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Chapter 138 Immortal Sword Phenomenon Fills the Sky, Six Messages

As soon as Cui Heng said this, everyone present fell silent.

The disappearance of the Ancestral Master was the darkest page in the history of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Even He Qingrou, Chen Ying, and the others, who had not personally experienced this matter, knew what this meant to the Immortal Dawn Sect.

As for Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun, who had personally experienced that change, they knew even better how they felt back then.

The Ancestral Master, Perfected Hengxia, was the Immortal Dawn Sects sky, their everything.

Especially after that battle.

It was even more so.

But at that time, the Ancestral Master disappeared.

The sky of the Immortal Dawn Sect

Had collapsed.

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Of course, the one who felt it the most was Jiang Qiqis first disciple, Zheng Nanxun.

She was silent for a while and sighed softly.

“Grandmaster, from the end of that battle to Masters disappearance, the period was more than three months.

In these three months, Master has been busy every day.

“In the first month, she dragged her heavily injured body and forged five Immortal swords.

In the second month, she set up a mountain-protecting array for the Immortal Dawn Sect.

In the third month, she preached to the disciples of the sect every day and answered their questions.

On the 100th day after the battle, the disciples of the sect went to listen to Masters lecture as usual, but they didnt see Master.

From that day on, Master disappeared.”

“In other words, before Qiqi disappeared, she had actually been making preparations for the Immortal Dawn Sect.” Cui Heng frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “Didnt she even treat her injuries”.

“No.” Zheng Nanxuns expression was a little sad.

“Actually, Masters injuries should be even more serious than mine.

However, she relied on her profound cultivation to forcefully suppress her injuries, so that ordinary disciples couldnt see it.

But she cant hide it from my perception.

I tried to persuade Master, but Master promised me every time that she would treat her injuries well.

However, the next day, she was still doing her best to help the Immortal Dawn Sect prepare.

It was as if she was fighting for time.

I couldnt dissuade her.”

“The injuries Qiqi suffered back then were even more serious than yours” Cui Hengs tone became sinister, causing the temperature in the inner hall of the State Overseers Office to plummet.

Zheng Nanxuns injuries had already damaged her origin and greatly affected her lifespan.

If Jiang Qiqis injuries were worse than this, it could be said that she was on the verge of death.

“Yes.” Zheng Nanxun nodded and said, “The Great Bodhisattva who descended from the Upper World was too powerful.

Master tried her best to kill him and was also severely injured.”

“…” Cui Heng fell silent when he heard this, and his gaze turned cold.

Previously, when he came into contact with Monk Vast Brights remnant soul, he discovered that although the Immortal Dawn sword marks on it were much stronger than the Ninth level of Qi Refinement, it had not truly reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

This meant that Jiang Qiqi was essentially fighting above her level.

With a cultivation level below the Foundation Establishment realm, she killed a Great Bodhisattva equivalent to the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

This was indeed very likely to result in serious injuries.

However, all of this was the fault of the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

An early-stage Foundation Establishment realm Great Bodhisattva, was actually attacking shamelessly.

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Cui Heng had already decided that when the hundred year period came, as long as the monks of the Baolin Buddhist Hall descended, he would kill anyone who came!

Let this group of monks know what it meant to fight the older generation!

Now was not the time to attack the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Otherwise, the monks of the Heavenly Void World would not dare to come over.

After a while.

Cui Heng adjusted his emotions slightly and continued to ask, “Before Qiqi disappeared, didnt she tell you that she was leaving”

From Jiang Qiqis actions, he could clearly sense that she knew that she did not have much time left, but she was worried about the Immortal Dawn Sect.

That was why she was so busy every day.

Zheng Nanxun sensed the change in Cui Hengs emotions and heaved a sigh of relief.

The pressure Cui Heng gave her just now was too great, almost making her unable to breathe.

“Grandmaster, at that time, Master didnt tell us about her leaving…” She shook her head and said, “After that battle, Master became much quieter and rarely interacted with others.

She often stood alone in the sea of clouds on Cangcheng Mountain and looked into the distance.

I once went to ask Master what was wrong.

Was there something on her mind However, she only told me that she was fine and told me to cultivate well… Master must have encountered some difficulties at that time.

This might be the reason why she had to leave in a hurry.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

“She didnt tell you because she was afraid that you would be worried about her.

However, perhaps we can find the answer from what she left behind.”

At this point, he paused and looked at Perfected Zhu Qing beside him.

“Have the Immortal Sword Masters all arrived” The last time he came into contact with Chen Yings Purple Cloud Sword, Cui Heng had discovered that the five Immortal swords left behind by Jiang Qiqi were most likely the five “letters” left for him.

“Yes,” Perfected Zhu Qing hurriedly said.

Then, she introduced them one by one, “Im the Red Sun Sword Master, Junior Sister Liu is the White Rainbow Sword Master, and these two Martial Nieces are the Sword Masters of Autumn Cloud and Setting Sun.

You know Yingying, shes the Purple Cloud Sword Master.”

She had already learned from Chen Ying that Cui Heng could trigger the phenomenon of the Immortal Dawn Five Swords.

This time, the five Sword Masters had all come and brought their Immortal swords over.

Then, they stood up and bowed.

Chen Ying was among them.

“Put all these swords on the table.”

Cui Hengs gaze swept across them and finally landed on the five Immortal swords.

He could feel Jiang Qiqis aura in all five swords.

After the five swords were placed on the table.

Cui Heng raised his right hand and shook it gently.

Balls of multicolored light bloomed in his palm.

They were colorful and beautiful.

At the same time, the five Immortal swords on the table trembled.

As if summoned, they unsheathed themselves.


Clang! Clang!

Sword cries sounded in the spacious inner hall.

Sword lights of various colors soared into the sky, revealing their sharpness.

Five extremely powerful sword intents appeared in the State Overseers Office.

This alarmed Zhang Shuming and the others outside.

They looked in the direction of the inner hall in shock.

This was especially true for Zhang Shuming.

As an experienced Deity Realm expert, he could clearly sense how powerful this sword intent was.

“What a powerful sword intent.

These are the Immortal swords inherited from the Immortal Dawn Sect Isnt it too powerful!”

The might emanated by these swords were countless times stronger than the Human Immortals he knew.

These are Earth Immortal level Immortal swords!

What kind of treasure was this!

“The Immortal Dawn Sect is indeed worthy of being a sect left behind by the disciples of an Exalted Immortal.

Their foundation is indeed extremely deep!” Zhang Shuming could not help but praise in his heart, feeling very envious.

Although the Daoyi Palace had been passed down for a long time, it had suffered a great calamity 3,000 years ago and suffered heavy losses.

To this day, the Daoyi Palace did not have so many Earth Immortal-level Immortal weapons.

At this moment, the people of the Immortal Dawn Sect in the inner hall were unprecedentedly shocked.

Under everyones shocked gazes, the five immortal swords danced in Cui Hengs palm and gradually fused into the colorful light.

They actually turned into pure multicolored light and could no longer be seen as swords.

But this did not mean that the five Immortal swords had disappeared.

Everyone from the Immortal Dawn Sect could clearly see that the phenomenon represented by the five Immortal swords was blooming with different colors in this ball of light.

There were purple clouds rising, a red sun shining, white rainbows flying, and autumn clouds floating.

Layers of light and shadows overlapped, but they were incomparably harmonious and complemented each other.


At the same time, there were sounds in the sky outside, and rays of light shone in.

Clearly, the sky above Changfeng Prefecture City was already filled with phenomena.

Countless citizens looked up at the sky, either in shock, confusion, confusion, reverence, and so on.

What greeted their eyes was a scene they had never seen before in their lives.

A ball of purple clouds suddenly floated over from the East, followed by balls of surging clouds.

Purple Clouds from the East!

Above this steaming purple gas, a red sun suddenly rose.

The light was blazing and illuminated the world.

It was like a real sun, hanging high in the sky and competing with the sun.

A Red Sun rising from the East!

Immediately after, another silver-white stream of light pierced through the sky, crossing 30,000 feet of purple clouds and the red suns light.

It pierced through everything like a white rainbow and entered everyones eyes with an extremely impactful momentum.

White Rainbow Piercing Sun!

On the West side of the sky, a red sunset had lit up at some point.

It was like a ball of raging fire, making the sky seem to be burning.

It was beautiful.

Setting Sun, glow of dusk!

Four phenomena appeared in succession.

Finally, waves of white clouds blew in from the bleak autumn wind.

Some were stained with purple qi, some were bathed in sunlight, some were pierced through by white rainbows, and some turned into the glow of the sunset.

Autumn Clouds from the West!

At this moment, the sky above Changfeng Prefecture City seemed to have become a paradise.

Finally, someone could not help but kneel on the ground and worship the sky.

They felt that an Immortal had descended.

There were also many people who felt that this was because after the new State Overseer Cui Heng took office, he was dedicated to the people and touched the heavens.

Therefore, auspicious signs descended from the sky to protect the people here and the new State Overseer, Cui Heng.

This also made the originally uneasy citizens completely at ease.

Strands of red and white light of seven emotions flew out from these commoners.

They all gathered in the direction of the State Overseers Office.

These lights that only Cui Heng could see entered his dantian and were refined by the Seven Emotions Light around his Golden Core.

His cultivation had advanced another step.

Cui Heng smiled.

He had activated the phenomenon on the five Immortal swords just to check Jiang Qiqis messages.

He did not expect to receive so much emotional feedback.

It was a pleasant surprise.

At the same time, as the phenomenon outside appeared, the five Immortal swords in his palm finally connected with each other.

It began to reveal the core secrets.

Cui Heng sensed Jiang Qiqis thoughts again.

This was the information she had imprinted in the five Immortal swords.

It was her message.

Also, there were more than five.

There was a sixth message.

This was after gathering five Immortal swords and activating the phenomenon at the same time, connecting the auras of the five Immortal swords

This final message that could only be seen at that time.


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