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[I’m listening.]

Rahik calmed himself and answered half-heartedly.

Without his permission, she couldn’t leave, and if he didn’t teach her the spoken and written language t of this world, no one else would.

Rahik didn’t know that the fragility of a creature that is raised solely within his grasp would give him such satisfaction.

He was definitely in a rut.

His lower half was tense, giving a pleasant pain.


As she finished speaking, which seemed to be more to herself, Rahik stroked Legria’s reddish hair.

He could feel the energy that had been rising impatiently, began to calm and stabilize.

She is the result of the summoning ceremony through prayer at the Shinhwangcheong for 1,000 days.

Every living thing in this world will bow their heads at her feet.

‘And I will make her perfect.’

Recalling their kiss on the first day, Rahik twisted his lips in satisfaction.

Her value is already skyrocketing.

He couldn’t even imagine how much higher it would be in the future.

She had been solely prepared for him.



It was a drawing room where the splendor was excessive and lacked harmony.

A table clock that glowed with a golden light, a table made from a 300-year-old oak tree crookedly cut out of harmony, reveals one’s gracelessness and was unbecoming.

Everything in sight, even the head of a beast that adorns the wall is brand new.

The things that were well used and had been passed down from generation to generation were vulgarly expensive and lacked elegance.

The owner of this space was no different than the objects, perhaps it was a suitable fit.

Nobility is something you are born with, which everyone covets and wants to obtain.

However, since that is impossible, there are some who like to pretend by wearing and surrounding themselves with luxuries.

Rahik glanced down at the large man in front of him with such thoughts.

From the chin with three folds of fat to the saggy protruding belly.

There was no part of him that wasn’t disgusting.

“Legria will serve you well.

Soon, she will be ready to go to the Imperial Palace.

In fact, she already seems graceful!”

The archbishop clasped his hands in tasteless flattery.

The flattery was quite amusing, but Rahik willingly tolerated it for now.

Quite a few days had passed since the summoning prayer.

Since he didn’t fail, he must be quite happy to have survived the threat of beheading and having his head used as a wall decoration for incompetence.

Rahik smiled and responded to the archbishop’s words.

“Yes, she is the eldest daughter of ‘that’ Roermel with a truly graceful past.”

“Ahaha, well, now that person has someone else inside”

The archbishop spoke in a tone that was clearly sarcastic and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his forehead.

After all, the Archbishop must have been frightened when the Roermel family was chosen.


At the time, no one thought a divine person would descend and choose Vitrice Roermel.

Even the world’s best gamblers wouldn’t have bet on this outcome.

There was one undeniable truth.

The divine person resided in the body of the person who was most similar to himself.

“A crazy socialite, a flawed personality, a poisonous weed in Summerfence, a girl who won’t die even if with pesticides.”

The archbishop flinched with each word he threw.

“Vitrice Roermel, the most nightmarish woman of the entire empire.

Look at her now, the future Crown Princess.”

“Oh my god!”

“By the way, Archbishop, I heard Lady Vitrice tried to attack you.

Is that true”

Tap, tap.

Rahik was tapping the table impatiently as the corners of his lips rose on his indifferent face.

The Archbishop now looked like minced meat soaked in a cold sweat.

“I asked you to investigate the nickname for Vitrice Roermel, and all I received was a single piece of paper.”

Not expecting an answer, Rahik quickly turned his attention to the paper.

There, the thousands of evil deeds committed by Vitrice right before she was laid down in the coffin as a conduit were condensed and arranged as much as possible.

The most eye-catching among them was a three-line sentence written at the bottom.

– Stabbed her younger brother Dietrich Roermel in one eye with a shard of glass, blinding him.

– Reason: unknown.

– As a result of the incident, she was severely disciplined by her family and voluntarily applied to become a ‘Tongroin’. 1

The Duke of Roermel must have thought he would be getting his daughter back.

Originally, he intended to marry her off to the son of the neutral Sevirake family.

But look how things turned out.

Although it has not yet been officially announced which family would produce the Crown Princess, it was an obligation to inform all the aristocratic houses after the Holy Spring ceremony.

Perhaps it would be worth seeing the country in an uproar.

They would be busy trembling, fearing that the new Crown Princess would be like her vicious mad dog.

‘Foolish things.

Poisonous herbs can become medicinal herbs when used well.’

It depended on how one thought.

Moreover, as the archbishop said, ‘Legria’, not Vitrice, had a strange grace.

When the holy people realized their situation, they usually reacted similarly.

Crying incessantly or running wild in anger.

Or they deny reality and close their eyes and ears.

The most troublesome was, of course, the third case.

It is a unique case when they calmly grasp the situation like Legria and accept it without evading or running away.

As if she learned to give up early.

It was discouraging for a man who enjoyed crushing wild rebellion, but there was nothing wrong with being submission.

The royal marriage is just around the corner.

Her subjects, who were also from her divine realm, wanted to receive blessings from her, so Legria had to be perfect.

The time limit is half a year.

In that time, she must shed the form of a pet that can’t even speak the language and become a noble Crown Princess.

‘Ah, you still don’t know the language.’

Rahik recalled her asking for something from him, with a confident expression on her face.

Legria seems frustrated because she thinks he can’t understand her, but he was not willing to enlighten her since she looked so cute when she flailed her skinny arms.

As the crown prince of the great empire Belligreum, he was able to freely speak four sacred languages ​​in addition to the three languages ​​he was required to master.

Therefore, he understood every word that Legria said.

Which meant he heard all the times she muttered ‘perverted bastard’ or ‘madman’ to herself.

Seeing him laugh despite being cursed made him actually seem crazy, but it wasn’t particularly unpleasant.

Legria was also the most interesting thing in his life these days.

“Yeah, indeed! Has the Mormala powder been effective”


“It worked for the test subjects, but this is the first time a noble holy person has used it.

I wonder if it can be used collectively for other noble class holy people who will descend in the future…”

His earnest eyes glittered with greed, as if he had just found another test subject somehow.

Mormala Powder.

A few years ago, according to the results of newly conducted research on divine people, eating food sprinkled with the powder or inhaling its incense significantly reduced stress caused by the changed environment and lowered the body’s rejection of its new host.

Most importantly, it helped alleviate the wariness of the people of this world.

Yes, perhaps all of her absurd calmness was thanks to the Mormala Powder.

Since the space that the conduit is laid in is covered with expensive Mormala incense, the effect may be manifesting now.

However, since the archbishop was reluctant to ask for compensation directly, he skillfully revealed the challenging work of Shinhwangcheon in this way.

When he was silent with a twisted smile on his lips, the Archbishop took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his brow before moving on to the next topic.

“Then Your Highness… What will you do after the Holy Spring ceremony…”

“Well… what shall I do”

“Oh, it would be an honor if you stayed here for a while.”

“It appears that you don’t want your tongue ripped out considering that the level of flattery is excessive.”

The archbishop’s oily nose twitched at his words.

However, there was no way he would dare respond defiantly.

If he didn’t have his usefulness, Rahik wouldn’t have allowed him to sit in such a position.

“The Shinhwangcheon is also the residence for all holy knights.

Please do not forget that it is not only the Imperial Palace but also the Shinhwangcheon is a resting place for the great Crown Prince.”

“Just make sure you are prepared for the Holy Spring ceremony.”

Thoroughly ignoring his slurred words, Rahik moved on to other thoughts without even touching the cooling teacup before him.

‘If Legria has the same vigor as Vitrice, the children she gives birth to will probably conquer the continent.’


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