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Chapter 19: Going to Great-grandfathers Place

Zhang Li Xue left the school and found her mother waiting for her outside the school gate.

Her eyes lit up and she quickly ran over to her side. Just as she was about to run over and hug her mother, the little girl suddenly remember something important.

Her mother told her that she was about to become an elder sister. Her little brother or sister was now growing in her mothers stomach. Therefore, she has to be very careful.

Zhang Li Xue slowed down her pace until she reached her mothers side. “Mommy.”

Hearing her sweet milky voice, her mother crouched down to her level and kissed both her cheeks. “How was school today”

“It was alright. We learn a lot of new things today. Then, we learned a new song,” Zhang Li Xue began to update her mother about what happened in school as her mother led her to the car.

Once she was seated, Zhang Li Xue glanced at her mothers flat tummy and wondered when will her little brother or sister come out.


Her mother explained that it would take months but she was a little impatient. The little girl had already planned to teach her younger sibling to play basketball so that they can play together. Then, she can have her own basketball team.

Thinking about basketball made her think of Bai Qi again.

Zhang Li Xue could only hope that the little boy will come to school tomorrow and practice with her again.

“Whats the matter Li Xue, you dont look too happy.” Her mother, Li Qin Yao spoke.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about my friend. He didnt come to school today.”

As compared to her husband, Li Qin Yao did not think too much about her daughters friend. The girl was still small and it did not matter if she make friends of both gender.

“Maybe hes feeling unwell.”

“Mhm...” Zhang Li Xue nodded. She thought that her mothers words made sense. “I hope he gets better soon and will come to school tomorrow so that we can play together.”

When they arrived home, Zhang Li Xue changed her clothes and stayed in her room to draw.

“Li Xue, what are you drawing”

Hearing her mothers voice, the little girl was startled and she quickly hid the paper from her mother. “Mommy, you cannot see.”

“Why not”

“Well, its a secret.”

“You really wouldnt let mommy see it”

Zhang Li Xue began to waver upon hearing her mothers tone of voice. “I can show you, but you cannot tell anyone else, alright”

Li Qin Yao nodded. “En. I promised.” Once she gave her word, the little girl took out the paper and showed her drawing to her.

“This is mommy,” Zhang Li Xue pointed out voluntarily. “This is daddy and this is me.” She lowered her gaze and continued, “I was going to draw the baby before you come in.”

A soft smile curled on her lips.

Li Qin Yao stared at the drawing for a few seconds longer and bent down to kiss her daughter on the cheek. “Well, you can continue your drawing. When you finished, lets go to Great-grandfathers place, alright Didnt you tell me that you wanted to accompany Great-grandfather”

The little girls eyes sparkled upon hearing that they were heading to her Great-grandfathers place. She quickly finished her drawing and followed her mother to her Great-grandfathers place which was not too far away.

When they arrived, the Great-grandfather, Zhang Jing greeted them at the door and ushered them inside happily.

“Great-grandfather, did you make me my favorite chicken wing” Zhang Li Xue looked at the elderly man and blinked, showing off her cute look.

Zhang Jing laughed. He bent to pat the little princess on her head and spoke, “Of course. Great-grandfather knew that Li Xue is coming to visit. How can I not make your favorite chicken wing Come. Go and wash your hand. Well eat together, alright”

“Alright!” Zhang Li Xue nodded happily and followed her Great-grandfather to wash her hand. When she walked into the dining area, the little girl noticed that her mother was on her phone and decided not to disturb her.

She took a seat and stared at the barbecued chicken wings that her Great-grandfather had prepared. Just looking at them would make her stomach grumble.

However, as her mother was still on the phone Zhang Li Xue could only sit patiently.

Her eyes lit up as she watched her mother sit beside her. Seeing that the elders had started to eat, Zhang Li Xue eyed the chicken wings.

As if he could read her mind, her Great-grandfather had helped her to take a piece of a chicken wing to her bowl. The little girl began to eat happily.

However, her expression changed when she saw her mother clipped at the vegetable dishes into her bowl.

Just like her Great-grandfather, Zhang Li Xues least favorite food was vegetables. The taste was bland and she did not like the texture.

“Li Xue, eat these vegetables as well,” Her mother reminded her.


Li Qin Yao smiled patiently. “Did you see these cabbage This is what you and great-grandfather planted in the garden the last time.”

Zhang Li Xue turned to her great-grandfather. “Really”

“Un,” Zhang Jing nodded proudly.

“Dont you want to take a bite and try them” Li Qin Yao said. “These are the vegetables that you have grown. Dont you want to know what they tasted like”

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Zhang Li Xue stared at the piece of vegetable in her bowl and picked it up slowly. She took a bite and chewed slowly. It seemed that the cabbage tasted pretty good. “Mommy, its good.”

“The vegetables that you grow are more delicious, right”

The little girl nodded. “Mommy, you are right.” Then, she turned to her great-grandfather and spoke, “Great-grandfather, you should eat them as well. I grow them. So you have to eat them.”

Zhang Jing watched the little girl helplessly. How can he not know that his granddaughter-in-law was tricking him into eating vegetables With the way his great-granddaughter was watching him, the old man could only eat his vegetables.

Once they finished their meal, Zhang Li Xue went to watch some cartoons with her mother.

The character was a little girl who could travel through time and space. There were many fascinating things and Zhang Li Xue would often ask her mother to explain.

Her mothers phone at the side rang.

Zhang Li Xue watched as her mother went to the side to pick up the phone.

She did not know who was her mother talking to but later, Zhang Li Xue saw her mothers phone slide down her hand and fall to the ground.

Noticing her mothers pale face, Zhang Li Xue started to worry. She ran over and shouted. “Mommy!”



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