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680 Theme Park Managers

Han Fei never thought he was a saint.

He only asked that his conscience be silent.

When he saw the girl intending to jump, he went to stop her instantly.

This sudden kindness led him to an unexpected reward.

Standing beside the girl, Han Fei rattled out the ‘professional’ lingo related to the Resurrection ceremony.

The girl was stunned.

“I know you hate those people and want to kill them.

However, if you listen to the black profile, you’ll not only fail to harm them, but you’d also sink into deeper despair.”

Compared to the black profile, Han Fei was more like a devil that had climbed out of the abyss.

He was kind and gentle.

He was quite handsome, and his voice carried a magical power.

Compared to Han Fei, the black profile became dark and cunning.

He was like a rat hiding in the sewers.

When Han Fei communicated with the girl, he noticed he was very good at persuading others, especially when they were girls or children.


He knew the girl didn’t want to stay at school anymore, so he suggested they sneak away without alerting the other teachers and students.

Han Fei did this so that he wouldn’t be discovered, but in the girl’s eyes, it suggested that Han Fei respected her thoughts.

She didn’t even consider if Han Fei would harm her.

After all, Han Fei was the first to come and stop her when she tried to jump.

The two left the admin building, leaped over the wall, and exited the school.

“Where is your home I need to have a good talk with your mother.” The red paper doll reacted when the girl mentioned that she was resurrected.

Her ritual probably used a part of the paper doll.

“My mother will only appear at night.

If you really want to meet her, you can stay overnight at my place.” The girl’s offer didn’t sound malicious, but Han Fei felt the girl’s eyes shift.

At that moment, two different gazes appeared in her eyes.

The sun was setting.

Han Fei led the girl to reunite with Lee Guo Er.

Then they headed for the neighborhood at the edge of the city.

The buildings here were very old.

As time progressed, many buildings became the lair of animals and homeless people.

Before the sun fully set, they finally reached the girl’s home.

They reached an almost abandoned neighborhood.

Mold covered the walls, the fences were rusty, the roads were uneven, and even the name of the neighborhood had faded away.

“Xin Lu Theme Park Family Housing Facility” Han Fei was confused.

“The theme park is on the other end of the city.

Why would they build their housing facility so far away from the site”

“This neighborhood is meant for the builders of the theme park.

They have contributed a lot to the theme park.” The girl came to the gate.

An elder sat at the decrepit guard post.

He had severe cataracts.

His eyes were white.

One of his ears had been burned in a fire, and one of his legs was limping.

“Uncle Lee was once the theme park’s builder, so he got a free house here.” The girl pointed at the elder.

The man had paid a lot to build the theme park.

“Why do you call him Uncle Lee I feel like he’s old enough to be your grandfather.” Han Fei was a fugitive.

He tried to walk past the old gentleman, but the guard didn’t react at all.

“Uncle Lee Can you hear me”

Han Fei stood beside the old guard for a while before the latter lifted his head.

He pointed at his remaining ear and said, “Stop shouting.

I can hear you.

The sun is setting.

I’m planning to close the gates soon.

Hurry back home.”

“Did you use to work at the theme park Are your injuries work-related” Lee Guo Er asked.

How could working at a theme park lead to such severe injuries

The senior smiled and glanced at the girl beside them.

“Don’t get involved with the theme park.

You’d die.”

“Do you know what happened there” When Han Fei asked that, the girl interrupted him.

“It is not what you think.

My mom works there.” The girl’s tone would alternate between agitation and gentleness.

It was like there were many personas living inside her.

“The theme park used to be a real paradise.

My mother would come home smiling.

But one day, everything changed.

She became easily angered and stopped smiling.”

“The theme park is the core of this city, helping it maintain its rules.

After the theme park changed, the rules collapsed too.” Han Fei believed this was a microcosm of something.

“I don’t understand these big theories.

I only know that the theme park has taken away my mother’s smile and dropped my family into pain and despair.”

“The theme park will take away people’s smiles!” A place meant to create happiness became a place stealing people’s happiness.

This reminded Han Fei of himself.

He hadn’t once smiled since he woke up.

“Stop standing outside.

Hurry on home.” The old guard’s eyes moved upward.

Some black liquid leaked out of his eyes, but he didn’t seem to notice it.

“Mom will always appear at night.

I promise you that I’d bring you to meet her, so you have to keep your end of the promise too.” The girl stepped on the ants and ground them with her sole.

“I will make them become jealous of me.

I will make them become just like the past me.”

“What did you promise her” Lee Guo Er frowned.

She didn’t think the girl was a good person.

Han Fei shook his head and followed the girl into the building.

This neighborhood was built for the founders of the theme park.

It was a benefit, but the place was eerie and dark like hell.

The old staircase had bloodstains and bodies of small animals.

“Stick close to me.

The buildings in this neighborhood are connected like a maze.” The girl turned back to remind them.

This neighborhood was different from normal neighborhoods.

Its feature wasn’t the tenant’s comfort but the ‘entertainment’ nature of the theme park.

Each building had different heights, and they were connected by long, grey corridors.

It was a strange place.

The group had just reached the second floor when the door near the corridor opened.

An old lady with silver hair walked out.

She walked with a walking stick.

She swayed horribly as she could fall at any moment.

The girl moved out of the way and allowed the old lady to pass.

“Do we have some new tenants” The old lady blocked the rays of the dusk.

It felt like she hadn’t been out of her room for a long time already.

Even the weak rays were too strong for her eyes.

“You better leave before the sky is dark, or you might not be able to soon.”

“Granny, are you a tenant here Did something happen here” Han Fei asked.

“Too many things have happened here.

How happy this place was is how despairing it is now.

The debts caused by greed will be paid eventually.” The old lady took out a big bag of rubbish from her house and placed it at her door.

The bag radiated a horrible smell.

It was stuffed with rotting things.

“Don’t waste time with her.

Every people here have something wrong with them.

The normal ones moved away a long time ago.” The girl dragged Han Fei’s wrist and pulled him forward.

When the three moved past the old lady, nothing happened, but when Fu Tian walked past her, she suddenly grabbed him and dragged him towards her home.

The bony hand grabbed Fu Tian’s shoulders.

The old lady tried her best to shove Fu Tian into the room.

“What are you doing” Lee Guo Er reacted quickly.

She used her body to stand between the door and Fu Tian.

She held the knife in her pocket and glared at the old lady.

“I’m trying to save him! How can he die with you when he’s still so young!” The old lady’s wrinkles shook.

“You will die since you’ve met the unluckiest girl in that world!”

“Ignore her! She’s crazy!” The girl dragged Han Fei.

As she retorted, her voice changed, becoming shriller.

“Let go.” Lee Guo Er stared at the old lady.

The latter’s eyes were filled with pity.

In the end, she let go of Fu Tian and returned to her house.

The locks slid into place.

The old lady added many locks.

No one was entering her house through the front door.

Fu Tian was frightened.

He held his shoulders and pouted.

He missed his mom.

“You’re a man.

You can’t be scared by things like that.” Han Fei turned back to look at Fu Tian.

“Come, you’ll walk behind me.” Fu Tian walked to Han Fei’s side.

Looking at Han Fei, Fu Tian felt safe for some reason, like this man had done everything to protect him in the past.

They eventually came to Room 404 on the fourth floor.

“This is my home.” The girl knocked heavily, “Open the door! Don’t be so slow!”

There were footsteps.

Then the grille opened.

To Han Fei’s surprise, it was a girl about eight who opened the door for them.

The girl was very afraid of the female student.

She looked at them fearfully.

Her thin body was shaking.

“Can’t you see the guests What else do you know other than acting pity before my dad” The female student was very angry.

She wanted to twist the girl’s ear.

The girl immediately ran into the kitchen.

“She must have gone to complain about me again! What a bitch!”

Han Fei witnessed everything.

He was confused by the female student’s personality.

Her emotions were always extreme.

“Yan Yue Aren’t you supposed to stay at the school hostel Why did you sneak back home” A man walked out of the kitchen.

His body was covered in a maze-like tattoo.

As if afraid that the tattoo would be exposed, most of his skin was burnt.

“Only mom loves me in this world.

My father has become someone else’s father.” Yan Yue told Han Fei.

She ignored the man and sat on the living room couch.

“This is my house too.

I can come back any time I want.”

“Nonsense! Do you know how much I’ve paid and begged before the school allowed you to go back”

“Since I’ve already died once, I don’t care about dying again.” The girl picked up the fruit knife on the table.

“You don’t care even if I stab myself.

You only care if the knife cut into that bastard’s body.”

“You and Yan Xi are both my children.


“Stop lying to me.

It was Mom who saved me.

You never care about me.

You won’t be sad even if I die.” Yan Yue grabbed the knife and walked to the kitchen.

The man quickly stopped her and tried to grab the knife.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to go to school.

I’m bringing you to the doctor tomorrow!”

“You have no right to decide that for me! I’m not sick!” Yan Yue fought the knife back.

The man pushed her in the struggle, and she fell to the couch.

The father and daughter got into a serious argument.

Yan Yue and her father tangled together.

In the end, it was Han Fei who dragged them apart.

She ran into the bedroom and locked the door.

“I’m sorry about that.” The man touched the wounds left by Yan Yue and sighed.

“If I didn’t bring her to the theme park to play, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Your daughter’s current situation is very dangerous.” Han Fei had Lee Guo Er bring Fu Tian to play with the girl.

He sat down on the couch with the man.

“I discovered something scary on your child’s phone.

There is a person with a black profile who has been chatting with your daughter to lead her into despair.

I suspect that person is behind your daughter’s refusal to seek treatment.”

“Black profile” The man’s face paled.

He took out his phone and showed Han Fei his social account.

“Do you mean this profile”

Han Fei grabbed Company and was ready to swing.

“Stop! Why would I hurt my own daughter” The man quickly said.

He pointed at the burnt maze tattoo on his body.

“All the theme park managers use this profile image.”


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