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Illusory Descent was an upgraded version of Refining Void into Reality, close to refining fake into real.

This was naturally not going back in time.

That kind of ability was far from a realm that the current Cui Heng could enter.

This was something that had appeared according to the records of Tianlu Stars civilization.

The foundation of their existence was the nomological environment constructed by Cui Heng.

As long as this nomological carrier did not collapse, they would always exist, just like reality.

However, because Cui Hengs understanding of the people on Tianmen Star was only limited to those important figures with biographies, there were not many of them, so he did not materialize them.

Even if they appeared, it was not a real life form, let alone a certain person who originally existed.

It could only be considered a true combination of information.

It only descended on the carrier constructed by the nomological Dao runes, as if it was real.

In essence, it was even inferior to the Nine Fire Flame Dragon.

That was a true independent life form.

Therefore, although the current Tianmen Star had returned to how it was 400 years ago, it was still filled with loneliness and coldness.

There was no sign of a living person.

But even so, Pei Qingshu and Chen Tang, who were standing at the side, felt as if they had fallen into a dream.

In their opinion, the various changes that had happened on Tianmen Star were clearly no different from going back in time.

It was too magical and unbelievable.

Chen Tang, a Sage King, collapsed to the ground.

He looked at everything in front of him with empty eyes and felt his mind buzzing and his thoughts were blank.

The methods Cui Heng had displayed had completely exceeded the limits of his understanding.

Pei Qingshu was also very shocked.

Although Cui Heng was an omnipotent existence in his heart, he could not suppress his emotions when he saw such an unbelievable thing with his own eyes.

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This was too magical.

“Lets go, Qingshu.

Follow me to take a look at Tianmen Star,” Cui Heng said to Pei Qingshu beside him and walked forward.

He did not even look at Chen Tang, the Sage King.

“Yes, Master!” Pei Qingshu hurriedly followed.

“…” Chen Tang clearly felt that he had been ignored.

But this time, he did not feel any humiliation at all.

He only felt extremely lucky.

He seemed to have been let off

Hence, he hurriedly circulated the power in his body, wanting to fly out of Tianmen Star and leave this planet as quickly as possible.

He no longer wanted to face this incomprehensible existence.

However, as soon as he moved, he felt as if the weight of the entire planet was pressed down on his body.

An invisible force pressed him to the ground, making him unable to even stand up.

“Ive been suppressed When!” Chen Tang was horrified and filled with despair.

“Its over, its completely over.”

At this moment, he knew very well that he could no longer escape.

It was the extremely powerful and terrifying expert suspected to be at the Eighth Realm who had suppressed him here.

Such an unbelievable existence could suppress a Sage King silently.

No one in the universe could save him.

… .

Cui Heng brought Pei Qingshu to the highest peak of Tianmen Star.

At the top of this mountain, there was a metal platform that seemed to be naturally formed.

It was only three feet wide and slightly higher than the surface.

Under the sunlight, it emitted a golden light.

If one stood on this golden platform and looked into the distance, one could see the endless sea of clouds surging.

When the sunlight landed on the sea of clouds, it flickered with endless light and shadows, as if it was a dream.

It was beautiful, like an immortal brocade.

This place was called the Golden Platform Peak.

It was said that a long time ago, this was the only way to ascend to the Heavens, also known as the Heaven Ascension Golden Platform.

Countless people ascended to the Heavens here, transcending the mortal world.

Later on, when the Heaven Ascension Gate collapsed, there was naturally only the Golden Platform Peak left.

This was a record Cui Heng had seen in ancient history books, and according to the description, hed materialized this Golden Platform Peak.

Compared to the real Golden Platform Peak in the past, this Golden Platform Peak had some subtle differences.

The divine power of Illusory Descent could be modified to a certain extent through the laws constructed, making it closer to the real situation.

If he could really see through the river of time one day and look back at the past, he would be able to see the projection of the past and completely replicate it with Illusory Descent.

Now, it was only close to the real situation.

Cui Heng stood on the top of the Golden Platform Peak and carefully comprehended the nomological Dao runes here.

He looked up and frowned.

He asked curiously, “Could that legend be true”

Pei Qingshu stood at the side.

He was originally admiring the golden color around the Golden Platform Peak.

When he suddenly heard Cui Heng say this, he could not help but be surprised and asked curiously, “Master, did you just say… a legend”

What level of existence would a powerful figure like his Master, who had unbelievable power, consider a legend

This was simply unimaginable.

“Yes, its about the legend of Tianmen Star.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“In the ancient books provided by Tianlu Star, there are records that say that Tianmen Star is actually a pearl that fell from the Door of Heaven a long time ago.”

“A pearl on the door turned into a living star!” Pei Qingshu was shocked when he heard this.

He said in shock, “Moreover, its called the Door of Heaven.

Could it be one of the Heavens”

“Its not the Heavens.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said in a low voice, “This Heaven Realm is more like the place where the Heavens are gathered.

It might also be an organization that rules over the Heavens.”

After breaking through to the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm, he could already easily sense the existence of the heavens.

As long as he found the corresponding Spirit Guide, he could easily open a path to the Heavenly Domain, just like the Myriad Poison Pool in the Plague Imperial Palace.

“Theres actually a level higher than the Heavens” Pei Qingshu was even more amazed and said, “The vastness of the universe is indeed unimaginable.”

“Haha, how big is this place Its just some galaxies and some large worlds.

Its still far from large.” Cui Heng shook his head and smiled.

“Ive already told you how vast the universe is.

“The universe has existed since ancient times.

Only when our perception can cover the universe can we figure out how big the universe is.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Master.” Pei Qingshu bowed respectfully.

“Qingshu, bring that Sage King back to Chongyang Star and let him gather with Mingzhen.

Ill deal with him after I return.” Cui Heng suddenly changed the topic.

“Ah” Pei Qingshu was stunned when he heard that, but he still cupped his hands and bowed.

“Yes, Master!”

Chen Tang had already been completely suppressed by Cui Heng and could not even move.

He could only be at the mercy of others.

Bringing such a fellow back could not be easier.

After Pei Qingshu left, Cui Heng ascended the golden platform again.

However, this time, he did not only investigate the Dao runes and Dharma and Logos intertwined on it.

He also released his Dharmic powers and made physical contact with the golden platform.

According to the records of ancient history, only a great existence that had surpassed the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World could see the Door of Heaven on the Heaven Ascension Golden Platform and be guided to the Heaven Realm.

Although this was only a Heaven Ascension Golden Platform materialized from illusory information, it was already very close to the true state.

Even the Dharma and Logos intertwined on it were the same.

Hence, after Cui Heng sensed the Dharma and Logos, the golden platform immediately emitted a sparkling treasure light, filled with an undying aura.

At the same time, the entire Tianmen Star seemed to have suffered a violent impact and trembled slightly.

In the sky that Cui Heng was looking up at, a huge floating door that only he could see appeared.

This huge floating door was more than 10,000 feet tall, and its entire body emitted an incomparably holy light.

It was like a supreme divine object that had descended to the mortal world from an endless height, seeming extremely noble.

The huge door was locked and had no intention of opening.

Cui Heng quickly sensed a strange aura on the door.

There was an extremely ancient feeling, as if it was a supreme treasure that had existed since endless ages ago.

However, other than that, he also sensed a huge negative aura on it.

It was filled with ruin and decay.

He could even vaguely see golden stains on the huge door that looked like blood.

“Blood” Cui Heng frowned slightly, and his eyes flickered.

He raised his hand and hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he did not push forward.

Actually, with his current cultivation realm, as long as he stepped forward slightly, he could easily open this so-called Heaven Gate and see what was behind it.

However, he did not do so in the end.

“I should wait until I reach the Soul Formation realm.” Cui Heng shook his head and thought to himself, “Its still too dangerous to act so rashly.”


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