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Love So Sweet Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Is Daddy Sick

Bai Qi managed to convince his mother that he was well enough and let him go to school.

When he arrived, Bai Qi quickly ran toward the gymnasium to look for the little fairy. He stopped at the door and peeked inside. His chest was heaving up and down as he scanned the hall.

Just as he had expected, his little fairy would not be at the gymnasium at this time.

His heart sunk.

Although he was disappointed that he did not get to see Zhang Li Xue, Bai Qi quickly suppressed that emotion. At this time, he was worried about the little girl. His heart was aching. He could almost imagine the little girl crying until her face turned red and her cheek was stained with tears.

Pursing his lips into a thin line, Bai Qi ran over to the kindergartens entrance. He thought that the little girl had not come to school yet. Then, it would be better if he waited for her at the entrance, right

More and more students had arrived at the kindergarten, but the person he was waiting for was nowhere to be seen.


Soon, the gate closed and the kindergarten teacher was rushing everyone to class. Bai Qi had no other choice but to go to class.

It seemed that Zhang Li Xue was not coming to school today.

What was he thinking Something so big had happened. Of course, the little girl would not attend school.

Still... he was very worried about the girl.

It seemed that there was nothing else for him to do other than waiting for school to end. Later, he will ask his grandma about the little girl.

He seemed to remember that his grandparents were planning to visit Zhang Li Xues father at the hospital.


Zhang familys old residence.

After having her breakfast, Zhang Li Xue followed her grandmother to the living room. She watched as her grandmother took out her phone and dialed a number.

She listened to her grandmother speaking to her grandmother with an anxious look in her eyes. She wanted to speak to her mother too and found out what was going on...

Her grandmother finally looked up and passed her the phone. “Li Xue, your mother wanted to speak to you.”

Zhang Li Xue held the phone carefully with both hands and spoke, “Thank you, grandma.” Then, she pressed the phone to her ears and spoke. “Hello Mommy”

“Li Xue, what are you doing Have you had your breakfast”

“Un.” Zhang Li Xue nodded. “I ate my breakfast with my grandma. I finished a bowl of porridge just now. Mommy, what about you Have you eaten your breakfast When are you coming over”

Xu Yilan was accompanying her granddaughter when she heard the little girls questions.

Her heart was aching and her tears were threatening to come out.

“Well, Mommy had her breakfast just now,” Li Qin Yao spoke on the other line. Li Xue, Mommy is going to be away for a few days. Can you stay with your Grandma for a while”

Zhang Li Xue pursed her lips into a thin line. “Cant you take me along with you Mommy, I miss you so much.”

Her dad was not around and now, her mother told her that she have to stay with her grandma. Although this was not the first time that her parents had left her to stay with her grandma, Zhang Li Xue thought that this was all too sudden.

Usually, before they leave her for a longer period, her parents would tell her earlier so that she could be prepared for it.

She hasnt hugged her mother enough.

“Well, Mommy missed Li Xue very much as well.” Li Qin Yao tried her best trying to suppress her tears. She was worried that her daughter might sense something and worry.

“Mommy, where are you going”

Li Qin Yao shut her eyes tightly and took a few deep breaths to calm down. After a while, she decided to tell her daughter some truth. “Well, Mommy is accompanying Daddy at the hospital.”

“Is Daddy sick”

“Mhm... Daddy was injured. But the doctor said he is fine. So, Li Xue, you dont have to worry much, alright Listen to your Grandma. Be obedient Mommy and Daddy will return soon.”

Zhang Li Xue decided to trust her mothers words. “Then, Mommy, cant you take me along I wanted to accompany Daddy as well. I promise I wont make noise. Ill sit around obediently.”

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“Well, maybe not today,” Li Qin Yao spoke.

“Why not”

Li Qin Yao knew that her daughter was smart and could figure out a way to coax her. Therefore, she had to come out with a reason first. “Well, your grandparents are coming over,” Li Qin Yao said. “They would be sad to see that there was no one around when they got home. How about you wait for them to arrive first Later, you can follow them and come to see Daddy and me, alright”

At this time, her husband, Zhang Yu Han still hasnt woken up. Li Qin Yao was hoping that she could buy some time. Perhaps, once her in-laws arrived, her husband would already wake up and she did not have to make their daughter worry.

Zhang Li Xue thought about her paternal grandparents who were living overseas. It was not easy for them to return to Y City and see her.

Her mother was right. Her grandparents would be upset to find that there was no one at home. After giving it a thought, Zhang Li Xue finally agree.

“Then, I will listen to Mommy,” Zhang Li Xue said. “Ill stay home with my Grandma and wait for my grandparents to arrive. Later, we will come over and find you and Daddy, alright”

“Good girl. Listen to your Grandma, alright”

The mother and daughter exchanged a few more words. Once Zhang Li Xue was satisfied with her mothers answer, she returned the phone to her Grandma again. “Grandma, Mommy wants to talk to you.”

“Thank you, Li Xue.” Xu Yilan patted the little girls hair. “Go and watch some cartoon first. Grandma will come over and play with you later, alright”

“Un. I know. Grandma, you should talk to Mommy first.” Zhang Li Xue slipped off the sofa and ran over to watch the TV.



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