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Love So Sweet Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: What Did You Do

Because of the childrens fight earlier, Jiang Yu Qi decided to leave the ceremony earlier with her husband. On their way home, the Bai couple continued to scold their son for misbehaving.

The wedding was their chance to socialize and make connections. As the Bai family was eyeing to expand their business, they needed to make some new connections.

Who would have thought that their son would mess up with Zhangs treasured little girl They were too embarrassed to stay around for too long.

Bai Qi was still aggrieved over what had happened.

He was kicked by that little girl and later, his friends no longer wanted to play with him.

Initially, his mother was still taking his side, but she changed her mind and asked him to apologize to that little girl.

His mother had pinched him hard on his thigh. It was too painful but he did not dare to cry for fear of getting scolded.


Later, his parents told him that they were going home and he was scolded the moment they got into the car.

With the piling-up emotion, Bai Qi started to cry.

However, his voice was piercing. His dad was annoyed and in the end, Bai Qi was scolded by his father for crying. The situation in the car was a big mess until they reached the house.

As soon as they alighted from the car, Bai Qis father, Bai Wu Xin, pulled at his sons arms, dragging him into the house.

The situation was too noisy that it had alerted Old Master Bai and his wife.

Hearing her grandsons crying voice, Old Madam Bai picked up her pace. However, the moment she arrived in the living room, Old Madam Bai was surprised to see that her son was hitting the little boy on his legs.

“Wu Xin!” Old Madam Bai called anxiously. “What are you doing, scolding your son like that

Bai Wu Xin heaved a long sigh when he saw his mother come out. “Mom....”

“Even if Xiao Qi had made a mistake, you shouldnt scold him like that,” Old Madam Bai spoke. “How old is your son Do you have to hit him Xiao Qi, come over to me.”

At this time, Old Master Bai, Bai Yu came over to look at the situation. “What happened” His deep voice reverberated in the room. He glanced at his grandson and shifted his gaze to his son and his daughter-in-law.

“Dad.” Bai Wu Xin quickly suppressed his anger towards his son.

“Arent you guys supposed to be at the Zhang familys wedding Why are you back so quick”

Initially, Bai Yu wanted to attend the wedding as well. However, because of his old age and health, he decided to send his son and daughter-in-law instead as the representative.

His relationship with Old Zhang Jing was quite good. Without a reason, it would be rude for his son to leave the venue before it ended.

Thinking of this, Bai Yus expression turned uglier.

“Dad, something happened at the wedding and we have no choice but to leave earlier,” Bai Wu Xin said. He glanced at his son who was still crying aggrievedly and continued, “Xiao Qi made trouble with the Zhang familys girl.”

“What sort of trouble”

“Dad, he pulled the little girls hair and made her cry,” Bai Wu Xin said.

Hearing what their grandson had done, both Bai Yu and his wife exchanged a glance.

Old Madam Bai looked at her grandson and wiped the tears streaming down his face with her fingers. “Xiao Qi, did you do it”

Bai Qi did not answer and instead, his crying turned louder.

Seeing the look on her grandsons face, Old Madam Bai knew that this allegation was the truth. After all, she had raised the little boy and knew his temperament well.

“Alright, stop crying,” Old Madam Bai continued to coax her grandson with a soft voice.

“You dont know how embarrassing it was for us,” Bai Wu Xin spoke. “There were many children and parents as well who saw what Xiao Qi had done.”

Thinking of how the people had looked at him made his anger rise again. He glanced at his son and narrowed his eyes in anger.

“Alright. This thing has already happened. Even if Xiao Qi had done something wrong, scolding and hitting him like this is not the way to educate him.” Old Madam Bai spoke. She waved her hand and continued, “Wu Xin, Yu Qing, you two go back to your room and rest first. Ill talk to Xiao Qi.”

The couple looked at each other. In the end, they went back to their room, leaving their son with their parents.

Once the couple had left, Old Madam Bai instructed the Auntie to bring a towel and some water for her grandson. She wiped her grandsons face and let him drink some water.

Bai Qi finally stopped crying. Knowing that he had made a mistake, he continued to look at his grandmother in hesitant.

His grandmother was treating him nicely even though he was being naughty. Bai Qi could not help but feel guilty.

Seeing that her grandson had calmed down, Old Madam Bai patted him on the hand and smiled. “Xiao Qi, did you know what you have done today”

The little boy bit his lower lips and nodded. “I did something wrong.”

“What did you do”

“I made my parents angry.”

“Why were they angry at you”

“Because I pulled the girls hair.”

Old Madam Bai heaved a long sigh. Seeing that her grandson was about to cry again, she quickly patted at his shoulder, coaxing him. “Alright. Grandma was not going to scold you. You made a mistake and had admitted it.”

Tears continued to pool under his eyes and he quickly wiped them away.

“Did you apologize to that girl”

“I did.” Bai Qi nodded.

“Good.” Old Madam Bai smiled again. “Then, tell your grandma, why did you do it This should be the first time you have seen that girl, right Why would you pull her hair”

Bai Qi hesitated. However, seeing his grandmothers gentle face, he then spoke, “Because I wanted to play with her but she was following others.”

Old Madam Bai was startled upon hearing the answer. A thought came to her mind and she then spoke again, “Is the little girl pretty”

Bai Qi lowered his head shyly. He thought about the little girl with the flowery crown and nodded.

Old Madam Bai did not know whether she wanted to laugh or cry at this situation. Her grandson was attracted to the little girl and had done some naughty things just to get her attention.

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“Xiao Qi, this isnt the right thing to do. If you like the girl, you shouldnt treat her harshly. You have to be gentle and kind. Only this way will she want to play with you, do you understand”

The little boy continued to listen to her grandmothers words. He thought of Mu Zhen Yu who was always gentle towards the little girl and understood something. “Grandma, I understand. Next time when I see her, I will be gentler.”



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