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991 Muack! A Reward For You

The golden pagoda and the Taiyi Pill Furnace looked at each other silently, feeling a bit blinded.

They had never thought that the mighty and domineering Boss Yan would become a lackey one day.

They had really learned something new!

Lu Zijia wasnt really angry at the man to begin with.

Feeling comfortable being rubbed, she leaned against the man and enjoyed his service like a lord.

A glint flashed through Mu Tianyans eyes as he massaged his wife even harder.

As long as he tamed his wife, would it be far from the next meal

Thinking of how delicious his wife was, Mu Tianyan hands started becoming naughty.

Fortunately, he stopped in time, or he would definitely anger his wife again.

If his wife exploded, it would be a long time before he would be able to eat her up again.

After being served comfortably, Lu Zijia explained the existence of the ancient space to the man.

After knowing what kind of existence the ancient space was, Mu Tianyan would be lying if he said he wasnt shocked.

But at the same time, he also knew the logic of being guilty simply for harboring something.

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“Although the ancient space is good, its better to be cautious.” Mu Tianyan reminded his wife.

Lu Zijia understood what he meant and nodded slightly.

“I know.

Ive always been very cautious except in front of you, or I wouldnt have thought of drawing the Space Storage Talisman.”

A smile flashed through Mu Tianyans eyes when he heard that.

He leaned over and kissed her red lips.

“Wifey, youre so nice.”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at the man speechlessly.

“Right, lets test your attributes first.”

Lu Zijia took out a ball-sized testing bead that looked like a large crystal ball from the space.

This testing bead was used to refine black gold iron and could be considered a Dharma artifact.

“Put your hand on it and inject your spiritual power.” Lu Zijia put the testing bead on the ground and said to the man.

Mu Tianyan did as she said.

The moment he injected his spiritual power into the testing bead, it reacted.

Purple lightning flashed in the transparent testing bead.

As Mu Tianyan injected more spiritual power, more and more purple lightning flashed in the testing bead, looking very terrifying.

Seeing this scene, Lu Zijia instantly felt deeply shocked.

A mutated thunder-element single spiritual root that was rare even in a thousand years in the cultivation world, and was called a genius among peerless geniuses.

It was completely the opposite of a seven-element crippled spiritual root like hers!

Should she be happy to have such an outstanding husband Or should she be upset

As if sensing that his wife had been dealt a deep blow, Mu Tianyan raised his hand to stroke her hair.

“Wifey, dont worry.

Even if your spiritual root is crippled, I wont mind.

Besides, a single-element spiritual root and a seven-element spiritual root are more compatible, right”

Lu Zijia, who was being pacified: “…” A peerless genius that someone envied and a useless spiritual root that someone despised.

How did her man think they were compatible

However, what was with the joy in her heart

Alright, she would admit that what the man said comforted her deeply hurt heart.

“Muack! A reward for you.” Lu Zijia leaned over and kissed the mans gorgeous face heavily as she said with a smile.

She was still very happy and proud that the man was impressive.

After all, this was her man, right

Mu Tianyan, who received his wifes reward, took the opportunity to hold the back of her head, not giving her a chance to react.

He instantly grabbed her red lips and quickly invaded them.

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