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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Nightmare From Her Last Life (1)

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Rong Yans consciousness was clouded. She seemed to have gone back to the moment when she was knocked unconscious, had her hands and legs bounded, had stones tied to her, and thrown into the surging icy river in her past life. She could feel the cold and smelly river water gushing into her lungs and the shadow of death following her.

Her body was getting heavier and heavier, sinking rapidly under. After her breathing had stopped, her soul gradually drifted away from her body.

Her soul floated to a short distance away, and she saw a dashing couple standing by the river bed in the night. The two familiar faces hurt her eyes, and she could hear their conversation.

The woman said, “Brother Chu, can we do this If Rong Yan knows, she will... be very sad. I will always feel sorry for her!”

The man replied, “Dont think about her. That wedding was originally for the two of us. What is she She is just a b*tch who ingratiates herself with rich men. How can she be my wife In my heart, youre the only one worthy to be my wife, and I love you only.”

“But... I still feel uneasy. Im afraid that she will appear in front of me one day and accuse me of snatching you from her. Brother Chu, Im terrified.”

“Dont worry. I know you are kind-hearted. I wont put you in a tough position. I have already arranged it... She will never appear before us again in the future.”

“If its like this... Then thats good. With her gone... it would be good for her and the both of us...”

The voices of the man and woman were very clear. The woman was Rong Yans best friend, Jiang Nuanxia; and the man was the fiancé Rong Yan loved the most, Chu Wenluo.

Rong Yan wanted to jump and stab this cheating couple to death.Scum, b*tch. They should all die...

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Chu Wenluo knew that she had ingratiated herself with those men for the future of his company. She had helped him attract clients and countless projects. If it wasnt for her, the Chu family would have gone bankrupt. He claimed that she was the best in his heart and that he only loved her.

But the truth showed Rong Yan that everything was a lie.

There were only four words left in Rong Yans mind:You lied to me...

From beginning to end, her life was full of lies. It was all lies... No one really loved her or cared about her...

Her mother did not love her either. In order to repay her stepfathers debts, her mother sold her to a perverted old man after she had turned twenty-three years old.

While Jiang Nuanxia claimed that she was Rong Yans best friend for life, she snatched the latters fiancé from behind and continued to pretend she was noble, kind, and pure, thus tricking everyone. Jiang Nuanxia definitely had something to do with Rong Yans death, she could not possibly have not known about it.

Jiang Nuanxia could still pretend that she was the Virgin Mary while using Rong Yans man, spending the money Rong Yan earned, wearing the wedding dress Rong Yan designed, living in the house Rong Yan decorated and even watching Rong Yan drown in the cold river.

And Chu Wenluo, the fiancé who said he only loved her and made a vow with her, only used her as a tool to make money. He kicked her away without leaving a way out for her after he had become successful. He even hired men to throw her into the river. He was worse than a beast.

Rong Yan hated all the b*tches who had trampled her heart on the ground, but she hated herself even more.

She hated herself for being too soft-hearted, hated herself for believing in relationships too much, and also hated herself for having a pair of eyes but was blinded at heart.


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