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There was once a stone man who claimed to be Zhou Juntian

And he even opened the Door of Heaven on Taihong Star

“How is this possible!”

Wang Daoyi almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

He was extremely concerned about Zhou Juntians whereabouts.

As long as Zhou Juntian appeared in this Star Field, he would immediately sense it, let alone open the Door of Heaven.

It was impossible to hide it from him.

Moreover, the person who went to Taihong Star to open the Door of Heaven should have been Heavenly Venerate Shi, who was in the Outer World.

Heavenly Venerate Shi was his most loyal subordinate.

How could he call himself Zhou Juntian

“Exalted Immortal, whats going on” Wang Daoyi asked in confusion.

“Youve seen Heavenly Venerate Shi before.

Why does he call himself Zhou Juntian”

At this moment, Heavenly Venerate Shi was outside the palace.

He did not have any aura related to Zhou Juntian at all.

The two should not be related.

“Call him in and ask him.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Call the Lord of the Heavenly Court and Lu Qingzhu in too.

They probably have some questions too.”

Zhou Juntians whereabouts was mysterious, but he was involved in many key incidents.

He was definitely not simple.

Wang Daoyi thought that he had Zhou Juntian in his palm.

But that may not be the case in reality.

“Yes, Exalted Immortal.” Wang Daoyi bowed respectfully and walked out of the palace to convey Cui Hengs intentions.

Heavenly Venerate Shi, Lu Qingzhu, and the Lord of the Heavenly Court immediately became uneasy.

To a certain extent, they could be considered Cui Hengs enemies.

Now that Cui Heng had specially called them into the palace, it was difficult to predict what kind of situation they would face.

However, no one dared to refuse, let alone escape.

The three of them still followed Wang Daoyi into the palace and arrived in front of Cui Heng.

“Sit.” Cui Heng pointed at the three seats beside him and gestured for the three of them to sit down.

He smiled and said, “We were talking about Zhou Juntian just now.

What do you think of this person”

The Lord of the Heavenly Court, Lu Qingzhu, and Heavenly Venerate Shi were all stunned.

They looked at Cui Heng and then at Wang Daoyi, not daring to sit down at all.

“Huh” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly.

The three of them immediately felt an incomparably huge pressure appear in their hearts.

They immediately sat on the chairs beside them.

They sat upright with incomparably serious expressions.

Actually, Cui Heng had not revealed any aura or pressure just now.

He had just changed his expression and naturally achieved this effect.

Clearly, the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Lu Qingzhu, and Heavenly Venerate Shi were already extremely afraid of him.

They could not even raise any thoughts of resistance.

“Its more comfortable to sit down and talk.” Cui Heng nodded at the three of them and smiled.

“Then lets continue the topic from before and talk about your opinion of Zhou Juntian.”

Although Wang Daoyis description of Zhou Juntian was very comprehensive and detailed, and he could explain many things, it was largely an arrangement he thought he had made.

The truth might not be as he said.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court and Lu Qingzhu had actually come into contact with Zhou Juntian.

It was also possible that Heavenly Venerate Shi had some connection with Zhou Juntian.

Their opinion of Zhou Juntian should be very useful as a reference.

“Lets start with you.” Cui Hengs gaze landed on the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

“The six broken limbs and body fragments you obtained in the seal were sent over by Zhou Juntian, right”

“Yes, yes.” The Lord of the Heavenly Court hurriedly nodded.

At this moment, his heart was filled with fear.

He definitely did not dare to lie in front of Cui Heng.

“He found me and said that he wanted to cooperate with me.

He said that he would send me six supreme treasures, the Divine Lights, to help me escape.”

“Since its a cooperation, he shouldnt be the only one doing things, right” Cui Heng stared at the Lord of the Heavenly Court and chuckled.

“Then what are the conditions you agreed to”

“He wants me to kill Heavenly Venerate Shi after I escape,” the Lord of the Heavenly Court said in a low voice.

Actually, these words were really a little strange.

After all, Heavenly Venerate Shi was sitting at the side.

“…” Heavenly Venerate Shi fell silent when he heard this.

He lowered his head without saying a word.

His originally expressionless stone face actually revealed an ashamed expression.

“Kill Heavenly Venerate Shi” Wang Daoyi frowned.

He did not know Zhou Juntians arrangement, nor could he figure out why Zhou Juntian wanted to kill Heavenly Venerate Shi.

He vaguely felt that something had already escaped his control.

“What do you think about this” Cui Heng looked at Heavenly Venerate Shi.

“Ive let Venerate Juntian down.” Heavenly Venerate Shi nodded and sighed in extreme shame.

“I betrayed him.

Im guilty.

I should have been killed by Venerate Juntian.”

“What!” Wang Daoyi could hardly believe his ears.

He looked at Heavenly Venerate Shi in disbelief.

He couldnt care less about Cui Heng at the side.

He stood up and questioned Heavenly Venerate Shi, “You called him Venerate Juntian When did you submit to him”

Since he said that hed betrayed Zhou Juntian, he must have submitted to him first.

“Elder Daoyi, I… have received a great favor from Venerate Juntian.

Ive let you down for trusting me,” Heavenly Venerate Shi said with a guilty expression.

“Back then, you sent me to this Star Sea to investigate Elder Taihong and the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

As soon as I arrived, I was killed.

At that time, Elder Taihong originally wanted to completely destroy me.

It was Venerate Juntian who begged me to attach myself to the first stone born when the Heaven Realm was established.

Only then could I obtain a new life.

I have to repay such a favor.”

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