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Chapter 380 Understanding a Thought

Cui Heng was obviously saying that they were hiding something.

The monk and Daoist priest immediately became nervous and hurriedly explained.

“Immortal Venerable, youve misunderstood.

We definitely didnt mean to hide anything,” Monk Yuan Ku said with a bitter expression.

“Its really because we dont know why the other side attacked our starfield with all their might.”

“Immortal Venerable, its like this.

Weve indeed never understood the Outer World in depth,” Daoist Fang He added.

“Its only when we mobilize the power of the Heavenly Dao to resist the foreign experts that we can barely sense the situation of the other party.”

“The only thing we can be sure of is that those foreign experts seem to be extremely eager to attack our Star Field.

Every time they attack, its as if theyre risking their lives.

They will use all their methods and even burn their life source.”

“Therefore, we guessed that there must be a reason why they have to attack at all costs.

Either the resources of the Outer World are seriously insufficient, or our Starfield has treasures that they need.”

“Theyre actually going all out like this” Cui Heng frowned when he heard this.

Under normal circumstances, being able to make someone burn their life to do something usually meant that they would most likely not be able to escape death if they did not burn their life.

What was going on with this so-called Outer World

They could actually make Heaven Gate realm experts go all out like that.

Cui Heng became vigilant.

After all, even if these foreign Heaven Gate realm experts had only yet to cross the first three minor realms of the First Heavenly Ladder, they were almost equivalent to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

Such strength was enough to dominate the myriad worlds in this Star Field.

“The universe is vast.

Theres indeed an unpredictable crisis.”

Cui Heng sighed in his heart, but on the surface, he looked at Fang He and Yuan Ku calmly and said indifferently, “The two of you want me to help.

I have a question.

Whats the reason for me to protect this Star Field”

In theory, he really had no reason to protect this Star Field.

Even if this Star Field was really invaded by countless foreign Heaven Gate realm experts, he could escape at any time with the starry sky realms that were closer to him.

This was not a difficult matter.

After breaking through to the Soul Formation realm, Cui Hengs Purple Mansion and the acupoints in his body had become like a boundless starry sky.

Under normal circumstances, it was only an illusion and not real.

But as long as he combined it with the Miniature Thousand Mile Court technique, he could store a real galaxy into his acupoints and maintain the normal operation of laws.

The specific method was to first envelop the entire galaxy with Dharmic powers.

Then, with the main planet at the core, which was usually guided by a star, the entire galaxy could be contained.

It was the same way for a realm.

It was simple.

However, if the foreign experts really came to burn, kill, and plunder, he would still attack.

On one hand, Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqis whereabouts were still unknown, and they might still be in this Star Field.

It was impossible for Cui Heng to ignore them.

On the other hand, if he ran away like this, his mental state would be affected.

The reason why he asked such a question was actually to see their true attitude.



Cui Hengs question indeed stumped Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku.

They had really not thought about this.

Did he need a reason

If the foreign Heaven Gate realm experts invaded, they would definitely plunder all the resources and slaughter all the living beings.

It would bring huge difficulties and danger to the Heaven Gate realm experts here.

Any normal Heaven Gate realm expert would definitely not want the foreign Heaven Gate realm experts to come and plunder their resources.

After all, every time they wanted to break through a Heaven Gate, they would consume a large amount of treasures and resources.

However, the two of them were the Lords of the Heavens realm experts after all.

Although they were stumped by the question, they immediately adjusted their mentality and did not show any doubts.

“As long as Immortal Venerable is willing to take action, Im willing to pay any price,” Daoist Fang He said solemnly.

This Star Field had his inheritance and the traces left behind by his elders.

It was a place where his fellow disciples, friends, and relatives had lived.

It was a place he had to protect.

He would rather pay any price in exchange for its safety.

“Im also willing to pay any price,” Monk Yuan Ku said, but for a different reason than Daoist Fang He.

He was an eminent Buddhist monk.

He was pure and did not have any personal feelings.

The reason why he wanted to protect this Star Field was so that he could reincarnate.

As long as the Buddhist Light Pure Land still existed, even if his lifespan was exhausted, he had a chance to reincarnate and return from Nirvana.

However, if the Outer World invaded, the Buddhist Light Pure Land would most likely be destroyed.

He would no longer have a chance to reincarnate and would completely die.

Of course, he had to resist at all costs.

“Your payment is useless to me.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and stared at the two of them.

He chuckled and said, “However, I already understand.

Please leave.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku felt a huge repulsive force, as if the entire laws of the world were targeting them.

In the next moment, the two of them and the disciples they had brought were squeezed out of the Purple Sun Realm and appeared in the void of the universe outside.

“What kind of great divine power is this!”


Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku could not help but sigh.

At the same time, the two of them were very uneasy and could not figure out what Cui Heng meant.

However, they did not dare to stay long and hurriedly returned to their Heavenly Regions.

They planned to discuss how to satisfy this Immortal Venerable when they returned.

After the monk and Daoist left, only Cui Heng, Hui Shi, and the empty hall were left.

“Sir, what are these two up to” Hui Shi was puzzled.

He could not help but ask, “How can they come to ask for help empty-handed”

He did not understand Monk Yuan Ku and Daoist Fang Hes way of asking for help.

“It doesnt matter if theyre empty-handed.

They cant give me anything I need anyway.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled.

“Actually, although I have no reason to protect this Star Field, I wont sit back and do nothing about the invasion.”

“I asked them because I wanted to see their thoughts.

The thoughts of that Daoist priest are very pure and not bad.

That monk is very selfish, but as long as hes willing to stand up to resist the invasion, its still a good thing.”

“Sir is merciful,” Hui Shi said with a sigh.

“Its just a thought.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled.

“On the path of cultivation, the most important thing is to follow your heart.

Otherwise, problems will easily arise.

“Next, Ill be in seclusion for a period of time.

If those two come over again during this period, you can ask for some ancient books.

That way, theyll be at ease and wont disturb you again.”

“Yes, Sir.” Hui Shi bowed, then realized that Cui Heng had already disappeared.


After leaving the Great Zhou Imperial Palace, Cui Heng returned to the Grotto-Heaven.

Actually, the space of the Grotto-Heaven was not big

It was far inferior to the space he had opened up with the Miniature Thousand Mile Court.

However, there were extremely perfect laws here.

It was no different from the outside world.

This was something Cui Heng himself could not do.

He stood in the sky and looked down at the land, sea, islands, and the layers of fog that enveloped the islands and the edge of the sea.

Then, he landed and looked at the farmland and the Beginners Hut.

They were already filled with all kinds of “crops”.

Cui Heng waved his sleeve gently and put away the mountain of “crops”.

He chuckled and said, “I wonder what this place will look like after the System package is upgraded.”

This time, he returned to the Grotto-Heaven to do two things.

One was to upgrade the System package, and the other was to exchange for the reading time of Immortal techniques and obtain the cultivation concept of the Soul Formation realm.

“After the package is upgraded, the Immortal techniques will also be upgraded.” Cui Heng was a little expectant and thought to himself, “If the System has a conscience, its time to show me the specific cultivation method.”

The Beginners Immortal Cultivation Technique and the Primary Grade Immortal Technique only had cultivation concepts and did not have a specific cultivation method.

He needed to study and figure out how to cultivate them himself.

This was really a little difficult.

“System, upgrade package,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.


[Hello, honorable host! You have activated the Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation System package.

The System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path to immortality!)

[If you want to upgrade the package, please buy the following value-added services!]

(All-rounded Cultivation package upgrade: Upgrade all existing functions, bringing you a better cultivation service experience and giving you a home-like feeling.

Purchasing price: 1,000,000,000 points.

Purchasing qualification: Soul Formation.)

[Congratulations! You have successfully spent 1,000,000,000 points!)

(Beginning package upgrade…]


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