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Chapter 18: Thousand Machine Beads [II]

With the doubling of body strength, the speed skyrocketed by nearly 70% out of thin air.

There was no time to waste on boring dialogue, Chen Han stomped his right foot to the ground, leaving a depression more than half an inch deep, and rushed towards the other party like a meteor chasing the moon.

“This is... the Great Law of Blood Gravity!” The mans face changed suddenly, and he misunderstood Huangji Shattering Records again as some kind of exercise that can temporarily enhance the combat effectiveness, and the infuriating qi that has been intensively cultivated for nearly 30 years has been raised to the limit: “Boy, I want to see if you have it. How many reliances, pick me up in the eight forms of the law of the sky – cover the sky!”

At this moment, not to mention Chen Han and Qin Yang who knew martial arts in great detail, even Da Wei and others knew that this man with an unfathomable cultivation base came from Zifeng Pavilion.

Its just that they couldnt figure out how Su Yunfeng could have something to do with Zifeng Pavilion.

As one of the Eight Great Gates of Yan and Yellow, Zifeng Pavilion has always kept itself clean, and its disciples will never interfere in the underworld, and they will never come forward for the underworld figures in the mere Tianhua City.



The palm wind and the iron fist collided fiercely, and Chen Han snorted and stepped back five steps in a row. Under the unbelievable eyes of everyone, the indifferent man even took two steps back.

The most important thing is that his right hand is obviously trembling. After the increase of Tianliyin, Chen Hans punching power of more than six tons is not so easy to bear. Although the mans infuriating attack power is still above six tons, Chen Hans physical defense is too strong, and it is difficult to cause substantial damage, and his physical body is far behind.

Therefore, Chen Han, who was subjected to a stronger attack, had a little numbness in his arms and a slight strain in his muscles, but instead he injured his muscles and bones.

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“Should these reliances be enough”

Chen Han didnt give him a chance to breathe, while joking and mocking, he attacked the opponent with all his strength.

Like a fully wound robot, without fatigue and pause, the man was suddenly caught in a dilemma. His own cultivation base was obviously stronger than the opponent, but he saw the opponent being repulsed without taking any damage, and immediately rushed forward.

Several tons of pure strength confronted him head-on, causing his arms to burst in pain. God knows how can a persons physical strength be so powerful

Does he also have some amazing background behind him

He, who had the upper hand at the beginning, was beaten back and forth by Chen Han who had been boosted by Tianliyin. He suddenly thought of this serious problem, and hurriedly shouted: “Stop! I have nothing to do with Su Yunfeng, do you have never heard of Dark Dragon ”

“It doesnt matter whether you are a bright dragon or a dark dragon, if you dont kneel down and beg for mercy, I think Im afraid of you!” Chen Han was arrogant, and his attack speed was a little faster.


Just when the other four were about to make a move, the man took the opportunity to take out a badge: “Ill be welcome if I dont stop, Jingyunfeng will definitely cease to exist!”

Qin Yangs face turned pale on the spot, and he hurriedly shouted: “Brother, stop, he is really a dark dragon, the Lord we cant afford to offend!”

Even he said so, Chen Han knew that the identity of the other party was not simple, he stopped and returned to Qin Yang angrily, lowered his voice and asked: “What is the dark dragon never heard of that”

He had never heard of it, the Dark Dragon was not a martial arts sect at all, but an organization established by the state. In addition to the elites cultivated by the state, there are also masters from various sects and families who are responsible for handling special matters, just like the dark dragon dispatched this time is for the mutation of Tianhua City.

Although it is only an ordinary prefecture-level city, in order to control the overall situation, all special groups have records.

Suddenly, a martial artist with a high cultivation level appeared, and with one punch, Su Yunfeng, who was not weak in cultivation, was crippled. This person is naturally worthy of attention. Experts who are not in the national archives can easily lead to certain uncertain risks, and the dark dragon must investigate this matter clearly.

“The disciple of Zifengge, the leader of the seventh group of the third brigade of the dark dragon, Xu Yan.”

After talking about the whole story, he introduced himself, the man stared at Chen Han and said, “Little brother is not weak in horizontal training, and he has also practiced the Great Law of Blood Gravity. If I guess correctly, it should be from the core of the War Blood Alliance. Disciple Its just... As one of the eight major sects of Yanhuang, Zhanxuemeng has the opportunity to cultivate the core disciples of the Zhen sects unique skills, how could they join the underworld forces in Tianhua City”

The implication is that Tianhua City is too small, and Chen Hans stay here is equivalent to overkill, and the fact that the core disciples of the eight sects join the underworld will also affect the sects reputation.

Chen Han didnt want to be mistaken for the blood alliance, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, he smiled and shook his head and said, “Im not cultivating the Great Law of Blood Gravity, but it looks a bit similar. Every time I use it, it will damage the meridians. The Great Law of Blood Gravity is far behind.”

“No wonder the technique is different. I wonder if the little brother is interested in joining the Dark Dragon” Xu Yan extended an olive branch to him. Facing such direct digging, Qin Yang and others felt very unhappy. dare not speak out against it.

“Thank you for your kindness, senior, I have no plans to leave for the time being.”

“So... When the little brother is interested, you will have a seat in the three teams and seven groups.”

Xu Yan didnt do much to hold back, and his voice suddenly lowered several times, and said, “I cant bear it at the age of less than 20 years old. My little brothers cultivation base is rare among his peers. Seeing that your death is unclear, I will give you a letter in violation of the regulations, then Su Yunfeng is from Jiushamen.”

When the five members of the dark dragon left from the resplendent area, Chen Han and Qin Yang exclaimed at the same time, this time they got into big trouble...



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