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Chapter 28: Another of our Secrets

After school ended, Zhang Li Xue was unable to stop thinking about what Bai Qi had told her.

When her aunt, Zhang Yu Ying picked her up from kindergarten, she naturally noticed her nieces strange mood.

Zhang Li Xue was a talkative girl. Usually, the moment she entered the vehicle, the little girl would ask her to secretly treat her to eating ice cream. As a good aunt, Zhang Yu Ying rarely rejected the girls requests.

Seeing the girl staying in her seat without speaking made her curious.

The car entered the main road. Zhang Yu Ying glanced at her niece again and finally could no longer hold her curiosity. “Li Xue, you seemed to be in a bad mood. Whats wrong Did your teacher give you too much homework”

Zhang Yu Ying would never consider that someone was bullying her niece. After all, in the family, Zhang Li Xue can be considered a little ancestor. The girl knows how to bully others instead.

“Thats not it.” Zhang Li Xue frowned. “Young Aunt, I want to grow up faster.”


“Ah” Zhang Yu Ying looked at her niece through the rear mirror. “Why Youre still a child. You should grow up slowly. Theres nothing good about growing up too fast.” A deep sigh escaped her. “You should take your time and enjoy everything around you. I wish I didnt grow up so fast. Being someone your age is fun. You dont have to think of adult stuff.”

In the past, Zhang Yu Ying had also thought that growing up quickly would be fun.

It seemed that there were a lot of things that an adult could do.

But now that she had become an adult, Zhang Yu Ying wished that she could be a child around her nieces age. Then, she can spend her time playing around.

Thinking about the workload that she had to take after her brothers accident gave her a headache.

Zhang Yu Ying hoped that her brother would recover faster and return to the office soon. She wanted to take a long vacation and avoid looking at the documents.

Meeting the directors and managers to discuss work matters was not a fun matter as well. Those bunch of people only know how to make her angry.

Zhang Yu Ying shook her head to clear the thought away. She looked at her niece again and asked, “Li Xue, why do you want to grow up faster Is there something that you wanted to do”

The little girl looked at her aunt with a serious look on her face. “I want to go to school quickly. I cannot wait for another year.”

“Why” Zhang Yu Ying looked at the little girl with a surprised look on her face. “Li Xue, listen to me. Your teacher in school would be much stricter. Then, there is also a lot of homework.”

She really could not figure out what was her niece thinking about.

Seeing that the little girl had stayed silent for a long time, Zhang Yu Ying heaved another breath. “Alright. Tell me, why do you want to go to school quickly”

Zhang Li Xue pondered about her conversation with Bai Qi again.

“Aunt, you remember that I have mentioned my teammate, right”

Zhang Yu Ying naturally remembered the cute little boy. She had hoped that she could see the boy again. However, after that one time, she had never run into the boy again.

“Un. I remember.” Her eyes turned bright. Zhang Yu Ying looked through the rear mirror again and smiled. “Does this have to do with your friend”

“Aunt, Bai Qi said hes going to attend school next year,” Zhang Li Xue said. “But next year, I still have to attend kindergarten.”

Zhang Yu Ying began to think that this matter was interesting. “Oh Her lips turned into a teasing smile. “Li Xue, it couldnt be that you are unwilling to be apart from your friend”

Thinking that her niece had a childhood sweetheart made her grow excited. Moreover, her brother did not seem to know about Li Xues friend.

“Un.” Zhang Li Xue nodded. “Aunt, once Bai Qi goes to school, I wont have anyone to practice basketball with me.”

The corner of her lips began to twitch.

She should have known that her niece was similar to her brother. They were both crazy about basketball.

However, Zhang Yu Ying had never thought that the reason her niece wanted to grow up so fast and attend school was that she wanted to continue playing basketball.

“I dont want to lose my teammate,” Zhang Li Xue said. “My daddy said, once I attend school, I can join the basketball team. There would be a lot of people who will join the club and we can play in a tournament.”

Zhang Yu Ying had a headache.

This little girl had started to think about a tournament!

It seemed that her nieces interest in basketball is worst than her brother.

“Aunt, I really cant go to school earlier” Zhang Li Xue was still thinking about this matter and could not hide her disappointment.

Seeing the look on the little girls face made her uncomfortable. Zhang Yu Ying coughed and spoke, “In fact, it wasnt impossible.”

Zhang Li Xues eyes lit up. “There is a way”

The little girl was using her adorable look to pull her into this trap. Although she wanted to look away and avoid this trouble, Zhang Yu Ying found that she was unable to look away.

Forget it.

This was her only niece. She should spoil her a little bit more.

“I can tell you,” Zhang Yu Ying said. “However, you should not mention to your parents that I was the one who give you ideas, alright”

She could already picture her brothers wrath once he figured out that she had encouraged Li Xue. Her brother can be quite scary when he was angry.

Zhang Li Xue nodded her eyes excitedly. “Aunt. Youre the best. Youre my favorite. I wont tell my parents. It will be another of our secrets.”

Zhang Yu Ying sighed, thinking that her niece was getting better at saying sweet stuff.

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After pondering about this matter for a while, Zhang Yu Ying then spoke, “In fact, you can ask your parents to register you to school earlier. Just that, Li Xue, you have to study hard and pass the exam. Otherwise, they wont let you enter school earlier.”

Zhang Li Xue stared at her aunt in awe. She suddenly thought that her aunt can be very smart.



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