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Chapter 24: Back to School

After two weeks of absence, Zhang Li Xue finally returned to the kindergarten. As her father was still injured and her mother had terrible morning sickness, the task to send her over to the kindergarten fell on her younger aunt, Zhang Yu Ying.

Zhang Li Xue liked her aunt very much. Her aunt would spoil her so much and would allow her to eat the extra candy that her mother would forbid her to eat.

Sometimes, Zhang Li Xue thought that her aunt was always in a daze. If it was not for her younger uncle, Wei Jun Hao, perhaps her aunt would be tricked plenty of times.

Looking at the way her father and aunt interacted, Zhang Li Xue was a little worried that looking after her younger sibling would be as difficult.

When Zhang Li Xue arrived at the gate, there were a lot of other kids who arrived with their parents as well. Some of the kids were her classmates.

Zhang Li Xue looked out the window with an excited look on her face.

It has been a while since she had come to school and she was missing her friends a lot.


The little girl wondered if her friends would still remember her after they havent seen her for weeks. Would Fang Su Jin have a new deskmate

Moreover, there was someone else that she was worried about.

Two weeks ago, something had happened to her teammate, Bai Qi. Zhang Li Xue had wanted to talk to him, but the boy did not come to school.

Later, something happened to her family and she was unable to go to school. Now that she had returned, Zhang Li Xue was anxious to look for Bai Qi. She wanted to coax him to continue playing basketball with her.

It was hard for her to find a teammate and train him. Zhang Li Xue was not about to let him leave just like that.

She wondered if she should head to the gymnasium to look for Bai Qi, or should she find him in his class

Would he be disappointed when she did not show up for practice for two weeks

As she looked out the window, Zhang Li Xue could not help but look for Bai Qi at the gate. However, there were too many kids around and she could not see properly.

“Li Xue, weve arrived,” Zhang Yu Ying spoke as she pulled over the vehicle. “Later, I will come over to pick you up, alright”

Zhang Li Xue turned to her aunt and nodded obediently. “Un. I know.”

“Dont run around after school. Dont come out until you see me,” Zhang Yu Ying reminded her. “Dont follow after strangers, do you understand”

“Aunt, I know.” Her mother had reminded her about this a few times. Zhang Li Xue still remembered her mothers words.

The little girl seemed as if she understood everything she said, but Zhang Yu Ying was a little worried. Her niece was adorable. Who knows if some pervert set his eyes on her The thought made her uncomfortable and Zhang Yu Ying quickly dismissed that thought.

As her brother and sister-in-law were not feeling well, Zhang Yu Ying had to look over her niece. She was a little worried that something would happen to the little girl during this time.

Zhang Li Xue was the little princess of the family. If something happened to her, Zhang Yu Ying did not know whether she was able to shoulder the responsibility. Therefore, she had long made a decision to be protective of her niece.

“Aunt, I have to go now.” Zhang Li Xue stared at her aunt with her bright eyes.

“Alright,” Zhang Yu Ying finally heaved a breath. “Come over and give me a kiss.”

Zhang Li Xue waited for her aunt to help her get out of her seat. Then, she leaned over and planted a kiss on her aunts cheek.

As she alighted from the vehicle, a few of her classmates saw her and walked over.

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“Li Xue, youre back!!” Lin Na greeted her with the others. “We havent seen you in a while. Where did you go to”

“Our class teacher said you were not going to come for a while, but she did not tell us why,” another classmate spoke.

“Li Xue, are you feeling unwell”

Zhang Li Xue looked at the group of friends who came over to surround her. Her lips turned into a smile as she saw that everyone still remember her.

Everyone was asking her a lot of questions and she did not know which one to answer first.

There are a lot of things that she wanted to say to them, but she did not know where to start.

“Something happened to my family,” Zhang Li Xue explained briefly.

At this time, a kindergarten teacher walked over and urged the kids not to stand at the gate and go straight into their class for safety reasons.

Hearing the teachers reminder, the kids answered politely and turned to Zhang Li Xue again.

“Lets not stand here and go to the class first,” Zhang Li Xue said.

Her classmates quickly agreed. Soon, everyone was following behind her and headed to class.

It seemed that after she met her friends at the gate, Zhang Li Xue had forgotten her plan to look for Bai Qi. The children headed to the classroom while escorting Zhang Li Xue.

Zhang Yu Ying watched her niece walk through the gate and snapped a few photos as evidence that she had completed her mission.

Seeing the little girl walking together with her friends made her smile. Zhang Yu Ying did not expect that the little girl would be very popular among her friends. As she walked among her friends, the little girl seemed as if she was the leader of a pack.

Once she was sure that the girl had entered the classroom safely, Zhang Yu Ying entered the car and drive away

Because of her brothers accident, there were a lot of matters that she had to look after.

As the vehicle left, a boy finally came out from his hiding.

Bai Qi had seen Zhang Li Xue from the moment she alighted from the car. He wanted to walk over and ask her whether she was feeling alright, but seeing that he was surrounded by her friends, Bai Qi stopped himself.

In the end, he could only watch as her figure disappeared from his eyes.

Seeing the smile on her face, Bai Qi was more at ease. The little fairy did not look sad. Then it should mean that everything was alright with her, right



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