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Love So Sweet Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Learn How to Make Friends

Fortunately, there was no additional unwanted situation. The bride and groom arrived on time, and Zhang Li Xue finally put on the flower crown back on her head and continued her duty as her aunts flower girl.

The guests could not stop laughing as the flower girl grabbed the flower petals in the basket and dumped them on the ground, instead of scattering them.

Once she arrived at the end of the aisle, Zhang Li Xue ran towards her mother and buried herself in her mothers embrace. Hearing the compliments from her mother and grandmothers, the little girl lifted her head with a proud smile on her face.

Zhang Li Xue stared at her aunt with her eyes wide as her aunt walked down the aisle. She tugged at her mothers cloth and whispered, “Mommy, Auntie looks like a princess.”

“En.” Li Qin Yao nodded. “Isnt she pretty”

The little girl nodded before she continued to watch the process.

The groom, Wei Jun Hao had a big smile on his face throughout the ceremony. The moment his bride stood right in front of him, he was unable to look away.


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The bride and groom exchanged their vows, rings, and sealed their reunion with a kiss. The crowd started to cheer and clapped. The bride had a shy smile on her face as her newly wedded husband led her out.

Once the ceremony is over, Zhang Yu Han had stayed around his daughter and had refused to let her off his sight as he was worried that someone might bully her again. The most important thing was that he would not allow any random boy to approach his baby.

When he saw the video from the surveillance camera earlier, Zhang Yu Han happened to see how this boy was holding his daughters hand. Then, he had appeared again and was brave enough to give his daughter some flower right in front of him!

From the corner of his eyes, Zhang Yu Han could see the boy called Mu Zhen Yu wanting to get close to his daughter again. His expression turned darker.

“Hes only trying to befriend Li Xue. What are you afraid of” Li Qin Yao said when she noticed that her husband was trying to scare the boy away.

“Li Xue is only three and a half,” Zhang Yu Han said. “How old is that boy Hes older than Li Xue, right What if he brings Li Xue over to meet his friends again and they bullied her”

“Mister Zhang, Li Xue will start to go to kindergarten. She will need to learn how to make friends. Or would you rather have our daughter playing by herself” Li Qin Yao smiled. “Its not like the boy was going to kidnap your daughter and marry her. They are only kids!”

Zhang Yu Han pursed his lips into a thin line. He knew that his wife was right, but he could not ignore this unhappy feeling when he looked at the boy. Holding hands and giving flowers... what if this boy turned out to be a playboy later on and hurt his daughter

Li Qin Yao shook her head and stood up from her seat.

“Where are you going” Zhang Yu Han asked.

“Im going to teach Li Xue to make friends. Dont worry. Ill look after her,” Li Qin Yao said. Then, she turned to her daughter and stretched a hand. “Li Xue, come on. Lets get some cakes, alright”

“Cakes!” The little girl jumped before she held on to her mothers hand. The two of them walked around and banquet hall before Li Qin Yao took a plate of cake for her daughter.

Noticing that her mother-in-law was chatting with a familiar woman, Li Qin Yao walked over to her and smiled.

“Qin Yao,” Liu Hui Lan pulled her daughter to her side and introduced her to the woman who was called Mrs. Mu.

Li Qin Yao nodded at Mrs. Mu and the two of them exchanged a few words. It turned out that this Mrs. Mu was the mother of that boy, Mu Zhen Yu who often tried to find a chance to get close to her daughter. Soon, Li Qin Yao caught the boy from earlier today approaching his mother.

“Xiao Li Xue!” Mu Zhen Yus eyes brightened upon seeing the girl he had been looking for. Just now, he had gone away for a while to grab some candies from his grandfather. When he came back to give those candies to the little fairy, the girl was no longer around, and instead, her father had stared at him until he ran away.

Fortunately, he was able to meet the little flower fairy again.

Zhang Li Xue tightened her grip on her mothers hand and looked up with her big round eyes. “Mommy.”

Li Qin Yao crouched down beside her daughter and patted her back. “Its alright, Im here.”

Seeing that the scary uncle was not around, Mu Zhen Yu braved himself to step forward. He fished into his pocket and took out two pieces of candy. Then, he stretched up his hand. “Would you like some candies”

Zhang Li Xue stared at the candies in the boys hand and turned around to hug her mothers neck. Then, she shyly looked at the boy and said, “No. Mommy said not to take candies from strangers.”

Hearing her answer, Li Qin Yao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The boy was giving her a peace offering, but Zhang Li Xue did not dare to take it because she still remembered her mothers warning.

Happy that her little girl could still remember her warning, Li Qin Yao gave a peck on her daughters cheek.

Meanwhile, Mu Zhen Yu lowered his head in disappointment. But soon, he raised his head again and spoke hesitantly. “Do you want to play together I wont call the others.” He then took out the miniature toy car he had kept in his pocket and showed it to the little girl. “Well stay here and play.”

Zhang Li Xue looked at her mother as if asking for her opinion.

“Well, go ahead if you want to play. Mommy will stay here and keep my eyes on you, alright”

Zhang Li Xue stared at the boy and her mother alternately. Then, slowly, she released her around her mothers neck and looked at the boy. “Alright. Just stay here with my mommy, alright”

The boy had a wide smile on his face. “Xiao Li Xue, from now on, you can call me Brother Yu, alright Since you agreed to play with me, then I am no longer a stranger. Here,” He paused to put the candies in Zhang Li Xues hand and said. “Now you can have the candies.”

Looking at the kids exchange, Li Qin Yao was glad that her husband was not around. Or else, she did not know what will happen to this little boy.



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