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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Summoning (2)

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Rong Yan had only taken a glance before she quickly lowered her head, her hands that were on her knees immediately clenched into fists.

She sighed in her heart.My Lord, why are you here

If her sugar daddy saw her having a blind date, she definitely would never have a good life.

The girl at the next table immediately gave out a cry of surprise when she saw Rong Yans sugar daddy.

“Wow, did you see that That man is so handsome. Look at his car, his clothes, and his bodyguards. Hes even tall and handsome, and hes definitely rich, too. Ah, no... he should be king. Hes so handsome... Who would like another man after seeing such a perfect man like him”

“Did you see it He had glanced at us just now. He must be looking at me...”

“Stop being smug. Hes obviously looking at me...”


The two girls at the next table were quarreling loudly, but Rong Yan was sweating buckets. Oh no, he had glanced over and had seen her.

The sissy snorted. “The girls nowadays are superficial, vulgar, and materialistic. Whats good about that man”

Rong Yan smiled. “Really Haha. I didnt see him.”

Her phone rang just when she was speaking. After sayingexcuse me to her blind date, she quickly took out her phone from her bag. The two wordsSugar Daddy flashed on the screen and it was extremely dazzling. Her hand holding the phone shook, and she felt uneasy. Was he going to punish her

Rong Yan quickly answered the phone with no hesitation. “Hello...”

“Come up to Room 2409 in five minutes.”

His voice was stiff and had no emotions, and he never gave her a chance to say anything.

Her sugar daddy had given an order and Rong Yan naturally dared not disobey it. Eyelashes fluttering, she formally responded, “Yes, yes. I will be right there.”

Hanging up the call, Rong Yan immediately stood up. “Im sorry, something came up at work. Well talk next time.”

After that, she quickly ran out without even hearing what the other party had said. Her sugar daddy gave her five minutes, so she had to arrive within five minutes and not any second later.

There was an incident last month where she failed to arrive on time at the place he had mentioned. And as a result, he tortured her so badly that she could not get up from her bed for two days.

But Rong Yan did not dare to run to the elevator in front of her blind date. She knew that there was an elevator in the parking lot on the first floor, so she went there instead.


Five minutes later, Rong Yan was panting so hard and was sweating all over. She knocked, and soon, the door to the presidential suite opened.

Once she had entered the door, she saw the Young Master Liancheng sitting on the sofa and not sparing her a look.

After swirling the glass of red wine in his hand, he then took a sip. He muttered, “Speak.”

Rong Yan shivered. The way he was drinking wine made her feel like he was drinking her blood.

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Rong Yan honestly answered, “Blind date.”

“Blind date Are you using the money I give you every month for blind dates” Liancheng Yazhi coldly looked over with his long, slender eyes.

“Dont misunderstand. A colleague of mine introduced him to me, and I couldnt bring myself to refuse. Anyway, Im... already dealing with it.”

“Come here.” He curled his finger.

Rong Yan immediately ran over and sat on Liancheng Yazhis legs, wrapping her arms around his neck with familiarity as she tried to please him. “Mr. Liancheng, dont worry. I swear this will never happen again. This will be the first and last time.”



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