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Chapter 212 Deep in the Palace, Behind the Screen

The most common way of communication between the Empress and Pei Qingshu was through letters.

Therefore, she was very familiar with Pei Qingshus delivery habits and situation.

She also knew that Pei Qingshu had an organization that was specially used to send letters to her.

So far, all the letters that had reached Yu Weis hands had been sent by this organization.

There had never been a disciple of the Pei family who came to send the letters, let alone a direct descendant.

Could it be that something had really happened

“Who is this direct descendant” the Empress asked indifferently.

Her voice was still a little lazy and carried a hint of fatigue.

“He calls himself Pei Yuezhi,” Yu Wei replied truthfully.

She lived deep in the Inner Palace and did not know who Pei Yuezhi was.

“So its him.” The Empress seemed even more puzzled.

She had heard of Pei Yuezhis name before.

In the past few months, Linjiang Countys Naxian Hall had been in full swing, attracting many Martial Dao experts to join the Great Zhou.

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He could be considered one of the more outstanding youths of Linjiangs Pei family.

He specially got such a direct descendant to send a letter…

The Empress frowned slightly and said indifferently, “Leave the letter here and leave.”

“Yes, Ill take my leave.” Yu Wei placed the letter on the jade platform and bowed before leaving

A moment later, the Empress behind the screen slowly propped herself up.

She took a deep breath, as if to adjust the state of her body, then got off the bed, draped a red robe over herself, and walked to the jade table where the letter was.

This Empress looked to be in her twenties.

She was extremely beautiful, and every inch of her facial features was just right.

Her skin was crystal clear, and she could be said to be a national beauty.

She was dressed in a fiery red dress, noble and gorgeous, covering her beautiful figure.

There was a dignified aura between her brows that looked down on the world, and she had the aura of an Empress.

However, it seemed that she had just gotten up from the bed.

Her waist-length black hair was not restrained, and some of her black hair fell to her temples, adding a lazy charm to her dignity.

This was Empress Zhifeng, who had supported the entire Great Zhou Dynasty for 72 years so that they were no longer controlled by the Immortal sects.

Li Mingqiong.

“Could this cripple have gone to do something and planned to write a letter to explain his funeral” Li Mingqiong muttered and picked up the letter on the jade platform.

However, before she could remove the wax, her expression suddenly changed.

The color of blood faded, and she became a little sickly pale.

Her entire spirit instantly became dispirited.

She suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She only managed to stabilize herself by holding onto the screen beside her.

However, her breathing suddenly quickened, and her tall chest kept rising and falling.

After a while, Li Mingqiong returned to her normal state.

Her extremely pale face finally regained some color.

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But she couldnt help but rub her head, trying to ease the residual pain.

“I wonder when this old illness will recover.” Li Mingqing pressed her temples and looked at the letter from Pei Qingshu.

She couldnt help but sigh softly.

“Perhaps this is the retribution for forcefully breaking through

“You combined the condensation method of Deva blood to forcefully break through to the next realm.

Although you obtained power that far exceeded that of a Deva, it also caused your body to age rapidly and your lifespan to decrease greatly.

While for me, I tried to use the power in my body to fuse with my soul to directly condense a Dharma Idol, but it also went astray, causing my soul to become incomparably powerful, but my body became more and more fragile.

If only Immortal Venerable was here.

I really want to listen to Immortal Venerables teachings again… I wonder if Immortal Venerable will acknowledge me as his disciple…”

With this thought in mind, she opened the letter from Pei Qingshu and was stunned.

“If I die, Senior Sister, please inform Immortal Venerable after you find him.

Pei Qingshu has never forgotten Immortal Venerables kindness, nor has he given up on finding Immortal Venerable.

I dont ask for the status of a disciple.

I only hope that Immortal Venerable remembers that there was once a successor like me in the world.”

Senior Sister…

This damned cripple actually called me Senior Sister…

No, this was a farewell letter.

What did he do!

Li Mingqiongs eyes widened in surprise.

An invisible aura immediately burst out from her body.

The sky above the Great Zhou Imperial City dimmed, and clouds surged and gathered.

Everyone in the city felt an inexplicable pressure in their hearts.

This was the power of a peak Third Realm Immortal cultivator.

The fluctuation of her emotions was enough to cause a huge change in the weather.

Although her condition was a little strange, and her soul was far stronger than her body, and she often felt weak, the power she possessed was not weak at all.

It was enough to compare to a Buddha.

“Could it be related to the phenomenon in the direction of Linjiang County” Li Mingqiong frowned and said in a low voice, “Youre my junior brother, and a successor of Immortal Venerable.

How could you die so inexplicably!”

“If I really see Immortal Venerable and tell him that I didnt manage Junior Brother well and let him lose his life, will Immortal Venerable think that Im unrelated to this”

Then, she tied her hair and wore a crown.

After dressing appropriately, she looked outside.

“Is Yu Wei here”

“Im here!” Yu Weis voice immediately came from outside.

She had been standing outside, waiting for Li Mingqiongs orders.

“Come in,” Li Mingqiong said in a low voice.

“Yes!” Yu Wei hurriedly pushed the door open and entered.

She bowed respectfully and said, “Greetings, Your Grace.”

“Take my Golden Token and look for Pei Yuezhi.” Li Mingqiong took out a token from her sleeve.

“Ask him about Deva Pei.

If necessary, you can personally go to Linjiang County.”

“Yes, Your Grace!” Yu Wei respectfully took the Golden Token with both hands and said solemnly, “I will not let Your Grace down!”

“Go.” Li Mingqiong waved her hand.

A moment later, she was alone in the bedchamber again.

The crown and red robe were taken off.


Li Mingqiong lay on the bed behind the screen in a thin veil again and yawned involuntarily.

Then, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Although she was powerful now, she was especially prone to fatigue.

Usually, as long as she moved slightly, she would have to sleep for four to six hours before returning to normal.

However, it was different if she used her strength against the enemy.

The last time he went to the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace and killed two Earth Immortals, she had been in high spirits for many days and could work without sleep.

However, this situation clearly could not happen often.

Therefore, most of the time, Li Mingqiong lay on the bed behind the screen, lazy and tired.

As it was not an urgent matter to head to Linjiang County, Cui Heng and the others were not traveling quickly.

Although it was called traveling, it was more like sightseeing and observing the situation of the people along the way.

However, Cui Hengs main task was still reading the collection of information sent by Hui Shi and learning about the various situations in the Heavenly Void World from Pei Qingshu.

Therefore, they walked for five days before finally arriving at Linjiang County.

This place was actually several times larger than Guanzhou City.

There were also more people.

The streets were filled with all kinds of shops and were very prosperous.

Cui Heng walked on the streets of Linjiang County City and saw that the faces of the commoners were filled with smiles.

He could not help but nod slightly and say, “Be it in the local county towns or in this county city, youve managed them extremely well.”

“Thank you for your praise, Master.

Im just doing my duty.” Pei Qingshu smiled and said, “If I cant lead the people to a good life, whats the difference between me and the previous aristocratic families”

The changes in Linjiang County City had also begun 70 years ago.

Before that, the people here were also the targets of exploitation by the aristocratic families.

They might not even be able to eat a full meal after working hard for an entire year.

When Pei Qingshu appeared out of nowhere and controlled the entire Linjiang Pei Family, allowing the Linjiang Pei Family to escape the control of the Immortal sects, the lives of the commoners completely changed.

Now that more than 70 years had passed, there were still many people alive.

They would tell their children and grandchildren about the situation back then and the earth-shattering changes over the years.

When Pei Qingshu walked on the road, he would see the commoners bowing to him every few steps.

It could be seen how much the people loved him.

Therefore, after a while, Cui Heng and the others arrived at the Pei familys residence.

In order to avoid trouble, Pei Qingshu deliberately controlled his body and transformed back into his 40 to 50 years old appearance so that his family wouldnt not recognize him after he recovered his youth.

“Master, this is the Pei family.” Pei Qingshu smiled and was about to introduce the Pei familys mansion and the subsequent arrangements to Cui Heng.

At this moment, Pei Yuezhi suddenly appeared and walked out.

Beside him was a young girl dressed as a man.

Their expressions were very solemn.

However, when they reached the door, they saw Pei Qingshu, Cui Heng, and the others beside him.

They were instantly stunned.

“Great, great-grandfather!!” Pei Yue exclaimed excitedly.

“You, youre still alive! Pfft! What am I talking about Are you alright Hey, Mr.

Chen, why are you here too Great-grandfather…”

When he saw so many people following Pei Qingshu, he was instantly stunned and at a loss.

After all, he was still thinking about how to hide the fact that his great-grandfather had died.

Who would have thought that he would see his great-grandfather return in the blink of an eye

“Pfft!” The corners of Pei Qingshus mouth twitched.

He raised his hand and hit the back of Pei Yuezhis head.

He scolded jokingly, “Your great-grandfather only said that he might not be able to come back.

He didnt say that he definitely wont be able to come back.

You little brat…”

At this moment, he suddenly noticed the girl in male clothes beside him.

He immediately frowned and said in a low voice, “Miss, if Im not mistaken, you should be… that female official from the palace, Yu Wei”

“Im Yu Wei.” Yu Wei nodded and bowed.

She said very respectfully, “Her Grace gave me a Golden Token and asked me to come here to investigate the matters regarding Senior.

Now that I see that Senior is fine, I can return to the capital to report.”

“Youre here on the Empresss orders to investigate my situation” Pei Qingshus expression changed when he heard this.

His eyes widened as he looked at Pei Yuezhi and gritted his teeth.

“Little brat, you sent that letter over!”

Im finished!

I actually called her Senior Sister in the letter…


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