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Chapter 261 Purple Sun True Essence, Ascension

“Yes, Master Immortal!” The Heavenly Candle Star God bowed respectfully.

At the same time, the scarlet fire storms in front of him all retreated to the sides, opening up an unobstructed path that extended into the distance.

This was the Tianzhu Star God using his authority to affect the fire origin energy on Tianzhu Star and make it retreat.

“Master Immortal, please follow me.” Tianzhu Star God led the way.

“Alright!” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

This was his true goal in enlightening the Tianzhu Star God.

If there was anyone who knew the situation on the Tianzhu Star best, it was undoubtedly Tianzhu Star itself.

In that case, letting the Tianzhu Star come to life and personally answer the questions about Li Fa and bring him to places related to him was the most correct and efficient way.

This was what Cui Heng did.

When the Tianzhu Star God transformed into a 30-foot-tall burly man and descended to the surface of the planet, the mighty shadow under the starry sky finally disappeared.

Tianzhu Star seemed to have returned to its normal state.

It spun slowly as usual, and it was no different from before.

The terrifying pressure that filled the void was gone.

All of this seemed to indicate that the terrifying giant god had never existed.

Hence, some people were tempted.

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Could they… escape now

However, no one really took action.

After all, the power displayed by the Tianzhu Star God was still vivid in their mind.

What if they escaped and the other party immediately attacked to kill them

But if they just waited here, they would be very indignant.

Especially when they looked at Li Cheng, who was standing there as a guard, the urge to escape became stronger in their mind.

It was impossible for a Limitless Golden Immortal who was only 700 years old to stop them.

Tan Sheng really wanted to escape.

As he had taken the initiative to intercept the flying shuttle, his large flying shuttle was not near Tianzhu Star.

At this moment, the distance between them was very close.

As long as he could rush to the huge flying shuttle and activate its maximum speed, he could escape after accumulating enough energy and teleport again.

“However, the risk of doing so is too great.”

Tan Sheng was a little hesitant and swayed.

Helpless, he turned his gaze to Sun Guangzhao and thought to himself, “This old thing will definitely not be willing to sit back and wait for death.

He will definitely take action.

As long as he takes action, I will take action!”

At this moment, Sun Guangzhao was actually observing Tan Sheng.

He was also hesitating in his heart.

“Should I escape If I dont, I might be dealt with very quickly.

However, the risk of escaping is too great.

I might be beaten to death on the spot.

Tan Sheng has always been shrewd.

Looking at his gaze, he must be planning to escape as well.

Ill take action when he moves.

This way, he can block for me for an instant.

I can take the opportunity to escape back to the flying shuttle.”

While the two of them were plotting in their hearts, Li Cheng was also paying attention to the expressions of these people, hoping that they would not attempt to escape.

This is the first time Immortal Venerable has instructed me to do something.

I cant mess it up.

If anyone dares to escape, Ill rush up and self-destruct.

In any case, with the Immortal True Essence, I can revive.”

As for the physical pain and psychological trauma caused by the self-destruction, it was nothing compared to what Immortal Venerable had instructed him to do.

Therefore, Li Cheng almost focused all his attention on watching over these Limitless Golden Immortals without relaxing at all.

It made these people feel that Li Chengs gaze was on them at all times.

Those who had wanted to escape became more cautious.

In the void of the universe, it was dark and deep.

Surrounded by large flying shuttles, the dozens of Limitless Golden Immortals fell into a strange silence.

They could read each others eyes, but no one dared to take action.


Under the lead of the Tianzhu Star God, Cui Heng walked past one place after another related to Li Fa.

Among them were the place where Li Fa had landed back then, the place where he cultivated in seclusion, and the place where he was killed by Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.

There were no effective clues in any of these places.

At this moment, Cui Heng arrived at Li Fas residence.

It was a cave abode 10,000 feet underground.

Perhaps because it was built underground, this cave abode was extremely well-preserved.

Li Cheng, Li Wei, and Ye Han, who had come here before, did not discover it.

The Tianzhu Star God opened the door of the cave abode as if it was his own home.

This was actually very normal.

Tianzhu Star was essentially a part of his body.

He naturally knew very well what had happened to this body and the exact process of it happening.

It could be said that when Li Fa built this cave abode, it was built under his nose.

There were no secrets at all.

After Cui Heng walked into the cave abode, the first thing he saw was a piece of jade on a stone table.

This piece of jade was very square and was only the size of a palm.

It was completely purple and emitted a faint glow, giving off a mysterious and noble feeling.

He took a step forward and instantly appeared beside the stone table.

He stared at the purple jade and realized that there was a flame-shaped pattern carved on it.

“Purple Sun Heavenly Edict.

This is a travel


Cui Heng muttered.

The moment he saw the flame pattern, he automatically knew the name of this purple jade and the definition attached to it.

This situation was similar to the golden key he had obtained earlier.

However, the method of the keys construction was even more brilliant.

It allowed people to understand its purpose the moment they saw the key.

The definition covered the entire body of the key.

This Purple Sun Heavenly Edict could only be defined after seeing the flame-shaped pattern.

“If Im not wrong, this should be the token to enter the Purple Sun Realm.” Cui Heng picked up the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict and sized it up carefully before putting it into his personal space.

When he goes to the Purple Sun Realm in the future, this item should be of use and would save him a lot of trouble.

“The clue Li Fa found about the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm is this Purple Sun Heavenly Edict Does it mean that only by going to the Purple Sun Realm can one find a way to break through to a higher level”

If that was the case, the waters of the Purple Sun Realm were probably extremely deep.

However, when Cui Heng put away the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict and continued to observe his surroundings, he discovered another book.

Moreover, it was an ancient book made of jade.

The words on it were all carved with a blade.

“Purple Sun True Treasure Records”

Cui Hengs eyes lit up when he saw the name of the book.

This was clearly not an ordinary book.

It was very likely a secret manual that recorded a profound martial technique.

As expected, when he picked it up and took a closer look, he realized that this was a martial technique that pointed to the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, which was the Peak of the Sixth Realm.

It even briefly described the Seventh Realm.

“A Peak Fifth Realm Limitless Golden Immortal will refine the power of laws imprinted on their Immortal Body into the Immortal True Essence, which is the realm of Myriad Techniques Return to One.

If one wants to cultivate to the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, they have to completely refine the Immortal Body into the Immortal True Essence and achieve an Immortal True Body.

From now on, they will no longer have a body of flesh and blood.

Every move they make can affect the power of laws, and they can even transform their body at will.

They can even dissipate into countless particles and reform again.

Martial artists who have reached this realm will have power that surpasses all Sages.

They are the Kings of the Sages and the ruler of a world.

They can suppress thousands of Sages with a flick of their fingers.

This is the Peak of the Sixth Realm, and also the limit of the laws of the world.

The highest realm one can cultivate to in the starry sky of the myriad worlds is the Sage King Realm, also known as a Realm Lord, and Great Divine Being

Martial artists who have reached this realm can no longer advance further in the starry sky of the myriad worlds.

They have to ascend to the Heavens and come into contact with more complete Great Dao laws before they have a chance to break through to the Seventh Realm.”

This was the situation that Cui Heng had summarized after reading the Purple Sun True Treasure Records.

The more he looked at it, the stranger the expression on his face became.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt that this cultivation method was abnormal.

The Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm required one to refine the nomological divine powers imprinted on their Immortal Body into external objects like the Immortal True Essence.

That was already very ridiculous.

The next cultivation step was to refine the Immortal Body completely and integrate it into the Immortal True Essence.

This was refining all of ones cultivation results into the Immortal True Essence.

No, not only would one be refining their cultivation, but they would also be refining their own existence.

After completely refining themselves into the Immortal True Essence, they actually still have to ascend to break through.

Otherwise, its impossible to cultivate to the Seventh Realm in the myriad worlds.”

Cui Heng could not help but laugh when he saw this.

Because this was too ridiculous.

How big was this so-called “Myriad Worlds Realm” It was only the size of a river system at most.

It might not even be reaching that size.

Compared to the vast universe, it was not even a drop in the ocean.

In such a large universe and with such a complete Great Dao law, could it be that there was no Seventh Realm martial artist equivalent to the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm

This was absurd!

Moreover, the Star God he had casually enlightened was already at the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

It was simply nonsense to say that no one could reach the Seventh Realm in the starry sky of the myriad worlds.

The only explanation was that there was something wrong with this cultivation path.

The so-called “Ascension” might even be the final step.

Under the guise of “Ascension”, these martial artists who had refined their Immortal True Essence would be walking into a trap.


“According to thisTreasure Record, if one wants to ascend to the Heavens, they have to have the Heavenly Edict.

Without the Heavenly Edict, one cant ascend.

However, the number of Heavenly Edicts is limited.

This will cause many martial artists who have reached the Peak of the Sixth Realm for many years to be unable to ascend.

As time passed, before the Sixth Realm and Seventh Realm, a realm that couldnt be called a realm was formed.

It was the so-calledRequesting Realm.

And the so-called Heavenly Edict is…”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng suddenly flipped his hand and took out the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict.

He sized it up in surprise.

“This is the so-called Heavenly Edict”


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