dead to life, regrowing flesh and bones!” Xu Fengans eyes widened.

He raised his intact right arm in disbelief and felt his healthy body and completely recovered Inner World cultivation.

He felt as if he had fallen into a dream.

In the blink of an eye, a crippled person who was about to die was saved.

He had even been reborn!

A miracle

Immortal technique!

Xu Fengan didnt know how to describe this situation.

Even as the top expert of the Inner World realm, he was at a loss.

Could it be that he had met an Immortal


At this moment, Xu Fengan suddenly heard a trembling sound in the void, as if something invisible had been distorted.

Immediately after, he saw the pitch-black night sky suddenly light up.

A golden pillar of light that pierced through the heavens and the earth descended from the sky, and light shone onto the mortal world.


A deafening sound entered Xu Fengans ears.

The golden pillar of light suddenly parted, as if a door to the Immortal World had opened, revealing countless pavilions, palaces, and temples.

Immediately after, golden auspicious clouds floated out from within, and golden lotus flowers appeared out of thin air.

A refreshing fragrance suddenly filled the air, and a pleasant Immortal sounds echoed.

“This, this, this is!”

Xu Fengan looked up at the sky in shock.

This was the first time he had seen such a scene in his life.

It was like a dream, making him almost lose the ability to organize his words.


He could not help but kneel down and worship.

As the first peak-level martial artist in the history of the Yuhua Sword Pavilion in a thousand years, he had always been arrogant and confident.

Sometimes, he even felt that even an expert at the legendary Deity Realm might not be much stronger than him.

However, at this moment, Xu Fengan could clearly sense how high and mighty the pressure brought by this phenomenon was.

It completely exceeded the limits of what he could imagine.

However, he did not feel fear.

Instead, he felt a sense of reverence and gratitude.

The owner of this phenomenon must have saved him.

Naturally, there was nothing to be afraid of.

The phenomenon continued.

With the appearance of auspicious clouds, golden lotuses, fragrance, and immortal sounds, Xu Fengan saw nine golden divine dragons fly out of the Immortal World Gate.

They were extraordinarily valiant.

“Dragon, this is a dragon!” He exclaimed in his heart.

“There really are dragons in this world”

But soon, he was stunned by the next scene.

Behind those divine dragons was a carriage enveloped in golden light.

The nine divine dragons were actually just pulling a carriage!

Xu Fengan felt his mind go blank.

His limited knowledge made it difficult for him to understand the scene before him.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a gaze descend from the sky.

It had a dignified aura and seemed to be the owner of the carriage.

He did not dare to raise his head.

He only prostrated on the ground and kowtowed respectfully.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable, for saving my life!”

After a while, Xu Fengan felt that the gaze had been retracted, and the fragrance and Immortal sounds were gone.

He finally mustered up the courage to look up.

The “Gate to the Immortal World” had already disappeared.

The golden lotus and auspicious clouds had also dissipated.

The carriage pulled by the nine divine dragons had also left.

At this moment, the night was still dark and the surroundings were quiet.

If not for the fact that his body was as good as new, Xu Fengan would have thought that what he had just seen was just an illusion.

He looked up at the sky and muttered,

“After practicing martial cultivation for decades, I finally know that there are real Immortals in this world.”

… .

Actually, Cui Heng had not left.

He was still in the sky above Xu Fengan.


He was very satisfied with this “Treasure Chest Monster” that he had encountered in the wilderness.

The gray light that symbolizes sorrow had increased by five marks, the red light that symbolizes joy had increased by six marks, and the white light that symbolizes love had increased by three marks.

It was really a one-hit wonder.

His “equipment” was filled to the brim.

It was not in vain that he specially used a small spell he had developed to create a minor special effect of an Immortal descending to the mortal world.

Under the premise that the effect was not too much, it stimulated Xu Fengans spirit.

The red and white lights of emotions had indeed increased greatly!

The effect was very good.

The inspiration for this spell came from the Lotus Flower Monasterys 81 Ultimate Techniques, Great Light Body.

Originally, Buddhist martial cultivators used Xiantian True Qi to mobilize the natural power of the environment and condense Buddhist light on the surface of the body to achieve the effect of protecting the body.

It was the method that Zen Master Dekong had tried to use to resist Cui Hengs attack.

Cui Heng obtained inspiration from it and grasped the method to condense various light effects with Dharmic powers.

Moreover, not only could it condense Immortal light, it could also condense all kinds of sinister and strange ghostly lights.

He looked in the direction of Xiling County.

“That was just a small test.

Whats next is the main event.”

… .

Xiling County was originally a rather prosperous place.

The population was more than 200,000.

The county governor was diligent in governing and loved the people, suppressing the rich and evil.

The people lived a rather prosperous life.

However, everything changed after King Yans army captured this place.

Countless soldiers burned, killed, and plundered, committing all kinds of crimes.

Countless young adults were forcibly conscripted, countless women were insulted to death, and many children were tortured to death.

In just two months, there were less than 50,000 people left in this once prosperous county.

The town outside the city had even become a mass grave with countless corpses piled up.

Along the way, Cui Heng had truly experienced what it meant for bones to be exposed to the wild and for chickens to not crow in a thousand miles.

When he arrived at the entrance of Xiling County, he saw a mass grave not far away.

Broken limbs and bones were everywhere.

Crows landed on the piles of bodies and pecked at the rotten flesh.

There were even the corpses of infants who were still in swaddling clothes.

They looked like they were not even a year old.

They should have been doted on by their parents.

Now, their bodies were dilapidated and mangled, being pecked and eaten by crows.

He really didnt know if this was a human city or a ghost city!

Cui Heng looked up at the sky and saw that the sky above the county city was filled with a layer of gray clouds.

This was extreme sorrow and despair.

However, he was not happy at all.

There was only anger!

… .


Thunder rumbled above Xiling County.

Dark clouds covered the already dim moonlight, making the night sky even darker.

Feng Wu was tied up in his courtyard.

He looked up at the sky in despair and muttered in his heart, “God, if you only can open your eyes, strike these two beasts to death!”

In the simple wooden house, Feng Wus new wife, Yang Shi, was hiding in a corner and trembling.

Her face was pale as she looked at the wooden door that was about to be broken open.

Her face was already covered in tears.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every time the wooden door was hit, she felt as if a hammer had smashed onto her heart.

“Someone, please save us! Someone, please save us!” The Yang Consortiums Madam Yang clutched the clothes on her chest tightly and prayed desperately in her heart.

At this moment, two burly men were knocking on the door.

They were dressed in coarse linen clothes and had sabers at their waists.

Clearly, they were soldiers from King Yans army.

“Hahaha! Little girl, stop hiding.

Let Elder Brother take you to have a good time!”

“Little girl, I heard that you just had a wedding today.

A virgin like you wont be able to serve your husband well.

Let us brothers teach you first, haha!”

“At the same time, well teach your husband how to make you happy! Hahaha!”

“Come out! Come out quickly.

Your husband is waiting outside!”

As the two burly men knocked against the wooden door, they cursed.

They were extremely arrogant and unrestrained.

Actually, with their strength, they could have smashed open the wooden door in a few moves.

However, they did not use their full strength.

What they wanted was this kind of unrestrained pleasure.

“B*stards! You bunch of b*stards!” Feng Wu gritted his teeth, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

He struggled with all his might and roared at the top of his lungs, “Why, why are you like this!

“We just want to live a peaceful life! We never thought of resisting King Yans army.

Why are you treating us like this!

You killed my parents, my brothers, and now you want to humiliate my wife! Are you still human!”


One of the burly men walked over and slapped Feng Wu, causing him to feel dizzy and bleed from his mouth.

“Bah!” The burly man spat on Feng Wus face and sneered.

“You dog-like thing, you dare to shout at me Do you think you can escape my eyes just by quietly getting married

“To tell you the truth, Ive been eyeing this little b*tch since a long time ago.

I also know that the two of you have been engaged for a long time.

Its meaningless to sleep with her directly.

Only after the two of you are married will it be interesting!”

“Big Brother, what are you saying This isnt called sleeping.” Another burly man interrupted and chuckled.

“This is clearly to teach that young lady how to serve her husband!”

“Yes, yes, Im teaching that little lady.” The burly man laughed loudly and slapped Feng Wu again.

“Youd better watch properly and learn how to f*cking make your little lady happy! Hahahaha!”


At this moment, there was a loud bang.

The Feng familys wooden door was finally knocked open.

“Ah!!” The Yang Consortiums people inside let out extremely terrified screams.

“Hahaha! Big Brother, its open! Its time for us to get to work!” The burly man who knocked on the door laughed out loud.

His eyes lit up as he stared at the Yang Consortiums Madam Yang who was hiding in the corner.

He licked his lips and said, “Beautiful, shes so damn beautiful! If this was in the past, I wouldnt even have the chance to touch her little hands!”

The burly man who had just beaten Feng Wu ran over hurriedly and laughed.

“Thats right.

Its all thanks to His Highness King Yan, that we have such luck with women! Hahaha!”

“No, no! Let go of me, let go of me! Beast! Beast!” Feng San shouted angrily, his teeth almost gritted to pieces.

His struggle caused the parts of his body that were tied up by the rope to become a bloody mess, but he was unable to break free.

He could only watch helplessly as the two burly men entered his wedding room.

“Ah! This, what is this!”

“Ghost, a ghost! Theres a ghost!”

At this moment, the two burly men who had just entered the wooden house suddenly let out hoarse screams and rushed out.

They ran for their lives, wanting to rush out of the courtyard.

However, as soon as they approached the door, they seemed to have hit an invisible wall and fell down with a bang, their faces covered in blood.

Feng Wu looked at all of this in shock and suddenly turned to look at the wooden house.

There was a dim light inside, and a few familiar and unfamiliar figures slowly floated out.


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