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Chapter 7: Candies

As it was only the first day at the kindergarten, the atmosphere was pretty relaxing. The kids spent most of their time getting to know their classmates and their teacher was very nice and fun.

After spending her time with people her age, Zhang Li Xue gradually forgot about her intention to look for her teammates.

Initially, she was still very shy to get to mingle with her new friends, but after a while, she get along with everyone well.

Although some of the kids were still crybabies, once the classroom teacher introduced a game, everyone was playing along together.

Before the class ended, Zhang Li Xues small backpack was filled with a lot of candies that her new friends had given her.

Now that the school session ended, Zhang Li Xue packed up her bag and followed everyone out.

She wanted to look for her mother and tell her everything that happened in the school earlier.


As she walked out of the class, there was a big smile on her face and she was humming a song that the teacher had taught her earlier.

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Because she was too busy standing on tiptoe and stretching her head to look for her mother, Zhang Li Xue was not looking in front properly. The result was that she ran into some kids and her head knocked on the other persons backpack.

Fortunately, the impact was not too hard. She stumbled a few steps backward before she finally stabilized herself. Zhang Li Xue patted her chest finding that she did not fall from this collision.

She looked up and saw that a pair of wide eyes were staring back at her. Thinking that perhaps her head was too strong and she had hurt the other party, Zhang Li Xue quickly apologized.

“Im sorry. I was looking for my mommy and did not look properly.” Her voice was soft and sweet. “Are you alright”

Bai Qi was walking with his head down, feeling slightly dejected that he was unable to meet the little fairy again.

However, he did not expect that he would run into her again. Moreover... this little fairy was speaking to him.

Bai Qi panicked and for a moment, he did not know what he should do. His mouth opened and shut as if he had something to say.

The person in front of him was too pretty that he was lost in words.

Seeing that the girl was staring at him, Bai Qi was scared that she would recognize him as the person who had pulled her hair not too long ago.

That incident was something that he did not want the little girl to remember.

“Are you hurt”

Bai Qi was surprised by her question. But since he was still unable to find his voice, Bai Qi could only shake his head to respond.

“Its good if youre not hurt.” Zhang Li Xue said.

During class, they were playing games and running around. Two of her classmates ended up colliding with each other and cried loudly. Then, a few others began to cry as well.

The class was too chaotic and the teacher had to coax them one by one.

Seeing that the person in front of her did not cry, Zhang Li Xue was finally at ease. She was about to leave when a thought suddenly came to her mind.

Little Li Xue pulled her backpack and rummaged through it. Her eyes lit up once she found what she was looking for. She stepped closer to the boy and held his hand.

Bai Qi inhaled a deep breath when he felt her warm hands covering his. However, the sensation did not last for a long time as the girl pulled away very quickly.

“I give this to you as my apology, alright”

He lowered his head and saw a piece of candy in his palm. His eyes widened, realizing that this was a gift from his little fairy.

“I have to go look for my mommy first. Dont cry, alright” Zhang Li Xue stared at the boy and narrowed her eyes.

She could not help but feel that there was a sense of familiarity. However, she could not remember where did she had seen him before.

Zhang Li Xue stopped pondering over this matter. Turning around, she then headed to the gate to look for her mother.

Bai Qi watched as the girl disappeared into the crowd with a dazed look on his face.

The girls appearance and disappearance were too sudden and quick, just like a storm. It made him wonder if he was imagining things. However, once he saw the piece of candy in his palm, Bai Qi was finally convinced that everything was real.

Just now, his little fairy hold his hand and gave him a piece of candy.

A warm feeling burst from his heart and spread through his body. The unhappiness earlier had completely disappeared. Suddenly, Bai Qi found that he was unable to stop smiling.


Meanwhile, Zhang Li Xue finally saw her mother and quickly ran over to her side. “Mommy!” She spread her arms and quickly hugged her mother.

“Alright, dont run around. There are a lot of people here. You have to be careful or else, you might hit someone else.”

Zhang Li Xue still remembered that she had run into a boy earlier. Hearing her mothers reminder, she nodded obediently. “Oh.”

Li Qin Yao patted her daughter on the head. “Alright. Lets go home. Your daddy is waiting in the car.”

“Mommy.” Zhang Li Xue called as her mother held her hand. “I miss you very much.”

“Well, Mommy miss Li Xue too.” Li Qin Yao laughed.

Her daughter had always been very close to her. From the moment she was born, Zhang Li Xue did not like to be apart from her for too long.

“How was your school Did you have a lot of fun” Li Qin Yao asked when they were all sitting in the car. “Did you make a lot of friends”

Zhang Li Xue proceeded to tell her parents about her day at school, her classmates, and her desk mate, Fang Su Jin.

Hearing that their daughter was having a lot of fun at school made them both relieved.

“Un. I almost forgot.” Zhang Li Xue pulled out her small backpack and took out various types of candies. “Mommy, you said that I shouldnt accept anything from a stranger, but these were given by my classmates. Can I still eat them”

“You can, but theres too many of them. So, you cannot eat too much. Otherwise, your teeth would rot,” Li Qin Yao reminded her.

The girls mother was concerned about the daughters health. Meanwhile, the fathers focus was on something else.

“Your friends” Zhang Yu Han looked at his daughter through the rear mirror. “Was it the boys or the girls who had given you the candies”

Zhang Li Xue unwrapped a piece of candy without looking up. “It was mostly the boys.”

Instantly, the look on Daddy Zhangs face turned darker.



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