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Love So Sweet Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: At the Gymnasium

After attending kindergarten for a few weeks, Zhang Li Xue began to get used to this new life as a student. Other than her deskmate, Fang Su Jin, she was closer to the classs flower, Lin Na, and a few other kids. In a short time, she began to have a clique of her own.

Although the girls were not fond of playing under the sun, they were nice enough to share their snacks with her. In the little girls opinion, the friends who are willing to share snacks with her must be good people.

Of course, Zhang Li Xues favorite person in the class was Meng Hao, the fat boy who often bring snacks for everyone in the class behind their teachers back.

Meng Hao can be considered as the most popular kid in their class too.

Mu Zhen Yu, who was in the senior class would often look for Zhang Li Xue during their break. Seeing that there was someone older protecting the little girl, the others did not dare to bully her too much.

It was a sunny day and Zhang Li Xue was the happiest when the teacher told them that they would be playing outside. The little girl could not help but look for a basketball court but in the end, she was disappointed when she could not see one.

“Li Xue, what are you looking for” Her desk mate, Fang Su Jin, asked. “You see, your elder brother is over there and he is waving at you.”


Zhang Li Xue followed the girls line of gaze and saw Mu Zhen Yu waving his hands. Their gazes met and the elder boy flashed an amiable smile at her.

The little girl waved back before she turned to her friend. “Hes not my elder brother. Su Jin.”

Fang Su Jin looked back with a puzzled look in her eyes. “Hes not But in the beginning, didnt he introduce himself as your brother You also called him Brother Yu.”

“Mmm... Brother Yu is just an elder brother who often plays with me. But hes not my elder brother. I am the eldest child in my family,” Zhang Li Xue explained.

Meanwhile, a few of her classmates who were listening to their conversation were looking at Zhang Li Xue in a different light.

Because of his good look and his gentleness, Mu Zhen Yu was quite popular in kindergarten. Most of the girls like to be around him, but it was also becoming a problem as the girls would often compete to get his attention.

Some of them had thought that Mu Zhen Yu and Zhang Li Xue were related because of his protection. Who knew that they were only playmates. However, this also made them upset.

“Lets not talk about him anymore, Su Jin, do you think that there is a basketball court in this school”

“Of course, not. We are only kindergarten children. How can there be a court for small children like us”

Zhang Li Xue was surprised by this news. She had always thought that she would be able to see a basketball court of her size but it seemed that there was no such thing in the school

“Then, how can we play basketball”

“The teacher will bring in the hoop from the store. But of course, the hoop would not be as tall as the adults.” Fang Su Jin said. “Li Xue, do you want to play basketball”

“Un. Basketball is fun. Dont you think so”

Fang Su Jin blinked. She could not understand why would her desk mate think of the sport as fun. She had watched a few games before and had always thought that basketball is a boys sport. Naturally, Fang Su Jin would not be interested in this game.

“You dont like them”

“Well, I prefer dancing.”

Zhang Li Xue pursed her lips as she made a mental note that her desk mate was not interested in the game. It seemed that she cannot recruit Fang Su Jin as her teammate.

Soon, the girls stopped to discuss this matter as their teacher had called them to warm up. Then, everyone started to play some games.

Zhang Li Xue listened to the teachers instruction well and joined in everything.

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After her turn was over, Zhang Li Xue went to the corner of the gymnasium and watched as her friends were playing in a few games and cheering them on. As she was looking around the gymnasium, Zhang Li Xues gaze fell on the blue ball in the corner of the gymnasium.

Seeing that there was no one paying attention to her, Zhang Li Xue picked up the ball and bounced it on the floor.

The ball was not as hard as the orange ball that her father used. It was a lot bouncier and hard for her to control. However, her hand was itching to play basketball and Zhang Li Xue decided to use just whatever ball she had.

After a few minutes, the little girl finally learned to control the ball. Zhang Li Xue stayed at the corner alone, learning to control the ball on her own.

Although her daddy had taught her a few moves, her daddy also said that she needed to learn to control the ball well. Otherwise, once the ball slipped from her hands, it would be tricky to get it back.

Perhaps it was because the ball was not a suitable ball for basketball and the floor was not designed for the games, after a while the blue ball slipped out of her hand and rolled to another side.

Zhang Li Xue sighed in frustration and started chasing the ball.

Just as she was about to pick up the ball, someone had lifted it off the floor first. Looking up, a young boy from the senior class was looking back at her with his black eyes.

Zhang Li Xue stared at the boy and thought that he seemed very familiar. After thinking about it for a while, she finally remember where did she had last saw him.

On her first day at school, she had run into this boy when she was not looking up properly. Thinking that the boy was going to cry, she had given him a piece of candy.

Bai Qi was a little stunned when he stood face to face with his little fairy.

In fact, his eyes have been glued on the little girl the first time he saw her in the gymnasium. Because of that, he failed to pay attention to his game. His friend was throwing the ball in his direction and the ball hit his head. He fell on his butt and everyone around him began to panic.

In the end, the teacher sent him to sit down and rest. The game continued without his participation.

However, Bai Qis eyes were still following the little girl and he was unable to pull his gaze away. Seeing that she was playing alone in the corner, Bai Qi braved himself to step closer.

The little fairy might be playing alone but Bai Qi could see that she was having a lot of fun.

Her cheek was flushed and the twin tails bounced as she moved around.

He wanted to go over and ask if he could play with her. But whenever he thought about the incident where he had pulled her hair until she began to cry, Bai Qi decided against it.

He was worried that the little girl would recognize him and later, began to hate him for what he had done in the past.

Who would have known that the ball would roll on the ground and reached his side

Instinctively, Bai Qi picked up the ball and looked back at the little girl. He wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in his throat, unable to come out.

“Can you pass the ball back at me” Zhang Li Xue spoke, breaking the silence between them.



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