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597 Resurrection, Descendants of the Human Monarch

With Cui Hengs “shout”, a scene that shocked all the experts in the Immortal Land happened.

At the place where the Lord of the Immortals was beaten to death by “Cui Qing”, an emerald green light suddenly lit up, and extremely dense vitality quickly gathered.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth immediately appeared.

Countless belts of light appeared out of thin air, and countless golden lotus flowers bloomed.

A pleasant tune even sounded in the void.

It was as if the entire world was celebrating something.

At the same time, an aura that had completely disappeared from the world began to gradually recover.

It became stronger and clearer.

The aura of the Lord of the Immortals!

The Lord of the Immortals!

The moment the aura of the Lord of the Immortals appeared again, all the experts who were paying attention were stunned.

Without exception, they revealed expressions of disbelief and extreme shock.

At this moment, everyone understood what “Cui Qing” was doing.

He wanted to revive the Lord of the Immortals.

And it seemed to be very successful.

He had actually revived an Eleventh True World Realm expert whose body and soul had been destroyed!

Seeing such a scene, these experts were first shocked before they felt indescribable fear.

What kind of divine power was this

He could actually play with life and death in the palm of his hand!

Resurrecting a being whose body and soul had been destroyed had always been considered impossible.

Even experts who had walked to the peak of the True World Realms could at most create a life that was identical to the dead.

However, this living being that had been created was actually only the same as the dead on the surface.

The characteristics of his body and soul were completely different, and his memories were completely fabricated by the creator.

It could not be considered a true revival at all.

This kind of living being that had been created could be seen through at a glance by people with high cultivation.

However, the revival of the Lord of the Immortals was different.

This was truly condensing his original body and soul again.

Even the Immortal Domain laws he cultivated were completely identical.

The life force that was revealed in the end was no different.

“A true resurrection.

This is a true resurrection!”


Is this Cui Qing from the legendary Dao Realm”

“Such methods are unbelievable!”

… .

… .

Many experts exclaimed, and countless living beings were stunned speechless.

The strength displayed by “Cui Qing” once again exceeded their understanding.

Chu Han, who had followed Cui Heng to the Immortal Land, felt his scalp tingle and his heart tremble.

He thought to himself, “Fortunately, Ive already submitted early.

This is a situation where I cant even control my life and death.”

It was too terrifying!

… .

The Lord of the Immortals felt like he had woken up from a dream.

In his dream, he seemed to have been killed by a human called Cui Qing with an extremely terrifying sword light.

This made him feel a little ridiculous.

How could the human race have such a powerful existence

Moreover, he had already obtained the Blood God Immortal Court Flag.

Even if it was the Human Emperor, he could defeat him.

It was impossible for a human to kill him.


He was already at the Tenth True World Realm.

Why would he still have such a dream that made him fall into a daze

Thinking of this, the Lord of the Immortals suddenly woke up.

His original blurry will instantly became clear.

He subconsciously looked around and realized the surroundings no longer looked like when he was fighting Cui Qing.

“What did you just do to me!”

The Lord of the Immortals suddenly turned to look at Cui Heng, but as soon as he spoke, he noticed Hong Fugui standing at the side and said in shock, “Human Emperor! No, thats not right.

Youre… who are you!”

Hong Fuguis current state was very strange.

Through the power of the small jade cauldron, he successfully resisted the Human Emperors possession and hed absorbed all the cultivation of the Human Emperor and reached the Tenth True World Realm.

However, in reality, he had not cultivated to this realm, so the aura of power all over his body was extremely similar to that of the Human Emperor.

He had to wait until his cultivation increased before he could completely refine this power and make it his own.

At that time, the aura he revealed would be his own.

“Its not the time for you to ask questions yet,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

He said to the Lord of the Immortals, “Follow me.

I have something to ask you, so I used the Resurrection Technique to revive you.”

“Resurrection Resurrection!” The Lord of the Immortals was shocked when he heard this.

His first reaction was disbelief and he wanted to refute.

But at this moment, he suddenly trembled.

The scene of a terrifying sword light slashing at him involuntarily appeared in his mind, and an extremely strong sense of death immediately surged.

Dao Life Sword!

“Ah!!” The Lord of the Immortals screamed and retreated repeatedly.

He looked at Cui Heng in fear and said with a trembling voice, “You, you, you really killed me!”

“What else” Cui Heng chuckled.

“Follow me.”

“No!” The Lord of the Immortals suddenly roared angrily, and his entire body lit up with an incomparably dazzling light.

The Immortal Domain laws in his body appeared one after another, and they became incomparably manic, as if they were about to explode.

This Lord of the Immortals actually wanted to self-destruct.

“Why bother” Cui Heng shook his head and sighed.

Then, he raised his hand and pointed.

His Dharmic powers transformed into a golden rope that instantly bound the Lord of the Immortals, preventing him from moving at all.

The dazzling light and the Immortal Domain laws that were about to explode were directly suppressed.

The Lord of the Immortals immediately lost the power to self-destruct.

“…” This time, the Lord of the Immortals was completely silent.

He lowered his head and followed behind Cui Heng.

At this moment, he could clearly sense that he was not worth mentioning in front of Cui Qing.

He was like an ant, and could be easily played by him.

He could not even decide his own life or death.

Where did this Cui Qing come from How could he have such terrifying strength!

Then, the Lord of the Immortals left with Cui Heng and Hong Fugui.

Leaving the experts who were paying attention to the situation here speechless for a long time.

From now on, this world would probably change hands.

… .

In the former Human Emperor Palace, Taihong sat here with the crippled Human Emperor.

They looked at each other in silence.

At this moment, Taihong seemed to have suddenly sensed something and hurriedly said to the Human Emperor beside him, “Exalted Cui Qing is back.

Hurry up and welcome him with me.”

“…” The expression on the Human Emperors face turned green and purple when he heard this, but he had no choice.

He could only follow Taihong out of the palace and kowtow to the sky to welcome Cui Heng.

A moment later, Cui Heng and Hong Fugui brought the Lord of the Immortals over.

“Get up.” Cui Heng glanced at the two of them indifferently and walked into the palace.

However, after taking a few steps, he said, “Human Emperor, follow me.

Taihong can just wait outside.”

“Yes!” The Human Emperor said very respectfully.

He was a sensible person and knew that he could only cooperate at this time.

Otherwise, he would definitely end up in an extremely miserable state.

Hence, only Taihong was left standing alone outside the palace.

He was at a loss.

In the palace.

Cui Heng sat in the main seat while Hong Fugui stood behind.

The Human Emperor and the Lord of the Immortals stood with their heads lowered respectfully.

“Theres no need to be nervous.” Cui Heng looked at the two of them and smiled.

“I called you here just to ask you some things.

How much do you know about the Human Monarch of the Immortal Domains”

“Exalted Immortal, even in the Immortal Domains, the Human Monarch is a legendary existence,” the Lord of the Immortals immediately replied.

“However, before the Immortal Domains shattered, I saw the descendants of the Human Monarch.”

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