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Chapter 26: Our Secret

He did not expect this twist.

Bai Qi had never thought that Zhang Li Xue would not be angry. Instead, the little girl had apologized for kicking him a few months ago.

His opinion towards Zhang Li Xue turned better. Bai Qi thought that she really deserved to be called a fairy. She was really kind.

“Then,” Zhang Li Xue spoke. Her pair of eyes were watching the boy cautiously. “Will you continue and practice with me”

Bai Qi noticed the anxious look on Zhang Li Xues face. The little girl was really adorable. He thought that her slightly pouting mouth was adorable.

Even if he wanted to avoid her because he was ashamed of what he had done to her previously, Bai Qi found that he was unable to reject her request.

He lowered his head and stuttered. “I-I guess so.”


Just like that, her eyes lit up and the corner of her lips slowly turned up. Zhang Li Xue grabbed him with both hands while trying to peek at his face. “Really You are not lying, right”

His heartbeat accelerated and his ears turned red. Zhang Li Xues expression was too adorable that he did not know what he should do. “Un. Im not lying.” The boy quickly pulled his hand away from her grasp. His eyes darted around. “I... I should go now. My parents will worry if they dont see me.”

Zhang Li Xue watched as the boy turned around and shouted. “Then, I will see you tomorrow for practice, alright”

Bai Qi halted and look at the girl again. “Un. I will see you tomorrow.” Then, he ran out to hide from the little fairy. Bai Qi was afraid that his heart would burst the longer he lingered around.

Meanwhile, there was someone who was watching the two childrens interaction.

Zhang Yu Ying arrived at the kindergarten half an hour earlier just because she was afraid that she might be late.

When she saw that the kids had started to come out, Zhang Yu Ying alighted from her car and waited for her niece.

When she saw the girl running toward the gate, Zhang Yu Ying raised her hand and waved to the little girl. She had thought that her niece would see her, but who would have thought that the little girl would stop to chat with a young boy.

Her brow rose and Zhang Yu Ying was in the mood to eat some melon.

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She knew well that her brother was protective over his daughter. If he saw that his daughter has been talking to a cute boy and holding his hand, he was going to be furious.

Just in time, Bai Qi ran passed her to reach his parents side.

Zhang Yu Ying had a chance to get a closer look at the boy. Perhaps, the sun was too glaring and the weather was hot. It made the boys face a little red.

He was kind of cute.

With one glance at him, Zhang Yu Ying could tell that the boy was going to be a mischievous heartbreaker.

Just like that, Zhang Yu Ying decided to keep this matter about her niece and this boy a secret from her brother.

Anyway, they were both children.

Her brother, Zhang Yu Han could not control his daughter who she wanted to befriend with. It would be better to let Zhang Li Xue make a lot of friends while she was still a child.

“My aunt!” The familiar sweet voice echoed.

Zhang Yu Ying turned around in time to see her niece running over to her side. Her twin tails bounced around as she moved.

Seeing the little girl running happily in her direction, Zhang Yu Ying crouched down and spread her arms.

Zhang Li Xue reached her side and hugged her aunts neck. “Aunt, youre here!”

“Are you that excited to see me” Zhang Yu Ying was happy with the little girls reaction.

“Un.” The girl nodded. Then, she leaned over and whispered, “Aunt, lets go and grabbed some ice cream before we head back home. Can we”

Zhang Yu Ying snorted. She should have known that this little girl had an ulterior motive. However, facing the girls expectant look, she did not have the heart to say no.

“Alright.” Zhang Yu Ying rustled the girls hair. “But you cannot tell your parents about this.”

Zhang Li Xue stared at her aunt with her round, bright eyes. “Aunt, this will be our secret. I wont tell them.”

Zhang Yu Ying helped her niece into the vehicle and pull the seatbelt for her. Once everything was ready, she slid into the drivers seat and drive away.

As the car got into the main road, Zhang Yu Ying glanced at her niece and saw the little girls happy expression. She was reminded of how the little girl was talking to that cute boy earlier and smiled.

After pondering over this matter, Zhang Yu Ying cleared her throat and spoke, “Li Xue.” She waited for the little girl to turn. “I saw that you were talking to a boy earlier. Who is he Your classmate”

Zhang Li Xue frowned as she think of the question. “Bai Qi”

“His name is Bai Qi” Zhang Yu Ying became more interested in this matter. “You were talking to him at the gate just now.”

“Hes not a classmate. Hes my teammate.”

“Your teammate”

“Un.” The little girl nodded. “I recruited him a while ago. Hes pretty good at basketball.”

The corner of her lips started to twitch. Never would she had thought that the reason her niece was close to a boy was because of basketball.

It seemed that Zhang Li Xue was really her brothers daughter. The two of them were crazy about basketball.

Zhang Yu Ying recalled how her brother, Zhang Yu Han had trained his team during his younger days. He was merciless towards his friend.

Thinking of how this little girl was going to torture that handsome boy made her heart ache.

“Li Xue, have you told your father about your teammate”

“I didnt.”

“Then, dont tell him.”

“Why not”

“Your father would not allow you to practice again if he knew about this.”

“Why not” Zhang Li Xue could not understand why her auntie did not let her tell her father about Bai Qi.

Zhang Yu Ying tried to think of a reason. “Lets just say that your father can unreasonable sometimes. Just think of it as if your aunt is trying to protect you. Anyway...” She let out a cough. “Lets keep the matter about Bai Qi a secret between us two, alright”



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