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Chapter 177 Destruction of Heaven and Earth, Immortal Golden Nature

Dark clouds that covered a radius of dozens of kilometers covered the sky, and countless golden lightning bolts swam among them.

The world that had already become dark turned bright again under the illumination of the dense lightning, returning to the state of daytime.

Such a scene was beyond anyones understanding.

They looked up at the lightning in the sky and listened to the rumbling thunder.

They felt as if their hearts had been cleansed and become unprecedentedly clear.

At the same time, they felt that everything in their heart was under the gaze of the heavens.

There was nowhere to hide!

Under the illumination of such lightning, the purple-black giant let out a painful roar.

“Ahhh! Holy Saint! Holy Saint!”

He raised his hand in an attempt to block the lightning from landing on him.

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But this was useless.

Under the illumination of this lightning that was filled with pure Yang energy, the purple-black smoke around him immediately boiled over.

It was as if water droplets had landed on a red-hot iron, emitting a sizzling sound.


The Nine Fire Flame Dragon let out a dragon roar and finally took this opportunity to break free from the purple-black giants shackles.

It regained its freedom and flew into the sky.

At the same time, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and landed on its body.


With a deafening bang, golden lightning and crimson flames intertwined on the Nine Fire Flame Dragons body.

Under the combination of lightning and fire, its strength suddenly soared, directly rising from the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm to the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm.

This was already a realm comparable to an Upper World Buddha!

Although it was only a temporary improvement, it was still a huge upgrade in strength.

However, the Nine Fire Flame Dragon did not immediately counterattack the giant.

It still looked at the other party with extreme caution, looking for an opportunity to attack.

Under the Nine Fire Flame Dragons spiritual perception, this purple-black giant was extremely powerful.

Even if it had been strengthened, it might not be its match.

“Go and protect all the living beings here.”

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon suddenly heard Cui Hengs voice.

At the same time, it felt that its body had been augmented with Dharmic powers that contained an Immortal aura.

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That was Golden Core Dharmic powers!

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon looked around in confusion, but it did not see Cui Heng.

Then, it followed Cui Hengs orders and expanded its huge Fire Dragon body, releasing endless flames that enveloped Langya County and the nearby area.

Unlike the flames that were filled with destructive power when attacking, the flames released by the Nine Fire Dragon were filled with light and warmth.

Such light descended from the sky and turned into a light screen.

Not only did it not make people panic, but it also made everyone feel at ease.

Countless people kowtowed to the sky, thinking that an Immortal had descended.

Many Human Immortals and Earth Immortals in Langya County City also looked at this light screen in extreme shock.

“Immortal technique! This is a true Immortal technique!”

They could not help but exclaim.

They felt that he was not worthy of being called Immortals at all.

The difference was too great.

It was like the difference between heaven and earth!

And this was only a Fire Dragon that Immortal Cui Heng had given to Wang Dongyang to protect himself.

How powerful was it!


At this moment, the lightning that seemed to be condensed from the will of the heavens suddenly smashed down.

The countless golden snakes that were originally swimming in the thunderclouds gathered together, forming a bolt of lightning that was hundreds of feet thick!

What did a thousand-foot-thick bolt of lightning mean

It was as if a huge golden mountain that connected the sky and earth had fallen.

It was as if a heavenly pillar had collapsed and smashed down with the anger of the heavens!

In an instant, it swallowed the purple-black giant without any resistance.

It was as easy as a wave swallowing sand.

Immediately after, the ground began to tremble extremely violently.

With the spot where the lightning bolt smashed down as the core, the ground shook and the mountains shook.

The crust of the earth within a radius of dozens of kilometers was instantly pierced through

Countless lightning bolts poured into the ground and shot into the sky.

It was as if billions of lightning bolts had burst out from the ground.

The undulating mountains shattered under the bombardment of countless lightning bolts and exploded.

However, it was different from the mountain peak that had been smashed by the Nine Fire Flame Dragon.

At this moment, not even pieces of the mountains were left.

They were all reduced to powder by the endless lightning.

They no longer existed!

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding 50 miles had become a sea of lightning, a world of lightning.

Terrifying hurricanes surged, the ground shattered, and the mountains collapsed.

Countless trees ignited in the aftermath of the lightning, and monstrous flames soared into the sky.

The billowing smoke and dust were all swept up by the hurricane and spread in all directions with an extremely fast speed.

It was as if endless dust was surging in the wind.

The sky should have been dark.

However, under the illumination of the extremely bright lightning, everyone could clearly see this world-destroying scene.

At this moment, the golden lightning pillar that connected the heavens and the earth was like a huge millstone that lay between the universe.

It represented the anger of the heavens and wanted to crush everything in this world.

The aftershock of this world-shaking destructive power was like a surging wave that surpassed the speed of sound and surged towards Langya County.

All the weeds and trees along the way were wild hills that were instantly swept away.

Endless smoke, debris, and dust smashed towards Langya County.

Rumble! Whether it was the people in Langya County City or the people in the towns near Langya County City, they all watched in horror as the black sand ruthlessly collided with the flame barrier.

The Nine Fire Flame Dragons 420-meters-long body instantly shrank to seven inches.

The lightning on its body was instantly extinguished, and the entire dragon became dim and almost fell from the sky.

However, although it had exhausted its strength, it still used the power of the lightning and fire to resist the world-shaking aftershock.

Under the protection of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, the people in the flames were not harmed at all.

After nearly an hour, peace gradually returned to the outside.

As the surging dark clouds in the sky disappeared, the lightning that connected the world also faded.

The violent hurricane dissipated, and the various phenomena ended.

At this moment, Wang Dongyang, White Tiger Child, Wei Yi, and the others standing on the city wall, as well as many people from the Immortal sects, finally saw the scene outside clearly.

After the lightning storm, what had it become outside Langya County

Then, everyone was stunned.

The north of Langya County City was originally a flat land that was 30 miles long.

The path was also smooth.

Further ahead was a mountain peak that rose and fell for 50 miles.

The shortest of them was 1,000 feet tall, and the tallest was even 5,000 feet tall.

But now, the scenery there has completely changed.

In the eyes of everyone in Langya County, there was an endless empty space.

They looked to the north and saw that the mountains had disappeared!

Had they been razed to the ground by the earth-shattering lightning just now!


From the changes in the terrain in the distance, it was likely that the ground within a 50-mile radius had collapsed, or rather, been forcefully shattered by lightning.

It formed a huge pit with unknown depths!

“This, this, this is too exaggerated!”

“Oh my god, how is this possible How is this possible!”


A miracle.

Its simply a miracle!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim as they looked at the scene in front of them with their mouths agape.

For a moment, they could not even find any exact words to describe it and could only fall into unconscious amazement.

This was the first time they had seen such power.

Before this, they had never even imagined it.

It was too terrifying!

What Heaven Monarch, what Buddha In front of such world-destroying power, they were all useless.

“This should be the work of Exalted Immortal.” Wang Dongyang took a deep breath and finally relaxed a little.

He focused and said, “In the world, Im afraid only Exalted Immortal can have such power.”

“Was it really him” Wei Yi was still in shock as he sighed.

“Hes really an Immortal!”

“Thank goodness, thank goodness, thank goodness…” White Tiger Child patted his chest gently, as if he was glad that he had submitted and knelt down quickly enough.

Otherwise, he would definitely have died.

The other aristocratic families revealed looks of joy.

Everyone from the Immortal sects turned pale.

If the person who controlled the lightning to destroy the purple-black giant was really Cui Heng… then they were all dead!


But at this moment, the Nine Fire Flame Dragon that was flying in the air actually let out another dragon roar.

Its body lit up with flames again as it looked at the deep pit in the north with extreme vigilance.

This sudden sound and movement immediately frightened everyone present.

Could it be that the purple-black giant was still alive

How was that possible!

Under such a terrifying lightning strike, nothing could survive!

However, after the endless lightning passed, wisps of purple-black airflow appeared out of thin air and gathered at the bottom of the deep pit.

“Ahhh! Holy Saint, Holy Saint! Ahhh!!”

His voice was still filled with madness and strangeness, and it exploded in the ears of everyone in Langya County like thunder.

Immediately after, a purple-black giant figure slowly walked out of the deep pit.

His body was still emitting purple-black smoke.

Faint golden light could be seen around his body, and he actually emitted an undying aura.

“Hes still alive! How can he still be alive!”

Everyone inside and outside Langya County said in unison.

They were all extremely stunned by this situation.

How could such a thing happen!


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the horizon.

At the same time, a green light tore through the sky.

In the blink of an eye, it crossed thousands of kilometers and arrived in the sky outside Langya County.

Ten Thousand Li Soaring Light Technique!

This was a young man who looked to be about 20 years old.

He was handsome and wore a green robe.

He stepped on the void like an Immortal descending from the Nine Heavens.

It was Cui Heng.

“No wonder he didnt die even after suffering the Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique that I used with 30% of my Dharmic powers.” He looked down at the purple-black giant below and frowned.

“He actually has the Immortal Golden nature on his body!”


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