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Chapter 8: Steel In Hand {2}

Looking at Chen Han, who was about to fall down, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Brother, brother, Ill arrange a place for you first, clean it well, and go to Xiangmanlou to pick up the wind for you later.” Qin Yang began to move toward the perfect plan, and even the name changed fromlittle brother toold brother.

“No need, help me find more steel first, its urgent.”


Qin Yang really cant figure out why he still thinks about steel, and why he needs so much steel inexplicably. It seems that the plan to lure juveniles into crime will be temporarily put on hold for a few days. The company asked them to send 20 tons of the best steel, um... to the Clearwater Bay villa.”

The driver, Dawei, is Qin Yangs confidant. He turned his head and looked at the boss in amazement: “Now Its already eight oclock in the evening, why dont we wait for tomorrow”

“Now! Immediately! Immediately!” Qin Yang was very upset that the plan could not be implemented.


Dawei shrank his head, took out his mobile phone and dialed a certain number immediately, and the old man who was hugging Xiaomi and working hard heard his voice.

“Hey, Boss Zhang Im Dawei... Prepare twenty tons of the best steel and send it to Brother Yangs Qingshuiwan villa.”

“Yes! Right now! What The workers are off work and no one delivers”

“Ill do it, you wont drive it by yourself Well, if you dont see the steel in half an hour, your company will be waiting to close down, and thats it!”

Dawei, who was obedient to Qin Yang a minute ago, showed a completely different manliness on the phone, yelling at some unlucky ghost as if he was training his son.

As a result, Chen Han felt even more convinced that Qin Yang could help him, and that this guy was not weak in the mundane world. Otherwise, why did the little pony who nodded and bowed to him become so arrogant in front of others

With a much sharper ear than ordinary people, he could hear the respectful voice on the other end of the phone, and the other party almost flattered and shoutedViagra.

“Viagra” He smirked at Dawei if he meant something.

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“I dont dare, I dont dare to be something in front of you...”

At the beginning, Dawei was also prepared to be humble, and he said half a sentence, only to see the difference in Chen Hans smile, he dared to be happy with himself. Its just that this guy who made the boss a guest of honor is obviously not something he can offend.


The Audi A6 is parked outside a small villa in a beautiful setting.

According to Qin Yang, this villa has been bought for more than two years. One of his Xiaomi Mi lived here before, and then Xiaomi went home to get married and have children, and the villa has remained empty until now.

The two chatted for a while, and after arranging all kinds of matters, Qin Yang got into another car of the same company and got up: “Brother, you live here for the time being, if you have anything, just tell Dawei directly. Brother, I have to go first. Go back, your sister-in-law is probably going crazy, come back tomorrow.”

The three sedans left in a hurry, and David and the Audi A6 stayed behind.

Its just that there are fewer people in the modern city, and its not that they havent been in contact with them at all, so they havent caused much trouble to Chen Han. Common electrical appliances are used, and even some rare things can be understood in the shortest time after a little explanation from David.

Of course, except for the computer, which is a hundred times more complicated, when he just learned to switch the computer on and off, there was the roar of a heavy truck outside the villa.

A few reluctant workers moved twenty tons of steel into the largest bedroom according to Chen Hans instructions.

Leaving the sentenceNo one can disturb me until I come out, the bedroom door slammed shut, leaving Dawei standing outside the door stupidly: “What does he want steel for Freak...”

“Viagra, can you give me the money for this steel first The companys liquidity is a little short, so...” Boss Wang smiled.

“No problem, how much does it cost”

Chen Hans teasing aroused Daweis sadness, and a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Thats it...the monthly protection fee in the future, lets raise it ten times a little bit, its also good for Boss Wang. It doesnt matter.”

Boss Wangs oily fat face immediately became bitter, and he shouted miserably: “Viagra... You have a lot of adults, brother, am I wrong When we talk about money and hurt feelings, isnt it just 20 tons of steel Is it Let Viagra see that it is a blessing for the younger brother. If you have no money, you should be honored. ”

After a series of flattery, Boss Wang ran out of the gate with his head drooping like a defeated quail, afraid that Dawei would talk about the protection fee again.

Seeing Boss Wang, who was as fat as a ball, ran to the gate of the villa like a 100-meter sprint, Dawei shouted in schadenfreude, “Boss Wang, dont forget to send another fifty tons of steel tomorrow, ah”


The floor, which was obviously free of water stains, banana peels, and watermelon peels, suddenly slipped, and the fat man stumbled and almost fell, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead and running faster.

“Fat man, arent you afraid of having a heart attack when you run so fast”

Dawei murmured, his eyes fell on the closed door of the master bedroom, and he whispered to himself: “He should be the one in the martial arts school that the boss said But... What do you need so much steel for Alas... ...My life is hard, why do I have to wait for him, and I cant go to Haipi tonight, so I should go online and chat with girls...”

When the little penguin on the computer in the study was screaming, Chen Han, who was in the master bedroom, was sitting cross-legged in front of a steel plate with his hands close to it and his eyes slightly closed...



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