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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 The skills a real man should have.

(Desmond POV)

′′ I suppose there is nothing that can be done to save this species from his stupidity. . . in any case, we have to hurry to get everything we can out of this rabbit. ” I said as I took out my dagger and began to cut off the tips of the rabbits ears.

′′Why the rush.′′′ Kyuru asks with a confused face poking her cheek with a finger.

Damn how can she be so cute, I think about wholesome things, she may seem silly, but her emotional sensitivity is the ultimate weapon against bastards like me. . . I mean against noble knights like me.

“Because the smell of blood will attract other beasts to the area, I do not wish to kill more than necessary if possible and my skills are not suitable for group battles” I explain simply and sincerely.

′′ Ooh, I understand. . . mmm, I can do something about it.′′ Kyuru expressed herself excited.

Before I could react, I am able to see the mana beginning to swirl around Kyuru, different from what I saw previously; the mana this time was a light green color.


A small circle of this light green mana formed under Kyurus tender feet, the gathered mana was quickly absorbed by the light green circle and after a few moments, the circle began to expand at great speed.

In a few moments the circle covered several meters around us, I could feel the flow of air stop; I dont know how she did it exactly but I think she just put up some kind of wind barrier.

′′ Done, with that we should be safe, Im amazing isnt it ; you are free to praise me.′′ Being filled with pride for her achievement Kyuru spoke of her, ignorant of how much Desmond loved seeing her breasts tremble at her gestures when she behaved like this.

′′ Indeed, Kyuru is the most amazing fairy in the universe, this humble guardian is fortunate to see her greatness of her ′′. Wiping the drool that dripped from my lips, I praised the arrogant fairy; of course, I do not forget to add some emphasis when I speak of the greatness of the fairy.

Kyuru might be a pretty naive and kind fairy but she was still a fairy, as sensitive to emotions as her race was; she began to feel the lust emanating from the idiot of his guardian. Thinking of the things I said and my expression, the fairy blushed furiously and only a whisper came from her seductive lips:

′′ Perverted Desmond′′

Too bad the pervert did listen to her but with my incredible acting skills and my enormous impudence, I just pretended not to listen; I just kept pulling out the parts of the rabbit that he needed.

(Third person POV)

A few moments later Desmond had finished the whole process but stopped in front of the corpse of the rabbit, he seemed to be considering something in his mind as he looked at the belly of the rabbit. Nodding to himself, he proceeded to remove the extra plush and soft fur from the rabbits stomach.

′′ Done, its time to go home; kyuru come here its time to go,′′ Desmond speaks aloud trying to get the attention of the fairy who, having tired of seeing Desmond work, went out to judge the forest. Desmond at first wanted to refuse to let her play alone but the fairy convinced him saying that only highly intelligent beings like humans took the initiative to attack a fairy; the rest of the magical animals in the forest just ignored them.

The fairy came back a few seconds later looking very happy but somewhat tired. Knowing that they were both very hungry, they returned directly to Desmonds little cave to eat and rest. On the way, they tried to go calmly and stealthily to avoid getting into unnecessary fights.

(A couple of hours later)

′′ Here we are Kyuru we will stay in this place for a few days, so. . .′′


Before Desmond could finish speaking a sound interrupted his speech.

′′ Desmond hungry. . . Please. ” Although embarrassed, the hunger seemed to motivate the fairy to be very energetic in her request.

Feeling a little bad for ignoring the hunger of the fairy Desmond proceeded with the necessary preparations, after applying the repellent for beasts again; he gathered some wood and started a fire. Desmond takes one of the legs of the big aqua rabbit out of the hunters book (which he recently discovered was possible), using the few spices that he had available in his supply backpack; he began to prepare the leg before placing it in the fire.

Perhaps being a special feature of this type of meat, it took a very short time to be ready to eat. Using his dagger to cut some of the meat, he offered it to Kyuru to be a judge of his culinary prowess.

′′ Take kyuru, I hope you like it′′

The fairy didnt even say thank you before she jumps pouncing on the meat and beginning to devour it, just a few seconds later there was not a bit of meat to observe; the gluttonous fairy even started licking Desmonds fingers that still had some fat on them.

Even someone experienced like Desmond felt a bit uncomfortable with the fairys actions, feeling the flow of blood from his body run downhill; he pushed the fairy away before things got “tough” for him.

Kyurus small body trembled for an instant as a wave of lustful emotions entered her perception, realizing that they were the result of her actions; she could only cover her big breasts with his little hands in a protective way and with a cautious look say:

′′ Thanks for the food, it was delicious. . . perverted. ′′

Even the great and shameless Desmond would feel uncomfortable after being called a pervert so many times in a single day, but using his great willpower; he ignored the discomfort and proceeded to eat as well.

After the meal Kyuru began to feel sleepy, while she considered where she should sleep; she could see Desmond working on something with the big aqua rabbit fur. Perhaps sensing her gaze and her doubts Desmond proceeded to explain what he was doing.

′′ The skin on the stomach of that idiot rabbit is much softer and fluffier than anything I have seen before, I thought I could do something with it, how I would feel bad if you slept on the hard floor like me; I thought I could do something for you.′′

Perhaps thinking that the fairy could not rely on his abilities to make something with the materials he had on hand, he added:

′′ Dont worry, I used to do all kinds of things for my little sister, from ribbons and bracelets; even dresses and accessories. Believe me, I have been polishing the skills that a real man should have for a long time. ”

Unable to keep up with the conversation and a bit stunned by the warmth of Desmonds gesture, she could only ask one question:

′′ What are the skills that a real man should have ′′

′′ Mmmm that is a very deep question, but I suppose a way to summarize the answer would be: Anything that brings satisfaction in a woman′′ Desmond answered seriously and deeply.

Kyuru felt that Desmond was a great man if he thought that way. . . but she still thought there was something strange about the claims Desmond made. She in the end decided to stop thinking about it and watch her guardian give her first gift to her.

How would she be able to understand that while Desmond was sincere and had learned to do all kinds of little things to make Claire happy; only God could know how many times the bastard used those same abilities to get a woman to bed.

Of course, in the eyes of many Desmond was a “real man”; but to many others, he was just a shameless bastard.



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