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Love So Sweet Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Her First Friend

While Zhang Li Xue was following Mu Zhen Yu around and was introduced to a few of his friends, Little Bai Qi stood at the corner to watch them.

His eyes were unblinking as he stared at the little girl. It was the same little fairy that he had met at the wedding.

It turned out that this little fairy was going to the same kindergarten as him!

This time, she was not wearing a fluffy dress or that flowery crown. But, Bai Qi thought that she still looked like a little fairy.

Her face was chubby and cute. Her hair was styled into twin tails. Each time that she move, her hair would bounce along with her. He hadnt seen her for a long time. It seemed that her hair had gotten longer as well.

Suddenly, Bai Qi could feel the excitement.

Initially, he was not looking forward to going to kindergarten that much. However, knowing that he will be able to see her again from then on.


Bai Qi stepped forward, wanting to talk to her. But his steps halted upon seeing the people around her. An uncomfortable feeling arose in his heart.

What should he do to make her look at him

His hands pulled at the straps of his bag. He wanted to go over to her side and make her turn around to look at him. But... he still remembered his grandmothers words the last time.

He should not be rough towards a little girl or any of his friends. Otherwise, no one would want to play with him anymore. Since the little fairy is a girl, he should be kinder to her.

Bai Qi suddenly recalled the first time that he had seen her during the wedding.

Initially, he was the one who had noticed the little fairy, walking around the crowd and exploring the hall on her own. Later, it was Mu Zhen Yu who had approached her and invited her to play along.

Bai Qi still remembered that Mu Zhen Yu had introduced her as Xiao Li Xue.

The little girl continued to hold hands with Mu Zhen Yu and her attention was mostly on him. She only gave him a quick glance before she looked away.

Therefore, when the others were discussing what they should be playing, Bai Qi had tugged at her hair, wanting her to look at him.

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He did not expect that he would exert too much strength and ruined the flowery crown on her hair. Moreover, he had made the little fairy cry.

As the memory came back, Bai Qi began to worry that this little fairy would hold a grudge and would not want to play with him.

Then, what should he do

He really wanted to go over and talk to her...

As he was still making up his mind about whether he should go ahead and talk to her, the kindergarten teacher had urged everyone to go to their classes.

Bai Qi watched as the little fairy followed the teacher to enter her class. A heavy sigh escaped him. It seemed that he will only have his chance to look at her again during a break.


Meanwhile, Zhang Li Xue was disappointed when she had to enter the classroom. She havent looked around the school that much and she still did not know where was the basketball court.

The little girl had thought that she would be able to recruit her teammates quickly. However, the teachers told her that she will have to enter the class first and learn. If she wanted to play basketball, she will have to wait until it was time to play.

Her mother did not mention this to her.

Zhang Li Xue made a mental note to have a serious talk with her mother once they reached home.

Noticing that someone was looking at her, Zhang Li Xue turned to her side and saw that a little girl around her age was staring at her with her bright eyes.

Zhang Li Xue tilted her head to one side, wondering why was this person looking at her.

“Hello,” The little girl spoke. Her voice sounded sweet and milky. She stretched out her chubby hands and smiled. “My name is Fang Su Jin.”

“Hello,” Zhang Li Xue nodded politely. “Im Zhang Li Xue.”

“Li Xue Can I call you Li Xue”

“You can.”

Little Fang Su Jin laughed happily. “Then, Li Xue, you can call me Su Jin. From today on, we will be tablemates.” Fang Su Jins eyes brightened up excitedly. “Lets get along and be friends, alright”

Zhang Li Xue quickly agreed. She looked at her new friends and thought that Su Jin was very adorable. Her hair was long and her eyes were bright and clear. When she smiled, she would flash her tiny white teeth.

Just like this, Fang Su Jin had become her first friend in the kindergarten.

Looking around, Zhang Li Xue thought that many of her new classmates were very good-looking.

Unfortunately, many of them were too short.

It seemed that she could not find her teammates among her classmates. Her thought went back towards Mu Zhen Yus friends that she was introduced to earlier.

Many of them were taller than her.

“Little Li Xue, lets play together after this alright” Fang Su Jin leaned closer and whispered. Once in a while, she would peek at the teacher who was talking at the front.

Hearing her words, Little Li Xue grew excited. “Play What do you want to play”

Zhang Li Xue was about to give her suggestion when the girl had spoken, “The other girls said they wanted to play dolls after this. Li Xue, lets play together, alright”

Dolls Not basketball

“Why dont we play outside”

“The playground You wanted to play in the playground” Fang Su Jin hesitated. “But its too hot outside. Li Xue, are you not afraid of the heat”

“The heat”

“Un.” Little Su Jin nodded. “My mom said, if you stay too long under the sun, your skin would get darker. You have to wear sunblock and wait until it was not too hot before you go outside. Otherwise, your skin would hurt very much.”

Zhang Li Xue was surprised to hear her words. She lowered her gaze and stared at her arms for a long time.

It seemed that she will have to ask her mother to apply some sunscreen the next time she came to school.



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