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Chapter 20: An Accident

The house was too quiet.

Zhang Li Xue sat in the living room with her colored pencils and papers. She seemed to be drawing something but once in a while, the little girl would glance at the clock before she continue to draw.

The television was on, but Zhang Li Xue was no longer in the mood to watch the television.

Her mother and her great-grandfather had left the house a few hours ago.

They did not tell her where they were going, but only let the auntie look over her.

Zhang Li Xue recalled her mothers pale face and frowned. She did not know what had happened, but she could tell that it was nothing good. Her heart kept pounding hard but she did not know what to do.

At this time, the only thing she could do was to sit in the room obediently while waiting for her mother to return.


“Little Miss, its getting late.”

Hearing the voice, Zhang Li Xue looked up and saw the auntie that worked to look after her great-grandfather.

“Your mother and great-grandfather should be late. Why dont you head upstairs and sleep first” Auntie Wu spoke. “Later, when your mother returned, Ill wake you up, alright”

Zhang Li Xue pursed her lip. “Ill wait for a while.”

Auntie Wu heaved a helpless sigh. She wanted to continue and pursue the little girl, but she also knew that the girl was worried.

Although her mother had not told her anything, the girl could probably sense that something was happening. However, when her mother and great-grandfather left the house in a rush, the little girl did not make any noise. She was very sensible.

Auntie Wus heart was in pain as she thought about the news they received a while ago.

The little girls father, Zhang Yu Han was on his way back home from the airport when a car crashed into his vehicle.

It was said that he was taken to the hospital and was still in the operation room. At this time, they were still waiting for the doctor to come out. When both Li Qin Yao and Zhang Jing headed out to the hospital, they still did not know anything about Zhang Yu Hans condition.

As someone who had been working with the Zhang family for years, Auntie Wu could only pray that everything will be alright.

Zhang Li Xue was still small. She still needed her father.

Auntie Wu went to busy herself with some work so that she would stop worrying too much. When she looked at the little girl again, she found that the little girl had already fallen asleep with her head on the table.

With a helpless sigh, Auntie Wei helped to carry the girl into the room. Just as she lifted the girl, Auntie Wu saw the drawing that Zhang Li Xue has been working on.

Her eyes and nose stung as the tears threatened to come out.

It turned out that the little girl was working on a drawing of her family.


When Zhang Li Xue woke up, she first realized that she was in unfamiliar surroundings. She sat up and rubbed her eyes as she looked at the room.

A disappointed look appeared on her face when she did not see her mother around. The side of the bed was cold. It seemed that her mother had not returned and slept with her last night.

Zhang Li Xue get off the bed and left the room. This was not the first time that she had lived in the room and she was used to everything around her.

After going to the bathroom to clean up, the little girl headed downstairs to find Auntie Wu and ask about her mother. To her surprise, she found that her maternal grandmother, Xu Yilan, was in the living room.

Her eyes lit up. Zhang Li Xue held the railing and walked down the stairs carefully. “Grandma!”

Xu Yilan looked up and went over to her granddaughters side quickly. “Li Xue! You woke up. Come over to Grandma. Let me take a look at you.”

Zhang Li Xue walked over to her grandmas side with her short legs. Once she reached her grandmas side, Zhang Li Xue spread her arms and hugged her grandmas legs tightly. “Grandma, why are you here”

This was her great-grandpas house. Her grandma doesnt usually come over to this house.

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Xu Yilan crouched down and hugged the little girl in her arms. Her heart was in pain as she thought of what happened to her son-in-law.

Last night, she received the news that her son-in-law met an accident. When she arrived at the hospital, her daughter, Li Qin Yao was waiting for Zhang Yu Han to wake up. His operation has been successful and they were waiting for him to wake up.

Xu Yilan had visited them for a while before heading to Zhangs old residence to check on her granddaughter.

The little girl should be uncomfortable when her mother was not by her side. However, she stayed home without throwing tantrum as she did not want her mommy to worry.

Xu Yilan suppressed her worry and held the little girl tighter. “Li Xue, have you brushed your teeth Lets go and have breakfast together, alright”

Zhang Li Xue nodded obediently. Holding hands, the two of them headed to the dining area together.

The food was already served on the table. Xu Yilan watched as her granddaughter ate her breakfast and sighed. Her granddaughter was really pitiful.

Zhang Li Xue ate half a bowl of her porridge before she turned to look at her grandma. “Grandma.”


“Where did my mommy and great-grandpa go When will they come back”

Xu Yilan hesitated. She did not know whether she could tell the little girl what had happened to her father or how the little girl was going to take the news.

Auntie Wu came out of the kitchen and overheard the little girls question.

The two women exchanged a look but none of them know how to answer the little girls question.

“Grandma, I miss my Mommy,” Zhang Li Xue spoke. Her voice sounded as if she was about to cry. “Can we call her and ask when will she come back”

Xu Yilan was weak against the little girls pitiful look. In the end, she could only give in. “Alright. Lets call your Mommy after you finished your breakfast.”

The little girls eyes lit up. She picked up her spoon again and ate her breakfast carefully.



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