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Chapter 29: Something to Discuss

The moment she arrived home, Zhang Li Xue went to look for her father. The little girl saw that her father had obediently stayed in bed to recuperate and nodded in satisfaction.

Zhang Yu Ying watched as the little girl inspected the bandage around her fathers legs and laughed. Zhang Li Xue was like a little strict nurse. The little girl continued to ask her father a few questions.

Once she heard that her father was not in pain, she then ran out of the room to look for her mother.

The little girl stared at the small bump on her mothers stomach and began to greet her younger sibling.

Habitually, Li Qin Yao began to ask her daughter about school. She listened to the girl telling her about what she had learned in school attentively.

After Zhang Li Xue had done telling her mother everything, she then tugged at her mothers hand. “Mommy, I have something to discuss with you.”

Li Qin Yao looked at her daughters serious face and smiled. Whenever her daughter was frowning, her eyes would resemble her husband, Zhang Yu Hana a lot. Li Qin Yao patted the girl on her hair and spoke, “What is it”


“Mommy, can I skip kindergarten and start going to school next year”

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Li Qin Yao was startled. She had not expected that her daughter would suddenly make such a request. However, upon seeing the look on the little girls face, Li Qin Yao could tell that her daughter was not playing around.

“Li Xue, why do you want to skip kindergarten” Li Qin Yao asked. Her voice was gentle when she talked to her daughter. “Didnt you tell me that going to kindergarten is fun”

Zhang Yu Ying stood at the side as she wondered how would the little girl tell her mother her reason.

“It is fun. And I also have a lot of friends.” Zhang Li Xue spoke.

“Then, why”

“I heard that my friend will start going to school next year. I also want to go to school next year too.”

“Your friend” Li Qin Yao frowned. “Mu Zhen Yu” She could only think of that boy. After all, Mu Zhen Yu was a year older than Li Xue. The boy and his little brother often come to their house to play with Li Xue.

Zhang Li Xue tilted her head as she wondered why would her mother suddenly mention Brother Zhen Yu. However, the little girl did not make any clarification that this matter had nothing to do with Mu Zhen Yu.

This was the reason her parents had misunderstood her closeness to Mu Zhen Yu.

“So you wanted to go to school earlier because you did not want to be separated from your friend”

Zhang Li Xue thought about her teammate and nodded. “Un. I dont want to be separated from my friend.”

“Mommy thinks it would be better if you continue to go to kindergarten next year. Li Xue, starting school earlier is not going to be easy. I hope that you can grow up and enjoy everything around you slowly.”

The little girl was a little disappointed to hear her mothers reply. She could already guess that her mother was not going to allow her to go to school a little earlier.

She looked at her mother with her puppy dog eyes and spoke, “I really could not skip kindergarten earlier”

The look on her daughters face was beginning to make her weak. Li Qin Yao was raking her mind to find a reason to reject her daughters request when someone spoke.

“Sister-in-law.” Zhang Yu Ying coughed as she made her appearance. “Why dont you just go along with Li Xues idea first Anyway, before she could skip another year in kindergarten, she will have to take an exam to measure her knowledge. Perhaps, once she realized how difficult it was going to be, Li Xue will give up.”

Li Qin Yao pondered over Zhang Yu Yings words and thought that they made sense.

Rather than rejecting her daughters request now, maybe it would be better to let her experience how difficult it was going to be. But... if Li Xue passed the exam, then she would think about this matter again.

“Alright. But I will discuss this matter with your father first.”

Her eyes lit up.

Zhang Li Xue spread her arms and hugged her mother tightly. “Mommy, youre the best!” She kissed her mothers cheek repeatedly and laughed happily. “Mommy, I love you the most.”

Li Qin Yao laughed when she saw the way her daughter had reacted. She bopped the girls nose and chuckled. Her daughter was really good at saying sweet words. Li Qin Yao started to wonder who did the little girl take after.

Zhang Li Xue watched as her mother leave the room to head upstairs and look for her father. Then, she turned to her aunt and smiled. “Aunt, thank you.”

Zhang Yu Ying tapped her cheek with her finger. “Then, what about my kiss”

The little girl giggled happily. She leaned over and gave her aunt a wet kiss on both cheeks.

Instead of being disgusted with the little girls saliva, Zhang Yu Ying seemed very happy to be kissed by her niece. She looked at the little girl and sighed. “Alright, your aunt can only help you this far. Whether you can skip kindergarten next year will depend on your hard work. Li Xue, you have to study hard to pass this exam first.”

“Aunt, is it really difficult”

Zhang Yu Ying saw the look on her nieces face and her heart began to melt. “It is quite difficult. If it was easy, then everyone would want to skip kindergarten earlier, right”

“Youre probably right.” Zhang Li Xue thought that her aunts words made sense.

“But you are a smart girl. You will probably pass the exam.”

Zhang Li Xue lowered her gaze and bit her lips. Then, she looked up again with a determined look in her eyes. “Aunt, I will study hard and pass this exam.”

“Alright.” Zhang Yu Ying patted her niece on her hair. “Then, aunt will help you. If you found something that you dont understand, you can ask me. I can teach you.”



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