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Chapter 106 Under the Golden Light Mountain, White-Robed Divine Monk (1)

“So youre Chen Hui Shi!” Ren Yuankui immediately recognized Hui Shis identity and snorted.

“Is this how Cui Heng educates his subordinates”

“How dare you be disrespectful to my Lord!” Hui Shis eyes widened, and his body swayed slightly.

In an instant, he crossed dozens of feet and arrived in front of Ren Yuankui, placing the steel saber in his hand on his neck.

“You!” Ren Yuankui felt the cold touch of steel on his neck and Hui Shis murderous intent that seemed to have solidified.

He was completely stunned.

Hui Shis martial arts skills far exceeded his expectations.

As the Governor with the strongest military strength in Fengzhou, his own martial cultivation was not weak.

He had already reached the Qi Transformation realm.

In the pugilistic world, he was enough to be called a Grandmaster.

However, the difference between a Qi Transformation Grandmaster and a Xiantian Grandmaster like Hui Shi was still too great.

Ren Yuankui could clearly feel that he had no room to resist under the other partys saber, so he cowered on the spot and hurriedly said, “Lets talk things out.”

“I didnt expect the messengers sent by Cui Heng to all be Xiantian Grandmasters.” Wei Xiong was also shocked.

As a guest of the You Prefecture, he had a respected status.

But he had never seen many Xiantian Grandmasters before, let alone such a young one.

“If Cui Heng is really alone, its impossible for him to have such a subordinate.

Daoyi Palace must have sent someone to help him build momentum to take the position of Fengzhou State Overseer.

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From the looks of it, the Daoyi Palace is really willing to spend a lot of capital on this.

They even sent out such an expert.

Even for the head of the Dao Sects, such a young Xiantian Grandmaster is rare.”

Hui Shi looked no more than thirty years old.

A Xiantian Grandmaster at this age was extremely rare in the entire world.

However, this also made Wei Xiong even more convinced that his previous deduction with Ren Yuankui was right-Cui Heng was very likely a pawn pushed out by the Daoyi Palace.

“I have to hurry up and invite the Baolin Buddhist Halls Abbot over.

Otherwise, our interests in Fengzhou will definitely be greatly affected!” Wei Xiong secretly decided that after leaving Luoan County, he would directly go to Yuzhous Golden Light Mountain to visit the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Hui Shi did not care what they thought.

Seeing that the two of them had softened their attitude, he put away his steel saber and took out a letter for Ren Yuankui.

He snorted and said, “This is a letter from our Lord.

Just do as he says.”

With that, he picked up his saber and walked out of the County Governors Office.

When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped.

“In the future, discipline your guard dogs!”

Only then did he leave.

When Hui Shi left, Ren Yuankui was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

He raised his hand and pointed at the door.

He opened his mouth and wanted to curse, but he was afraid that Hui Shi would hear him from afar, so he could only shut his mouth and suppress his anger as he opened the letter.

It was Cui Hengs words.

“I wish to serve as the State Overseer of Fengzhou and keep everyone safe.”


Ren Yuankui tore the letter into pieces and threw it out fiercely as he cursed, “This is too much, too much!”

Then, he looked at Wei Xiong and said in a low voice, “Sir, Ill go to Yuzhou with you.

We must invite their Abbot here to kill these peoples prestige!” “Alright!” Wei Xiong nodded and said, “Then lets go together.

This person is indeed too arrogant.”


After Hui Shi left Luoan County City, he headed to the last stop of his trip.

Changfeng Prefecture.

As the capital of a state, the situation of the people here was much better than that of other counties, but the extent was also very limited.

The people could only barely eat their fill.

However, along the way, Hui Shi had already seen many strange counties.

The situation here in Changfeng State Capital was already considered top-notch compared to the rest, and it gave him a good impression.

Moreover, after asking the commoners, they found out that the Changfeng Prefectures government was actually not that good in the past.

Everyone basically had to count their food and worry about their next meals, and they were often exploited by the officials.

Their lives were very difficult.

Everything had only started to improve after the original governor of Fengzhou, Cao Quan, was assassinated.

Hence, Hui Shi followed the normal etiquette and went to pay his respects after sending the greeting card.

Wu Yin was only in his forties this year.

To be able to hold such a high position at such a young age, ruling over a capital city, he was definitely a dragon among men.

However, Cao Quan was a very domineering person.

When he was an advisor, he had almost no presence.

Even if he discovered some flaws in the policies and told Cao Quan about it, he would be ignored.

It was only after Cao Quans assassination that Wu Yin finally had the chance to show his skills.

He improved the peoples livelihood and protected them.

In just a few months, he cleaned up the government of Changfeng Prefecture and the lives of the people became much better.

Seeing the bright eyes of the citizens and their happy smiles, he felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

But he was also a little worried.

That was because it was impossible for Fengzhou to have no State Overseer all the time.

His superiors would definitely send another State Overseer to suppress them.

At that time, it would be unknown if he could still maintain these policies.

“It would be great if Cui Heng, the Governor of Lu County, came to be the State Overseer of Fengzhou.” Wu Yin thought to himself.

He had also heard about the political decrees Cui Heng had implemented in Lu County.

In his opinion, only officials who were dedicated to serving the people and would rather offend the large clans, sects, and merchants from all over the world to let the people live in peace were truly good officials.

Only then would they have the qualifications to be called “Governor”.

Therefore, he sincerely admired Cui Heng and yearned for him to take office.


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