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Chapter 18: Hes a Senior

The little girl planned to look for her teammate in his class. However, she soon realized that there were not a lot of things that she knew about her teammate.

Zhang Li Xue could not help but think of herself as a bad captain.

It seemed that other than practicing her favorite basketball, she was clueless about other things.

As she returned to her class, Zhang Li Xue continued to worry about her teammate.

She regretted that she had not asked Mu Zhen Yu about Bai Qi earlier. However, she could sense that Brother Zhen Yu did not like Bai Qi.

Perhaps, Brother Zhen Yu would not tell her about her teammate.

Her friends, Fang Su Jin and Lin Na were discussing the show they watched on the television last night.


The chubby boy in their class, Meng Hao, walked over with some snacks. As usual, he would pass the snacks he brought over before their teacher would come.

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He handed over a piece of imported chocolate to the girls and realized that Zhang Li Xue was staring into space.

Zhang Li Xue had a lively personality. Each time that she was with Fang Su Jin and Lin Na, the girl would join their conversation and could chat nonstop.

Therefore, when Zhang Li Xue had not reacted after Meng Hao had slid over a piece of chocolate for her, her friends started to think that there was something wrong with her.

Meng Hao exchanged a look with the girls. He waved his hand in front of Zhang Li Xue and called her name. “Li Xue Are you alright”

Zhang Li Xue finally snapped out of her trance. Seeing that Meng Haos face was too close, the little girl quickly pulled away. She stared at him with her eyes wide and asked, “What are you doing”

“Ive been calling your name a few times but you did not respond,” Meng Hao said. “Why are you in such a daze”

Zhang Li Xue turned to her friends and noticed that both Fang Su Jin and Lin Na were staring at her too. It was then that she realized that she has been thinking about her teammate too much that she did not notice her surroundings.

“Li Xue.” Fang Su Jin frowned as she called her name. She grabbed her deskmates hand and looked at her with worry. “Are you alright If youre not feeling well, we should go and tell our teacher.”

“Im fine. I was just thinking of something.” Zhang Li Xue flashed them a smile.

Meng Hao blushed when he saw her smiling face. He lowered his head and pushed the piece of chocolate to her. “Here. I bought some chocolate for you.”

Zhang Li Xue took the chocolate and kept it on her desk. “Meng Hao, thank you.”

The boy looked at her shyly and nodded. “If you like it, I will bring it for you again tomorrow.”

If it was some other time, Zhang Li Xue would be happy.

Her mother would not allow her to eat too many sweets. It was always a happy thing when Meng Hao would share his snack with everyone else. She could still eat her sweets secretly and kept it a secret from her parents.

However, her mind was still preoccupied with Bai Qi and she was not in the mood to think about food.

She thought about Bai Qi again and decided to ask her friends. “Su Jin... do you remember the boy who often plays basketball with me”

As Fang Su Jin was her deskmate, Zhang Li Xue had told her about her teammate and her basketball practice in the morning. The girl had seen her practice once and knew about her teammate.

Fang Su Jin tried to recall the boys face and nodded. “Un. I remember him.” She pursed her lips for a few seconds before she remember the boys name. “His name is Bai Qi, right”

“Right. Thats him. Do you know where his class is” Zhang Li Xue nodded.

“I dont know.”

Zhang Li Xue could not hide her disappointment upon hearing her answer.

“Bai Qi” This time, it was Lin Na who spoke. “I think I know him. Hes a senior. Hes a year older than us.”

“A senior” Her eyes were wide as Zhang Li Xue looked at her friend, Lin Na. “Are you sure”

She had not expected that Bai Qi would be older than her. Perhaps, it was because he was only slightly taller than her, Zhang Li Xue had thought that they were the same age.

“Unless if there is another Bai Qi in this kindergarten...” Lin Na said. She thought about it for a while and put her hand a few inches higher than her height. “Hes about this tall with short hair and small eyes, right”

Zhang Li Xue thought that this description could be used to describe any boys in school.

“Thats right. I think youre right,” Fang Su Jin said.

“Then, theres no mistake. He is our senior,” Lin Na said. “His grandparents lived in the same neighborhood like mine. Ive seen him a few times before.”

“Li Xue, why are you looking for him” Meng Hao asked.

“I have a few things to ask him,” Zhang Li Xue said.

Meng Hao opened his mouth to say something but one of their classmates ran around and announced that their classroom teacher was coming over.

The noise subsided and everyone went back to their places. Just then, the classroom teacher entered with her teaching materials in hand.

Once the class started, Zhang Li Xue could only put the matter of Bai Qin in the back of her mind. She now know that Bai Qi was a senior, and it would be easier for her to look for Bai Qi after school.


The moment class ended, Zhang Li Xue grabbed her backpack and ran over to find Bai Qi.

When she arrived, many of the students had left. Zhang Li Xue peeked into the classroom and was disappointed when she could not see Bai Qi in class.

Did she miss him again

The sound of footsteps approached her. Zhang Li Xue looked up and saw that a senior boy was walking over with a gentle smile on his face.

“Hello, are you looking for someone”

Zhang Li Xue looked at the senior boy with her eyes full of hope. “Is this Bai Qis classroom”

“Un.” The senior boy nodded. “But Bai Qi did not come over today.”

The little girl pursed her lips.

Although she was still disappointed that she did not get to see Bai Qi, Zhang Li Xue was relieved to know that Bai Qi was not avoiding her on purpose.



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