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Being trusted by Hans more than his guild members, Aaron could hardly believe what he was hearing. However, he could still understand it as fairness in the guild.

Every player must have a special intention when they join a guild. Most of them wanted to collect as much treasure as possible. Thus, almost no members truly had pure and sincere intentions in the guild.

Meanwhile, you did not need any special intentions when you decided to have a best friend. Since you weren interested in your best friend, the friendship became very pure. Hans might have thought that when he heard that SnowWolf had been friends with Aaron.

"SnowWolf rarely said anything like that before," Hans continued as he run along on the cave ground. "Other than to you, hes only ever said the same thing for me."

Aaron nodded his head slowly. He knew SwordWolf-who now had the name SnowWolf-as someone who did not easily pass judgment on others. But if he had issued a judgment, it was always accurate.

"Could it be that I am sincere? Or was I just too naïve?"

Aaron thought about that while laughing softly in his mind. He didn know SwordWolf thought of him that way. He felt very honored.

After exploring the underground cave for some time, Aaron and Hans managed to find SnowWolf.

The tough his was still alive, but the mans condition was very bad. His HP was less than 20 bars. For an opponent of his level, it only took two attacks to make him K.O.

SnowWolfs body was covered in blackish blood that looked extremely sticky. Definitely was not his blood. Only orcs had blood like that.

Looking at his condition, it was like he had killed over a thousand orcs!

"Brother SwordWolf, we finally found you!" Aaron immediately asked with a wide smile, while SnowWolf who heard that seemed to widen his eyes.

"You... still know me?"

"How could I forget a friend who went through the ups and downs of traveling with me?" Aarons smile widened even more. He really wanted to give SnowWolf a friendly hug or at least shake hands after almost a decade of not meeting, but SnowWolfs current condition would make anyone think a hundred times before touching him.

"Sorry to interrupt you both, but we can linger in this place." Hans reminded them that they were still in the lair of the orc army. If they didn leave this place immediately, the consequences would be unimaginable.

They directly moved to leave the place. But since the shapes did not allow SnowWolf to be unable to run, Aaron and Hans had to be very careful. Orcs could appear from anywhere, while now they couldn move too fast.

Hans had taken out some HP-boosting pills for SnowWolfs recovery, but they didn help much. The only way at the moment was to call the other guild members outside the cave to heal SnowWolf.

Shortly after Hans sent a message to the guild members, they arrived. The healing cultivator acted very quickly and well. He could recover half of SnowWolfs HP within 15 minutes, more than enough to make the guild leader gallop.

After leaving the underground cave, SnowWolf decided to build a temporary campsite on the hill, as not only he was injured but almost all the guild members. They needed time to recover.

As the sunset, players began to leave the game to rest in the real world, but SnowWolf stifled as he watched Aaron hold his ground.

"You won leave the game, Aaron?" asked SnowWolf.

"No, I can ." Aaron shook his head softly with a bitter smile.

"You can ? Why?"

Taking a long breath, Aaron chooses to not hide anything. He told SnowWolf about his problem.

They had wandered for a long time in the Martial Earth Company era. Battle after dangerous battle had been fought together. Joys and sorrows were swallowed together. Nowadays, if one of them has a problem, there was no need to hide it at all.

Hearing Aarons entire story, the look on SnowWolfs face turned sad. He was one of the people who had seen the peak of the Unmatched Swords Masters glory firsthand; it was hard to believe that Aaron would end up like this.

"700 million orcs? Thats not too much for a genius swordsman like you." SnowWolf patted his old friend on the shoulder with a warm smile.

"At my current level, thats a tall order. Just imagine, Id have to start all over again after everything Ive achieved in the past. Now, that Unmatched Swords Master title is no longer worthy of my name." Although his words were filled with bitterness, Aaron was still able to say them casually.

"You are innocent of that case. Even though youve been imprisoned for over a decade, the title Unmatched Swords Master has never left your name. You are still honorable." While saying that, SnowWolf looked at Aaron earnestly. "In any way, I will help you."

Hearing that, Aaron felt a warmth in his chest. He hadn felt that way before. Ten years in prison had left him isolated without anyone who could truly be called a friend. Now that he had met an old friend, his feelings were beyond words.

Chatting for a while, SnowWolf finally excused himself to rest in the real world. Although players could sleep in the game, it was not good for the bodys health at all. Humans had to keep moving their bodies if wanted to stay healthy.

SnowWolf left behind a furnace and a large piece of raw meat. It would be a very suitable companion to pass the cold night on top of this rocky hilltop.

He said, "You look very thin from the last time we met. You should eat this meat soon so that the mountain winds do not carry your body away like a leaf."

SnowWolf also promised that the next day he would ask all guild members to hunt more orcs or goblins instead of Destroyer Beasts. The proceeds of the hunt would be divided equally.

After SnowWolf left him, Aaron began to grill the raw meat. But after a while, the flesh did not show any signs of being cooked. It still looked red and wet. Aaron immediately investigated it only to discover that it was Spirit Beast meat!

"This is very valuable. In the NFT market, even a kilogram of low-tier Spirit Beast meat is worth more than 1,000 Credits."

Aaron looked at the piece of meat with a sense of indecision. He estimated that the Spirit Beast meat was in the middle tier with a weight of more than 2 kilograms. The price could reach 10,000 credits!

Even the 7-day meal money given by Leen was still far behind the raw meat SnowWolf had given him for dinner alone.

For people who didn even have more than 1,000 Credits, that meat would be sold in the NFT market without a second thought. But Aaron fell under the exception after SnowWolf said that the meat absolutely had to be eaten.

Cooking Spirit Beast meat could not be careless, but since in the past Aaron had often consumed the meat of animals that were even much stronger than high-tier Spirit Beasts, cooking the meat that SnowWolf gave him would be a piece of cake.

Now, he began to prepare a much larger fire furnace!

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