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Yan Sheng arrived at the temporary palace with an uneasy heart.

He walked around the dancers who were still swaying their bodies and arrived under Wang Tongs “Throne”.

He knelt on the ground with a thud and kowtowed with an incomparably heavy heart.

This action immediately made the hearts of the six people on the left and right palpitate.

Whether it was the civil officials or the military officials, or the two monks, they all had an ominous feeling when they saw Yan Shengs attitude.

But that was impossible!

This was the vanguard elites of the Great Yan Army.

A total of 50,000 troops were attacking a small county.

What accidents could happen

Unless theyd bumped into an Immortal, this mission was a piece of cake.

Wang Tongs expression darkened.

He looked down at Yan Sheng, who was kneeling below, and said coldly, “Advisor Yan, what are you doing Could it be that your Great Jin also has this practice of reporting the good news of a great victory in this manner”

Until now, he still firmly believed that Yan Sheng had come to report the good news of Wang Shuns victory.

After all, ever since Wang Shun led the army and left Xiling County, they had been sweeping through the enemy forces without encountering any obstacles.

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Juhe County was also just a complete pushover.

How could he lose in such a situation It was simply impossible.

“Your Highness, our army attacked Juhe County and was completely wiped out.

Wei Cun died in battle and Lord Wang Shun was also captured.” Yan Sheng did not even dare to raise his head as he knelt and reported.

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent.

The six people sitting on both sides stood up at once and looked at Yan Sheng with wide eyes.

Even the musicians and dancers who had been playing and dancing stopped.

Their faces were filled with disbelief.

That demon, Wang Shun, was actually captured

The heavens had opened their eyes!

However, Wang Tong found it unbelievable.

He quickly walked down from the throne and kicked Yan Shengs shoulder.

He shouted sternly, “Dog, what did you just say Say it again!”

Yan Sheng did not dare to resist as he was kicked to the ground.

His face was ashen as he took a deep breath and said, “Your Highness, when our army was less than three miles away from Juhe County, the weather suddenly changed.

“At that time, a hurricane appeared out of thin air, and a storm poured down.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

The entire army fell into chaos and quickly lost their combat strength.

We could only be defeated and captured.”

He roughly described his personal experience back then.

Although Cui Heng hoped that he could persuade King Yan not to detour around Juhe County, he still wanted to be loyal for once and explain the situation to King Yan and persuade him to take a detour.

Facing an Immortal who could summon the wind and rain, not to mention an army of 50,000, even an army of hundreds of thousands might not be able to break through.


Wang Tong roared when he heard this.

Then, he swept his sleeve and knocked over a large vase that was as tall as a person, smashing it onto a musician beside him.

“Ah!” The musician could not help but cry out.

“Who allowed you to shout!” Wang Tong roared angrily and directly slapped out from afar.

His True Qi smashed onto the musicians body like a cannon.

The musicians body split into pieces on the spot, blood and flesh flying everywhere.

He did not even have a human form left.

Not only was Wang Tong the leader of the rebels, he was also a Xiantian Grandmaster.

He had the ability to release his True Qi and mobilize the natural power of heaven and earth.

In the pugilistic world, he was a unique peak existence.

The other musicians and dancers turned pale when they saw this scene.

They trembled and did not dare to make a sound.

“Yan Sheng, Ill give you one last chance!” Wang Tong looked at Yan Sheng with killing intent and gritted his teeth.

“What exactly happened What happened in Juhe County!”

“Your Highness, everything I said just now is true.

Theres no lie at all!” Yan Sheng knelt down again and kowtowed.

“That county magistrate of Juhe County is extraordinary.

His methods are bizarre and strange.

He actually has the ability to summon the wind and rain!

“At that time, the wind was howling and the sky was dark.

The horses were all frightened, and the rain was like a river flowing down from the sky.

Our army had never encountered such a situation…”

“Get lost!” Wang Tong roared angrily and kicked Yan Sheng, sending him flying.

He slammed into a wall outside the palace and spat out blood as he fell to the ground.

Yan Sheng got up with difficulty and knelt down.

“I-Ill take my leave.”

Wang Tongs face was as dark as deep waters, and the palace was silent.

After a long while.

King Yan seemed to have adjusted his emotions.

He looked at the six people below and said in a low voice, “He summoned the wind and rain, changed the weather, drowned 50,000 troops, and captured my younger brother.

Do you believe this nonsense”

The six of them remained silent.

“Fine, Ill ask again!”

Wang Tong walked to the center of the stage and said loudly, “Conjuring a gale that can blow until the sky goes dark, and summoning rain so heavy that its akin to a river flowing from the sky.

To summon a storm that can directly blow a 50,000-strong army silly and make them lose their combat strength.

Which one of you can do that”

“We dont have such means.”

There were military officials, civil officials, and monks among the six of them, but right now, they answered in unison.

“Everyone here, other than Prime Minister Wu, is a Xiantian Grandmaster!” Wang Tongs gaze swept across everyone.

“Since none of you can do it, Ill ask again.

Can a top-notch Inner World Expert do it”

“Your Highness, to be able to summon the wind and rain, change the weather, and destroy tens of thousands of troops with a flick of ones finger is an act of a mighty figure like a god.” Zen Master Dekong from the Lotus Flower Monastery could not help but shake his head and say, “Not to mention the Inner World Realm, even a Deity Realm expert cant do it.”

The others nodded in agreement with Zen Master Dekongs words.

The three military officials came from aristocratic families with a long history, and they all held the position of family head or elder.

Of the two monks, one was Monk Dekong of the Lotus Flower Monastery, and the other was Monk Yuanzheng of the Grand Prosperity Monastery.

They all had deep heritage and knew a lot of information about the Deity Realm.

The Deity Realm was also known as the Divine Treasure Realm.

Although martial artists who had reached this realm had already opened the treasures in their bodies and possessed various unbelievable abilities, they were still humans and not true Immortals.

It was impossible for a Deity Realm expert to summon the wind and rain and destroy an army of 50,000 with a flick of his finger.

They could even be surrounded and killed by an army.

300 years ago, many Deity Realm experts were surrounded and killed by Heavenly King Hongwus army.

“Then according to everyones opinion…” Wang Tong looked in the direction Yan Sheng left and smiled.” The battle report that Yan Sheng gave is fake ”

“It might be true that they were defeated, but its definitely not because they met a god who could summon the wind and rain.” Zen Master Dekong shook his head and said, “Using this as an excuse, Military Commander Yan is really muddle-headed.”

Unless it was a deity from the heavens descending to the mortal world, it was impossible for such a powerful existence to appear in this world.


“In that case, what should I do next” Wang Tong looked around and asked.

“Your Highness, please continue to attack Juhe County.

The 100 years are almost up.

We have to attack the city as soon as possible.” One of the military officials stood up and expressed his stance.

“This Official thinks so too.”

“I concur!”

The other two military officers followed him and stepped out.

“Its indeed time to clear Juhe County.” Zen Master Dekong nodded and said, “I can also go over and teach my disobedient disciple a lesson.”

“The 100 years is almost up.

We have to take down at least one state before we have a chance to fight for the opportunity.” Zen Master Yuanzheng pressed his palms together.

“Your Highness, please send troops to Juhe County.”

“I already know your intentions.” Wang Tong nodded and said in a low voice, “Juhe County is a place I must take.

I will definitely send troops, not only for the sake of strategy, but also to save my younger brother!

Prime Minister Wu, what do you think”

Finally, he looked at the silent civil official.

Actually, neither the three military officials nor the two monks were his subordinates.

Instead, they were the representatives sent by the aristocratic families and sects to support him.

The only person who truly belonged to his side was Prime Minister Wu.

“My Lord, I think we should investigate why General Anbeis 50,000-strong troops lost first,” Prime Minister Wu said respectfully.

“Also, we have to torture Yan Sheng and make him tell the truth about the battle.

“Only then can the Lord know his enemy and be invincible.”

“Thats true.” Wang Tong nodded when he heard this.

He looked at Zen Master Dekong and said with a smile, “Master Dekong, can I trouble you to make a trip to Juhe County to find out the truth”

Zen Master Dekong fell silent for a moment when he heard this.

Then, he placed his palms together and said, “Amitabha.

For the sake of the world, I will definitely not let Your Highness down.

I can also take the chance to clean up the sect.”

… .

On the night that Wang Shun was beheaded.

Cui Heng was sitting cross-legged in his residence in the county office.

Attuning the Golden Core and nourishing the soul.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

His gaze instantly penetrated the layers of walls and saw the courtyard where Monk Hui Shi lived.

Hui Shi knelt on the ground, trembling.

His face was filled with fear.

An old monk stood in front of him with an indifferent expression and said in a low voice, “Evil creature, if you cut off the head of that county magistrate, you can atone for your crimes and I can spare your life.”



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