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Chapter 4330: The Other Side 299

Now, with this sudden relapse, Lisa was at a loss.

“How did this happen”

Gong Fan leaned against the sofa and curled up.

His breathing became faster and faster, and his shoulders trembled violently.

Lisa was distressed as she witnessed this scene, but she didnt know what to do.

“What do we do now” Lisa immediately rummaged through the drawers and began searching for paper bags.

Gong Fan was exhausting himself just to maintain his breathing.

Lisa searched everywhere but couldnt find a paper bag, but she was calm enough to rush to Alices room.

She pounded on the door.

“Alice, Gong Fan is having an attack.

Wake up!”


Alice had not been deeply asleep, but she woke up with a start and rushed out of the room.

Just as she came up to the door, she heard the sound of rapid breathing coming from the sofa.

She knew instantly that something was wrong.

She turned back to the room and immediately rummaged through her bag for the paper bag.

Because of Gong Fans health, paper bags were always at hand.

Even though Youyous condition was considerably stable, Alice still kept these necessities on hand, just in case.

She took the paper bag and walked over to Gong Fan and stuffed the paper bag into his hand.

“Hold on to it.

Remember the method I taught you”

Gong Fan grabbed the paper bag with trembling hands and aimed the opening at his mouth and nose.

Hyperventilation syndrome.

In cases of excessive tension, worry, pain, fever, and upset, the patients breathing becomes quicker and shallower, causing respiratory alkalosis, that is, hypo-carbonemia caused by excessive excretion of carbon dioxide.

It may present as dizziness, numbness around the limbs and mouth etc.

By forming a dead cavity with a paper bag, a reservoir of carbon dioxide can be built up to help restore the carbon dioxide concentration in the body.

It was a simple and effective method.

With Alices help, Gong Fan used the paper bag to try his best to regulate his breathing.

“Take a deep breath…”

Gong Fan took a deep breath.

The paper bag quickly collapsed and crumpled with the loss of air.

“Breathe, breathe out …”

Gong Fan slowly exhaled the turbid air in his mouth.

The quick breathing gradually calmed.

The boys breathing slowed down.

Alice heaved a sigh of relief.

Lisa asked with an odd look on her face, “Why is he acting up again out of the blue I thought he had been completely cured of his hyperventilation syndrome.”

“This illness is mostly caused by mental and psychological stress.

In addition, his lungs and heart are not as healthy as those of ordinary people, so he is prone to relapse.

Any factor can trigger it.

There is definitely no such thing as a complete recovery.”

Lisa nodded as if she understood.

“Then, Ill have to pay more attention in the future.

Its better to have these things ready at all times.”

“Uh huh…”

“What will happen if a paper bag is not available”

Alice raised her eyebrows and replied, “Didnt I say before that if the attack is serious it might send the body into a shock”

Lisa immediately shuddered.

It was no wonder shed never seen Yun Shishi without a few paper bags in her handbag.

Even during times when the woman would not carry her makeup, she would carry a few paper bags with her.

This was the reason.

Initially, she had felt that Yun Shishi was overly cautious.

Little did she know that in these minutiae, Yun Shishis concern for Gong Fan was meticulous.

“Gong Fan, how are you feeling now Any better”

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