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Chapter 17: Bai Qi Did Not Show Up

Zhang Li Xue went back to the kindergarten on Monday.

Once she arrived at the gate, the little girl suddenly remembered her teammate, Bai Qi. The incident that happened a few days ago came to her mind. Zhang Li Xue recalled that she had not talked to Bai Qi after he had run away from the gymnasium.

The little girl ran towards the gymnasium, hoping to see her teammate. However, as she came closer, Zhang Li Xue was disappointed when she could not hear the familiar sound of the ball thumping against the floor.

Zhang Li Xue stared at the spot where Bai Qi often practiced with a dazed look in her eyes.

She was getting used to finding Bai Qi arriving earlier than her. The boy was always diligent in practicing basketball, but today, she could not see him at all.

Zhang Li Xue took a deep breath before walking over to the side.

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Thinking that perhaps she had arrived earlier than Bai Qi, she then decided to wait.


Seconds turned to minutes but Bai Qi did not show up.

Zhang Li Xue recalled the boys aggrieved face before he ran out of the gymnasium again. She lowered her head and wondered if her teammate would stop showing up because of what happened.

What if he stopped showing up for practice

Will she lose her teammate

It was hard enough for her to find someone who would be interested in playing basketball with her. Moreover, Bai Qi seemed pretty good at it after practicing with her a few times. Of course, Zhang Li Xue was not happy with this situation.

Perhaps, she should find him and coax him to stay.

Zhang Li Xue stood up again, wanting to wait for the boy at the kindergartens entrance.

Just as she was about to leave the gymnasium, she ran into a familiar face. Her eyes flickered. Zhang Li Xue called the boys name with her soft and milky voice, “Brother Zhen Yu.”

Mu Zhen Yu glanced towards the spot where he had found the two practicing basketball a few days ago. Then, he looked at the girl again. “What are you doing here”

“I was waiting for Bai Qi to show up,” Zhang Li Xue said. Her eyes lit up as she looked at Mu Zhen Yu again. “Brother Zhen Yu, have you seen Bai Qi”

Mu Zhen Yus expression changed the moment he heard the boys name. He did not know when Zhang Li Xue and Bai Qi became close but he did not like their closeness.

“Why are you looking for him” Mu Zhen Yu asked.

“Hes my teammate. Since he did not show up for practice, as the captain, of course, I would worry.”

The frown on Mu Zhen Yus face deepened. “Why are you playing with him Xiao Li Xue, you have to stop playing with Bai Qi.”

“Why” Zhang Li Xue did not understand why Mu Zhen Yu seemed to be against her playing with Bai Qi.

She recalled Bai QIs frightened look when he saw Mu Zhen Yu and wondered whether the two of them were fighting.

Could it be this was the reason Brother Zhen Yu was unhappy to see her practicing basketball with Bai Qi

However, she did not think that Bai Qi was a bad person. At least, she thought that the boy was obedient. He would listen to her well each time that she taught him something new.

“Brother Zhen Yu, did something happens between you and Bai Qi”

Mu Zhen Yu stared at the girl helplessly. He wondered if the little girl had forgotten how Bai Qi had made her cry the first time they met. “Xiao Li Xue, dont you remember what he had done to you previously”

Zhang Li Xue stared back at him and blinked in confusion. “What did he do to me”

A sigh escaped him. Mu Zhen Yu should have expected that the little girl had forgotten about what Bai Qi had done to her. Otherwise, how could she ask Bai Qi to play basketball with her

“Dont you remember” Mu Zhen Yu asked. “The last time you met him at your aunties wedding, he pulled your hair and made you cry.”

Zhang Li Xue pondered over this matter and thought that there were such things before.

On that day, her mother had let her wear a pretty dress and a flowery crown on top of her head. Then, someone made trouble and tugged at her hair. Her hair became messy and the flowery crown almost fell from her head.

It was painful. Then, she retaliated by kicking the boy on his legs before running over to complain to her father.

Because she had been crying and had hidden in her fathers embrace, Zhang Li Xue could not remember the person who had pulled her hair well.

It turned out that the boy was Bai Qi.

“I remember now,” Zhang Li Xue spoke. “That boy was Bai Qi”

Mu Zhen Yu heaved in relief when the girl remembered the incident. He had thought that he will have to figure out something else to convince her not to get close to Bai Qi.

“But...” Zhang Li Xue pursed her lips into a thin line. “He had already apologized.”

Hearing her words, Mu Zhen Yus expression changed again. He did not expect that the little girl would forgive Bai Qi that easily.

When someone was being mean to you the first time you met, wouldnt that bad impression stayed for a long time After Bai Qi had treated her roughly the first time, shouldnt Xiao Li Xue have avoided him

Mu Zhen Yu found that he could not understand the girls thinking at all.

“I think he had learned his lesson,” Zhang Li Xue said. “Bai Qi no longer acted mischievously. In fact, he has been very diligent in practicing.”

Her mother had taught her that she had to learn to forgive when someone made a mistake. Especially when that person had apologized and had not repeated what he had done previously.

She believed that she had made the right judgment regarding Bai Qi. Her instinct was telling her that she could trust him.

Zhang Li Xue bit her lips when she recalled that she had kicked Bai Qi previously. Her mother had told her that she should apologize the next time she saw him again, but she could not remember what he looked like. It turned out that the boy was her teammate.

Mu Zhen Yu looked at the girl unhappily. Although what she said made sense, Mu Zhen Yu was not happy knowing that the little girl would continue to play with Bai Qi.



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