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What had just happened

What did they just see!

An incomparably powerful god was actually casually beaten into a dead dog, and this person who had easily defeated a god actually knelt respectfully in front of a young man and respected him as Sir.

What was wrong with this world

How could such a scene happen

This was a god, a battle between gods!

Why was the battle process so simple and fast

It was as if the person who had just been defeated was not a god who had cultivated a divine body and possessed divine power, but a little child who had yet to temper his body.

This was too ridiculous!

At this moment, the people in front of the Heroes Pavilion were at least at the Shaman Marking realm.

Many of them were at the peak of the Dao Imprint realm, almost gods.

They all knew very well how powerful gods were.

From this, it could be deduced that someone who could defeat a god so easily was…

“Heavenly God! Heavenly God! A Heavenly God has actually appeared in the Wood Nation!”

“Ever since the Heavenly God battle 50 years ago, there havent been any Heavenly Gods in the entire Green Stone Wasteland, right”

“50 years ago That was the first time a Heavenly God had appeared in the Green Stone Wasteland in nearly a thousand years!”

“Its actually a Heavenly God.

How can it be a Heavenly God! Then the person he addressed so respectfully as Sir is…”

At first, everyone was shocked by the strength displayed by the Yellow-scarved Strongman, but after seeing his attitude towards Cui Heng, they felt their scalps tingle.

Things seemed to have exceeded their imagination.

It began to develop in a completely unpredictable direction.

“Heavenly God… and an existence that surpasses the Heavenly God Realm!” Li Mingcheng also looked at the Yellow-scarved Strongman and Cui Heng in extreme shock and muttered, “Is he really Mingqiongs master”

At this moment, Mu Lingyun was completely stunned.

She almost could not believe her eyes.

She looked at Cui Heng beside her in a daze and said with a trembling voice, “You, you are…”

“Theres no need to be nervous.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled at her.

Then, he looked at the Yellow-scarved Strongman and Jing Xiangzhen.

“Put him down.

He wont be able to escape anyway.”

“Yes, Sir.” The Yellow-scarved Strongman casually threw the half-dead Jing Xiangzhen to the ground.

Then, he retreated behind Cui Heng and lowered his head respectfully.

Everyone saw this scene again and felt as if they had fallen into a dream.

A big shot suspected to be a Heavenly God was really like an ordinary follower in front of this person.

It was really too challenging.

“You, who exactly are you!” Jing Xiangzhen looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

He was incomparably weak and looked like he was breathing out more than he was breathing in.

This was because the moment he was thrown down by the Yellow-scarved Strongman, the Divine Power in his body had already been completely scattered and no longer existed.

The power in a gods body was called divine power.

It possessed all kinds of unbelievable qualities and far exceeded any expert at the Dao Imprint realm, forming an absolute suppression.

It was also the foundation of a gods cultivation.

Now that his Divine Power had been scattered, Jing Xiangzhen had lost the foundation of his cultivation.

He was also intimidated by the Yellow-scarved Strongman and was already frightened out of his wits.

In this situation, he should not have been able to say a single word.

However, no matter what, Jing Xiangzhen found it difficult to accept this fact.

How could such an existence that had surpassed the Heavenly God Realm appear in a mere Green Stone Wasteland

This was absurd!

It was precisely because of this emotion that he managed to temporarily overcome the fear in his heart and successfully asked Cui Heng a question.

“Its really not easy for you to speak.” Cui Heng smiled when he heard Jing Xiangzhens words.

He nodded slightly and said, “Im just a small cultivator.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the square in front of the Heroes Pavilion fell silent again.

Many peoples expressions became extremely strange.

What was a small cultivator

Even an existence suspected to be a Heavenly God was as respectful as a servant.

This was a small cultivator!

It was really too ridiculous!

“…” Jing Xiangzhen was clearly stunned.

He opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

It was not easy for him to muster the courage to speak, but he was actually rendered speechless by the other partys words.

“Since you have nothing else to say, please come in,” Cui Heng said with a smile.

At the same time, he stretched out his right hand and swiped his index finger gently in the air, instantly opening up an independent small world.

He set up a door of light and gestured for Jing Xiangzhen to enter.

Evergreen Heights was a force with a long history and a deep foundation.

This Jing Xiangzhen should know a lot of information about the Heaven Realm.

He was quite useful.

He had to keep him first.

Such methods stunned everyone again.

Many peoples eyes widened as they looked at the light in disbelief.

Their eyes were about to pop out.

What kind of divine power was this!

The nomological Dao runes and space of the Heaven Realm were extremely stable.

It was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to open up an independent space.

Legend had it that only Heavenly Gods could open up a small space about three inches long.

But what did they just see

This person casually swiped his hand and opened up an incomparably huge independent small world!

A small world was different from a simple space.

There was an ocean, mountains, rivers, and even the sun, moon, stars, and Dharma and Logos.

It was an independent world that could allow living beings to reproduce!

He actually opened one so easily!

Even the ancient legendary Paragons might not have such magical methods.

When Jing Xiangzhen saw this scene, he completely gave up struggling.

His face turned as pale as paper, and his energy seemed to have been emptied in an instant as he collapsed to the ground.

“Yes.” Jing Xiangzhen prostrated on the ground.

After kowtowing to Cui Heng, he crawled into the door of light.

“Youre still very sensible.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and looked at Li Mingcheng not far away.

He smiled and said, “Come over first.”

“…” Li Mingcheng was silent for a moment.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind, but in the end, he nodded.

“Yes, Senior.”

As he walked towards Cui Heng, he could clearly feel the gazes of the people around him change.

Originally, these people were all coveting his Sacred Bodys treasure blood and his Origin Ancient Sacred Bodys heart.

But now, their gazes were filled with fear.

“Perhaps this is the feeling of having a backer” This thought subconsciously flashed through Li Mingchengs mind.

However, he quickly extinguished this thought.

“I cant think that way.

No one would be someone elses backer for no reason.

Even if hes really Mingqiongs master, thats because of Mingqiong, not me.

I cant relax and lose my vigilance and ambition.”

Cui Heng noticed the change in his emotions, but he did not expose him.

He only smiled and said, “Follow me for the time being.

You can ask me about Mingqiongs situation.

I also have some things to ask you.”

“Mingqiongs situation… Thank you, Senior!” Li Mingcheng said gratefully.

He was actually very concerned about his sisters situation.

After coming to the Heaven Realm, he had been working hard to become stronger because he wanted to break through the shackles of the Heaven Realm one day and return to the Heavenly Void World.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, then his gaze swept across the surrounding people and he smiled.

“If everyone has nothing else, you can leave on your own.

I have something to discuss with the Wood Emperor next.”

Wood Emperor

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

They did not expect Cui Heng to suddenly mention the Wood Emperor.

However, at this moment, they were no longer in the mood to think about this.

They only wanted to stay away from this extremely dangerous expert as soon as possible and leave as quickly as possible.

Only Mu Lingyun remained.

“Arent you leaving” Cui Heng glanced at her.

“Im the Princess of the Wood Nation.

I cant leave at this time.” Mu Lingyuns gaze was firm.

“Then accompany your father.” Cui Heng did not care much about this.

Then, he turned to look in a direction beside him.

“You can come out now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a green light lit up.

Immediately after, a valiant and dignified middle-aged man in a green robe appeared.

He was the current Emperor of the Wood Nation, a god who had cultivated a Divine Body.

Actually, he had already arrived when the Yellow-scarved Strongman attacked, but Cui Heng stopped him from appearing.

“Greetings, Venerable One.” The Wood Emperor bowed to Cui Heng very respectfully.

He did not have the airs of an Emperor at all and was extremely humble.

Existences above the Heavenly God realm were called “Venerables”.

“Alright, sit.” Cui Heng nodded and established a reception hall on the square.

He sat on a chair and gestured for the Wood Emperor to sit down.

Then, he went straight to the point and said, “I wont beat around the bush.

I came to the Wood Nation for the Scarlet Calamity.

“Tell me what you know.”

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