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Chapter 215 The Other Side of the Empress

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon was essentially a creature created by Cui Hengs spell.

Although it already had a complete spirituality, the Nine Fire Flame Dragon was still an extension of Cui Hengs perception.

Therefore, Cui Heng had actually sensed the entire process of Huo Si fighting Ye Yun.

Including Ye Yuns self-destruction and his remaining arm.

Through these two points, Cui Heng roughly understood Ye Yuns situation.

It was roughly equivalent to the Mid-stage Golden Core realm.

Its strength was slightly weaker, which was the so-called Taiyi Mystic Deity realm.

However, his lifespan was extremely abnormal.

Judging from that arm, Ye Yun had lived for at least 7,000 years.

This had far exceeded the limit of lifespan that a Fourth Realm Immortal cultivator could reach.

Cui Heng had obtained a secret manual from the Purple Extreme Palace on the moon.

It recorded the secret martial techniques of the Purple Extreme Palace and pointed to the path to break through to the Golden Immortal realm.

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It also described the characteristics of the Fourth Realm of the Immortal World.

It was the “Mystic Dharma Body Realm”.

This realm required one to reach the Third Realm of the Immortal World first.

The process of reaching the Dharma Body stage referred to martial artists who communicated with the nomological Dao runes of the world and engraved them, forming a divine power mark before finally refining a Dharma body.

After cultivating the Dharmic Body, one could live for a thousand years.

Of course, this was just a normal lifespan.

In theory, one could also extend their lifespan by consuming life-prolonging pills or cultivating special longevity martial techniques.

But he could only live for about 5,000 years at most.

This was much less than the maximum lifespan of a Golden Core cultivator which was 9,999 years.

Ye Yuns 7,000 years of lifespan far exceeded the original limit of 5,000 years.

Moreover, his physical state was extremely strange.

His flesh contained countless purple-black bugs, giving off the feeling that his entire body was made of these purple-black bugs.

“Is it because of the undying characteristic he obtained 3,000 years ago” Cui Heng thought to himself.

He thought of the so-called Unparalleled Demon he had encountered in the Great Jin.

The Great Demon was also filled with this strange purple-black power.

There was also the Purple Extreme Palace on the moon.

“What exactly is this purple-black power” Cui Heng frowned, filled with confusion.

To this day, he still had not figured out what the power that formed the Sky Ruins Evil Bug was, nor did he know what kind of secrets it contained.

This unknown made him feel uneasy.

It was also one of the reasons why he had never personally taken action.

“That Taiyi Mystic Deity didnt resurrect because Huo Si was guarding there”

Cui Heng continued to pay attention to Ye Yuns situation and thought to himself, “From the spiritual perception contained in that arm, that person shouldnt have died, nor did he leave too far away.

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“Did he revive somewhere nearby Could he be in that cave If thats the case, could I let Huo Er just pull out the entire mountain…”

To a Late-stage Golden Core Nine Fire Flame Dragon, it was not difficult to uproot a mountain that was hundreds of thousands of feet tall.

If that Taiyi Mystic Deity had really revived in the cave.

This method was indeed feasible.

As long as it uprooted the entire mountain and brought it back, it would naturally be able to bring back that Taiyi Mystic Immortal.

Moreover, as long as they were prepared this time and let Huo Si use its Dharmic powers to protect the entire mountain before interfering with the laws and principles, they could avoid a situation of self-destruction.

With Huo Sis strength, it would not be a problem to stop a Taiyi Mystic Deity from self-destructing.


At this moment, Pei Qingshus voice came from outside.

“What is it” Cui Heng stopped thinking and stood up to open the door and asked.

“Greetings, Master.” Pei Qingshu first bowed, then said, “Master, Li Mingqiong wants to meet you.”

Cui Heng was stunned for a moment before he chuckled.

“Lets go then.”


In the reception hall of the Heart Nourishing Courtyard.

Li Mingqiong was wearing a moon-white dress and dressed like an ordinary woman.

Although she still had a beautiful appearance, she no longer had the dignified aura of an Empress.

She sat there with her feet together and her head lowered.

Her teeth bit her red lips as she crossed her fingers and fiddled with her slender fingers.

She was clearly very nervous.

Yu Wei stood at the side.

She was already stunned.

She was already the closest person to the Empress in the palace.

However, she had never seen the Empress so uneasy, nervous, and even a little feminine.

This was too ridiculous!

Anyone who saw the Empresss current expression would think that they were hallucinating.

For a moment, Yu Wei even suspected that she would be silenced when she returned.

After all, she had seen the Empresss unknown side.

Could she still live in this world after this

However, the Empress had come to see Pei Qingshus master.

Why was she so nervous and uneasy

This didnt make sense.

Could it be that the Empress also knew Pei Qingshus master

At that moment, footsteps came from outside.

Li Mingqiong seemed to have suffered a conditioned reflex.

She stood up directly and subconsciously tidied her appearance.

She whispered to Yu Wei beside her, “Is my hair and clothes messy”

“No, no.

Your Grace, you look perfect,” Yu Wei said truthfully.

At this moment, she was even more shocked in her heart.

The Empress was actually so respectful to the person she was going to meet.

Even her appearance was professional.

After a while, Cui Heng arrived.

Pei Qingshu followed beside him with a very respectful attitude.

“Your Grace, this is Deva Peis…” Yu Wei tried to introduce Cui Heng to Li Mingqiong.

However, as soon as she spoke, she saw Li Mingqiong kneel on the ground respectfully and kowtow to Cui Heng.

“Disciple Li Mingqiong greets Immortal Venerable!” “” Yu Wei was instantly stunned when she saw this.

She was completely stunned, and she could not even react in time to what had happened.

However, her face quickly revealed disbelief and extreme shock.

Immediately after, she hurriedly knelt down as well.

As a subject, how could she not kneel when her Empress had already knelt

Cui Heng stopped in his tracks and looked at the young woman kneeling in front of him.

He could not help but sigh.

Actually, Li Mingqiongs appearance was relatively unfamiliar to him.

After all, when he was in the Beginners Space, Li Mingqiong was only nine years old and was completely a little girl.

She had already grown so big.

There was a saying that a woman would change when she grew up.

Not to mention that Li Mingqiong had experienced countless things over the years and had even ruled the Great Zhou Dynasty for more than 70 years as an Empress.

Therefore, when he first saw Li Mingqiong, Cui Heng only had one feeling.


He could hardly see any trace of that little girl in this woman.

However, when Li Mingqiong knelt on the ground and kowtowed, Cui Heng suddenly felt that this figure overlapped with that of the little girl back then.

“Has your brother returned” Cui Heng suddenly asked.

Li Mingqiongs body trembled slightly.

After a moment of silence, she shook her head and said, “Not yet.

I havent found any clues.”

“Then you have to continue working hard and live a long life until the day he returns.” Cui Heng looked at Li Mingqiong and smiled.

“Get up, my disciple doesnt have to kneel.”


Pei Qingshu, who was standing at the side, revealed a trace of joy in his eyes.

He was happy for Li Mingqiong.

Li Mingqiong almost cried tears of joy when she heard this.

However, after so many years, she had long been able to perfectly control her emotions.

Her tears did not really flow out.

However, the impact of Cui Hengs appearance was too great.

When she spoke, her voice was still trembling.


Then, Li Mingqiong slowly stood up and lowered her head to stand at the side.

Her fingers were still crossed as she fiddled with them.

She actually looked like a shy girl who was facing a teacher.

“Sit.” Cui Heng pointed at a chair beside him and said to Pei Qingshu, “Qingshu, go outside first.

Ill talk to Mingqiong.”

“Yes, Master!” Pei Qingshu bowed and left.

“Your Grace, Ill take my leave too…” Yu Wei was still very discerning.

“Go.” Li Mingqiong nodded.

At this moment, only Cui Heng and Li Mingqiong were left in the guest hall.

“Master, I…” Li Mingqiong seemed to want to say something.

However, just as she said this, she did not know what to say.

She paused.

There were so many things she wanted to say over the years.

However, she did not know where to start.

“Lets not talk about anything else first.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and frowned as he said in a low voice, “Theres something wrong with your cultivation.

Your body isnt right.

Ill help you check first.”


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