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Chapter 2: Apologize

Zhang Li Xues mother, Li Qin Yao was surprised when she heard about the incident. She assured her mother that everything would be alright and went to look for the father and daughter.

As she was looking for her husband and daughter, someone informed her that her husband went over to confront the little boy who had bullied their daughter.

A sense of panic engulfed her and she could not help but worry about what might happen. A hotel staff who had recognized her as the Presidents wife immediately pointed the way.

Entering the room, Li Qin Yao saw her husband standing at the center of the room while carrying their daughter in his arms.

In front of him were a group of four kids and their parents. The situation was too noisy as the kids were busy explaining to their parents what was going on.

“It was Xiao Bais fault,” One of the boys said. He pointed his chubby finger to his friend who was standing by his mothers side. “He started to pull the flower crown off Xiao Li Xues hair and then, Xiao Li Xue started to cry.”


Zhang Yu Hans face turned a shade darker upon hearing how his daughter was bullied. However, this little boy... What Xiao Li Xue Who permitted him to call his daughter like that When did he get close to his daughter

“Mom, it wasnt me,” the boy, called Xiao Bai, looked at his mother and pulled out an innocent look.

Bai Qis mother, Jiang Yu Qing, crouched down to his son. “Bai Qi, you tell mom what happened”

He looked at the girl in the flowery dress who was in her fathers embrace and scowled. “She kicked me!”

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Hearing the boys accusation, Li Qin Yao walked into the room. “What happened”

“Mommy,” Zhang Li Xue cooed.

“En. Mommys here.”

Although her daughter had called her, the little girl did not move to shift from her fathers arm.

Zhang Li Xue might always stick to her mother all the time, but she would always seek her father for protection.

Of course, as it was a rare occasion that his daughter wanted to stick close to him, Zhang Yu Han hugged his daughter tightly.

“You hear that It was your daughter who kicked at my son,” Jiang Yu Qing spoke.

The other parents who were at the scene started to look at Bai Qis mother in amazement.

This woman! Didnt she know who was she talking to right now They were lucky to be invited to the Zhang familys young miss wedding. Was she trying to get everyone kicked out

Zhang Yu Han pulled out his phone and showed the parents the recording that he got from the security room. Because the spot where the kids were playing was away from adults, the surveillance camera caught everything perfectly.

Bai Qis mother started to panic upon watching the video. Meanwhile, the other parents were secretly relieved that their child took no part in this incident.

“This mister here,” Jiang Yu Qing spoke with a slightly trembling voice. “This is just kids playing around. My son was joking around when he pulled at your daughters hair. Isnt it normal for boys to do that Why do you go as far as taking out a video” Her hand wrapped around her son protectively. “My son pulled at your daughters hair but you come to look for a little boy to settle the score My son is only five years old. As an adult, arent you ashamed”

“It was your son who bullied our daughter first.” Li Qin Yao spoke before her husband could say a word.

Anyway, it would not look too good for her husband to quarrel with a woman and therefore, she decided to step in.

“Your son is clearly at fault here. But not only he did not apologize to our daughter, but you also want to let this matter pass by saying that its normal for a boy to do that” Suddenly, Li Qin Yao was furious. “No. This is not normal. We shouldnt be teaching kids that this kind of behavior is normal!”

Jiang Yu Qing had wanted to retaliate, but one of the mothers had whispered to her about the identity of the fierce parents in front of them. Suddenly, she froze in fear.

They were attending a wedding and her son had unexpectedly offended the hosts precious great-granddaughter.

Because Jiang Yu Qing often stayed at home, she was unaware of the identity of the woman in front of her. If her husband or her in-laws family heard about this incident, she would surely be scolded as she did not handle the situation well.

Her expression changed as she looked at President Zhang and his wife. Her mouth opened and close a few times. Though she wanted to say something, she was unable to utter anything.

In the end, she turned to her son and scowled. “Bai Qi, quickly apologize!”

It was the kids who had argued. Since it was her son who had started the fight, she could only ask him to apologize.

The boys stared at his mother with a dissatisfied look on his face. “Why should I apologize. Mom,” he paused and pointed towards the little girl. “She kicked me! Why didnt she apologize to me”

So what if he had pulled the girls hair She had retaliated and kicked him, alright

The little girl was unexpectedly very powerful. Bai Qi cried after he received a kick on his knee.

Noticing that his friends were looking at him, the boy could only suck up and suppressed his tears. He was a big boy and he should not cry in front of other kids. Otherwise, he would be teased about it.

Jiang Yu Qing clenched her teeth and spoke. “If you dont apologize, I will tell your father and you see how hes going to deal with you.” She looked at the girl again and thought that the little girl looked very soft and weak. Jiang Yu Qing did not believe that the little girl would be that powerful and kicked her son with her short legs.

This boy had dared to bully the Zhang familys pampered princess. Was he trying to cause trouble for their family

Bai Qis face changed instantly. Just imagining his fathers strict look makes him shiver. He was most afraid of his father.

Bai Qi could only suppress his tears and looked at the girl in aggrieved. “Im sorry. I wont do it again.”

Zhang Li Xue bit at her lower lips and continued to hide behind her mother. She was afraid that the boy was going to pull her hair again.

“Alright, since your son had already apologized, we will not pursue this matter anymore,” Li Qin Yao said.

“Thank you, Mrs. Zhang.” Jiang Yu Qing lowered her gaze, not daring to meet the womans eyes.

After saying a few more words, Jiang Yu Qing dragged out his son as the Zhang couple was satisfied with her sons apologies.

Seeing that those little kids were no longer in the same room as hers, Zhang Li Xue finally turned to her mother. She extended her little arms and mouthed, “Mommy, hug!”

Li Qin Yao took her daughter in her arms and put the little girl on her lap. “Where is it painful”

“Here,” Zhang Li Xue pointed at her head. “Mommy, my hair is messy.”

“Youll be alright. Ill help you to tidy up your hair, alright” Li Qin Yao patted her daughters head softly and kissed the top of her head to ease her pain. Soon, Zhang Li Xue buried her face in her mothers embrace coquettishly as her mother comforted her.

“Mommy.” Zhang Li Xue waved her hand, motioning her mom to inch closer. “Come over. Ill tell you something.”

Li Qin Yao leaned closer as her daughter cupped her small hands around her ears.

“Mommy, just now, I kicked the boy on his knee,” Zhang Li Xue whispered. “He pulled my hair. So I kicked him.”

The corner of her lips twitched.

This little gangster...

Li Qin Yao seemed to remember that the boy had said something about her daughter kicking him. She had not thought that her daughter would really kick someone else.

“Did you apologize to him” Li Qin Yao spoke.

Zhang Li Xue shook her head.

“When you meet that little brother again, you have to apologize to him, you know He pulled your hair and apologized. Since you have also made a mistake, you have to apologize as well. Understand”

“Mommy, I know.” Zhang Li Xue nodded obediently.

At this time, a knock came on the door, and soon, Mu Zhen Yu entered followed by his parents.

“Daddy!” Zhang Li Xue started to panic upon seeing the boys appearance. She was still a bit traumatized after what had happened.

Zhang Li Xue was the first granddaughter on both sides of the family. Perhaps because of that, she was pampered and had never faced something like this.

It was the first time that she tried to befriend someone her age but she was bullied instead. Since Mu Zhen Yu was the one who had invited her to play, Zhang Li Xue was worried that he might befriend the boy who had bullied her.

“Hello, Xiao Li Xues dad,” Mu Zhen Yu greeted politely. “I came to apologize to Xiao Li Xue.”

After the girl left with her parents, Mu Zhen Yu tried to look for her everywhere. Without waiting for the mans approval, Mu Zhen Yu walked over to the little princess who was in her mothers embrace.

“Xiao Li Xue, Im sorry,” the boy spoke. “I shouldnt have let Xiao Bai bully you just now. I didnt get to stop him in time. Im sorry.”

Hearing the boys apology, Zhang Li Xue looked up and stared back at the elder boy.

Mu Zhen Yu approached her and stretched his hand to pass the small flower in his hand. “I dont think youre ugly.” His face turned a shade of pink. “Xiao Li Xue youre very pretty with flowers on your hair.”

Zhang Li Xue stared at the flower and slowly reached her hand to accept it.

The boys lips curled into a smile. “Later, lets play together again, alright. I wont let anyone bully Xiao Li Xue again.” Once he finished what he wanted to say, the boy turned around and ran over to his parents.

The door of the room closed again and Li Qin Yao stared at her husband with a smile on her face. “Hubby, someone is hitting on your daughter.”



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