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[Currency: 99]

[Congratulations! Purchase successful!]

[Welcome to the Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation package.

The System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path to Immortality!]

[The welfare renewal system has been activated and upgraded.

Please check the details.]


After Cui Heng gave the order to recharge, the System quickly completed the upgrade of the package.

It was many times faster than the previous System upgrade.

“Is this a Wuxia world” Cui Heng wasnt in a hurry to check the details of the Systems benefits and continued asking.

[Greetings, esteemed host! After the examination, we can confirm that this is a high-level immortal warrior space-time.

There are countless lives in the universe, Immortal Kings and countless ferocious beasts abound.

It is not the Wuxia world that you mentioned.]


The System finally answered.

As expected, he had to pay up to get an answer.

But this answer puzzled Cui Heng.

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If this was really a high-grade immortal warrior space-time dimension, how could there be a situation where one could dominate the Pugilistic World at the Xiantian Realm

Moreover, it was only a regular Xiantian expert.

“Unless this is a subordinate plane of the Advanced Xianxia Space-Time.”

Cui Hengs heart skipped a beat as he thought to himself, “There is indeed such a possibility.

Since the Xianxia space-time has countless lives in the universe, it is normal for it to include subordinate planes at the Wuxia level.”

This guess made his tensed heart relax greatly.

If this speculation was true, then he was an invincible existence here.

In a world where he could dominate the martial arts world, there was nothing that could threaten him.

“However, there might be some hidden experts.”

Cui Heng was a cautious person, and he quickly restrained his relaxed attitude.

“If this place is still connected to the world Pei Qingshu and the rest are in, it means that there might be people who can threaten me.”

From what he knew, the “Heaven Immortals” of the 21 Realms of Mortal and Immortal Realms should be experts equivalent to the Nascent Soul Stage, far surpassing him, a cultivator at the Grand Completion of the Golden Core Realm.


“Lets take a look at the situation after the package is upgraded.

Only with absolute self-protection ability can my actions be more casual.” Cui Heng opened the System interface.

The information on it had indeed changed drastically.

Other than the amount of currency, there were also eight new programs that were upgraded to his novice benefits.

[Grotto-Heaven World: An independent Grotto-Heaven with absolute defense.

It contains all the laws of the human world, blocking all external senses.

You will not be harmed here.]

[Usage Price: There are five chances to enter the grotto-heaven every month.

It is for one day each time.

The points required to enter the Grotto-Heaven will increase gradually, from 100 points, to 1,000 points, to 10,000 points, to 100,000 points.]

[Blessed Land Dao Palace: A palace that can change its shape at will.

It can be placed anywhere.

It can be big or small.

At most, it can cover an area of ten thousand mu.

It also has various household appliances and facilities for cultivation.]

[Usage Price: 1,000 points per day]

[Spiritual Root Medicinal Field: Every month, it will automatically produce all kinds of crops and elixirs and immortal herbs.

You can specify the crops that will be produced next month.]

[Custom price: 1,000 points per usage]

[Yellow-scarved Strongman (Upgradeable): A Yellow-scarved Strongman with relatively weak Dharmic powers, equivalent to an Early-stage Foundation Establishment expert.

It is good at close combat and can cast relatively elementary Dharma spells and will listen to you.]

[Selling price: 1,000 points]

[Primary Grade Dao Robe: A Dao robe with relatively weak Dharmic powers.

It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It can drive mosquitoes, bugs, and dust away.

You can change the style of the clothes at will.

It can withstand a maximum strength attack from an Early-stage Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.]

[Selling price: 100,000 points (complete version), 1,000 points (external version).

After confirming the style, it cannot be changed.]


[Lease price: 100 points per second (Complete version)]


[Primary Grade Flying Sword (Upgradeable): A flying sword with weak Dharmic powers.

The minimum strength to use the flying sword requires a power level of the Early-stage of the Foundation Establishment realm.

It can increase the power of any sword art by 10% and increase the speed of Sword Kinesis Flight by 30%.

It can cut through any Dharmic Artifacts below the Golden Core level.]

[Selling price: 1,000 points]

[Primary Grade Meditation Chamber: A meditation chamber with relatively weak Dharmic powers.

Cultivating in it can increase your cultivation speed by 30%.

It can only be placed in the Blessed Land Dao Palace.]

[Usage price: 1,000 points per day]

[Primary Grade Immortal Technique: A relatively weak and mystical immortal cultivation technique.

You can rely on it to cultivate the complete basic cultivation stages of the novice level.

Can consume currency to randomly deduce spells.]

[Reading price: 100 points per minute.

Derivation price: 100 points each time.]

When Cui Heng saw the contents of the segment, he was dumbfounded.

His face was filled with disbelief as he gritted his teeth and said, “What the bloody…”


He almost cursed.

Even after 300 years of cultivation, he could not maintain his composure.

Especially when he saw the note: “Currency: 101” at the bottom corner.

These items were indeed upgraded versions of the novice benefits.

The effects were much better, and there were even many surprises.

However, the paywalls were too severe.


And it even shamelessly tried to tie up the sales.

Without using the Blessed Land Dao Palace, one would not be able to use the Meditation Chamber.

This was too ridiculous.

The price of entering the Grotto-Heaven world was even more terrifying.

It would have been fine if he only needed to go in once or twice a month.

It was always enough to accumulate more money.

However, each time he enters, it would actually increase the cost by ten times.

By the fifth time, the fee was exaggerated to one million!

And the robe was also ridiculously overpriced.

There was actually an option to sell skin!


This was crazy!

“Thankfully, the price of the Yellow-scarved Strongman and Primary Grade Flying Sword is not considered expensive.

The price for reading the Immortal Technique is also acceptable.

I can even derive Dharma spells from it.

This is a good thing.”

Cui Heng consoled himself in his heart, “Furthermore, I can enter the Grotto-Heaven for a day at any time.

I finally have the ability to protect myself.

Not bad, not bad.”

However, be it buying the Yellow-scarved Strongmen, the Flying Sword, reading the Immortal Technique, deriving Dharma spells, or accessing the other functions of the System, one had to first accumulate enough currency.

These 100 points were simply too little.

He had three guesses about the source of the currency conversion, from what hed seen in the tombs earlier.

The first was that it must be an item with traces of civilization.

The second was that the item should have a certain amount of history, and the third was that the item can contain both.

After all, the burial items in the tombs had these characteristics.

“However, searching for tombs is only a temporary measure.

Its not good to disturb the dead.

Its better to find a civilized society where people live and slowly verify my guesses.”


Cui Heng pondered in his heart, “Also, if my Golden Core wants to turn into a Nascent Soul, it must have a spirituality similar to that of a living Golden Core.

Im afraid that this can only be understood in a civilized society where people live.

Thinking of this, he thought of the small town he saw when he first flew into the sky.

He could start from there!

Xiangxi Town was one of the nine towns under Juhe County.

It was named thus because it was adjacent to Fragrant Stream.

There were many cloth mills in the town, and most of the people lived on weaving.

As there were no valuable mines nearby and no secret martial arts manuals, very few martial arts practitioners came here.

On this day, Xiangxi Town, which had been peaceful for a long time, welcomed a visitor at the Grand Completion stage of the Golden Core realm.


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