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Chapter 23: Your Father Woke Up

Zhang Li Xue waited for two days for her paternal grandparents to arrive.

On the next day, she finally got her grandparents to bring her along to the hospital to find her mother.

The moment Zhang Li Xue saw her mother, she quickly let go of her grandmothers hand and ran over to her mother. “Mommy!”

The atmosphere around the hospital was gloomy but Zhang Li Xue did not seem to notice anything. For that little girl, it has been a few days since the last time she saw her mother. Zhang Li Xue was missing her mother terribly.

She reached to her mothers side and wrapped her tiny arms around her mothers neck. Her body gradually relaxed as she inhaled her mothers scent.

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Her paternal grandmother, Liu Hui Lan almost had a heart attack when she watched the girl rush forward. “Li Xue, be careful.”

However, Zhang Li Xue seemed as if she could not hear her grandmothers words. The little girl continued to hug her mother as if she did not want to let go.


“Mommy, I missed you so much. Ill stay here with you alright” Zhang Li Xue spoke. “Ill be obedient and listen to you. Dont leave me, alright”

Li Qin Yaos expression grew softer. She hugged her daughter and rained her kisses on the girls face. “Alright. You can accompany Mommy and Daddy here.”

The little girls face lit up. As long as she can be with her parents, Zhang Li Xue would be satisfied.

“But Li Xue,” Her mother continued. “You can stay for a while. You have to go back with your grandparents when the sky turned dark, alright”

Zhang Li Xue was not happy. “I cannot stay”

“Mommy and Daddy will need to sleep,” Her grandfather, Zhang Xi, spoke. “When they have enough rest, the doctor will let them leave the hospital quickly.”

Zhang Li Xue stared at her grandfather as she pondered over his words. ” I want Mommy and Daddy t get well soon.” She looked at her mother again and spoke, “I will follow my grandparents later. Mommy, you have to get well soon.”

After hugging her mother for a long time, Zhang Li Xue finally noticed her father who was lying on the hospital bed. She stared at him for a long time and whispered, “Mommy, why is Daddy still asleep”

Li Qin Yao followed her daughters line of gaze. “Daddy is not feeling well. He needed to sleep so that he will recover faster.”

“Oh.” Zhang Li Xue thought that her mothers words made sense. She continued to watch her father and saw the machine next to him.

Seeing that there were a few wires and tubes attached to him made her frown. She did not know why, but she did not like to see her father like this.

“Mommy, when will he wake up”

Her mother stared at her for a long time without saying a word. Then, her mother pulled her into her embrace and whispered, “Lets continue to talk to your Daddy. Maybe when he heard our voices, he will wake up sooner.”

Zhang Li Xue reached to grip the hem of her fathers blanket and spoke, “Daddy, you have to wake up soon and accompany me. You said you were going to teach me to play basketball.” She looked at her mother again with an inquiring gaze. “Mommy, can I give Daddy a kiss”

“Li Xue, come. Ill lift you.” At the side, her uncle, Wei Jun Hao waved his hand at her.

Zhang Li Xue stretched her arms and went into her uncles arms. As her uncle brought her closer to her father, Zhang Li Xue took this chance to take a look at her father.

Her lips pursed into a thin line once she noticed that her fathers arms were tightly wrapped in bandages.

She inched closer and peck on her fathers cheek. “Daddy, you have to wake up soon. Daddy, I love you.”


Days passed but her parents still havent returned home.

Zhang Li Xue would visit the hospital in the morning with her grandparents and spend her time accompanying her parents.

Because something had happened to her father, Zhang Li Xue did not go to the kindergarten. Her mother had called the kindergarten and explained their situation.

Although she was regretting that she would not be able to spend her time with her friends, Zhang Li Xue was mostly worried about her father who continued to sleep.

While her father was lying on the bed, Zhang Li Xue would continue to chat with her father about a lot of things, for example, the cartoon shows that she watched.

Then, she opened the book in her hand and tried to read her father some stories, but there were a few words that she could not recognize. In the end, it was her mother who had to help her read.

When the sky turned darker, she would then return home with her grandparents.

Each time that her grandparents brought her home, Zhang Li Xue would wave goodbye to her parents and follow her grandparents back home obediently. The little girl did not throw any tantrums or cause trouble for them.

She continued to pray that her father would recover soon and returned home with her mother.


That morning, Zhang Li Xue walked down the stairs and headed to the dining room for breakfast. As she approached closer, Zhang Li Xue could see that everyone had a happy look on their face.

Her youngest aunt, Zhang Yu Ying was the first to notice her presence.

Zhang Yu Ying walked over and carried the little girl in her arms. “Li Xue, your father woke up.”

The little girl stared at her auntie in disbelief. Her lips gradually bloomed into a smile. “Really Aunt, you are not lying to me, right”

“Un.” Zhang Yu Ying nodded. “Aunt wont lie to you.”

“Then, can we go and visit my Daddy I missed him and my Mommy.”

“Of course, you can.” Zhang Yu Ying nodded. “After you eat your breakfast, Ill bring you to the hospital to see your parents, alright”

“Good.” Zhang Li Xue laughed happily. “Auntie... quickly put me down. Im going to eat my breakfast quickly.”



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