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Chapter 16: Something Wrong with My Mommy

After sending her father off to the airport, Zhang Li Xue followed her mother to the cafe in B City.

This was the cafe that her mother owned. Therefore, the little girl was quite familiar with the staff there. As soon as she showed up, the few staff surrounded her and praised her good looks.

Zhang Li Xue ate her lunch obediently before she followed the Elder Auntie into the kitchen. They stayed at the cafe for a while before leaving. Zhang Li Xue thought that they were going back to their home, but instead, her mother took them back to her maternal grandmothers house.

On that night, Zhang Li Xue began to realize that there was something different about her mother. Seeing the anxious look on her mothers face made her worry.

After pondering about this matter for a while, Zhang Li Xue walked over to her grandmother to express her concern.

“Grandma, I think theres something wrong with my mommy.”

Xu Yilan was preparing some snacks in the kitchen when she heard her granddaughters voice. She put down the plate on the kitchen counter and squatted down beside the little girl. “Whats wrong with your mommy”


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“I dont know.” Zhang Li Xue turned in the direction of the bedroom. “It seemed that Mommy has been absentminded after leaving the cafe.”

Xu Yilan followed her granddaughters line of gaze and frowned. However, she quickly recovered herself and smiled. “Maybe your mother has been thinking about the cafe.” She patted the little girls hair and spoke, “Ill talk to your Mommy after this.”

“Alright.” Zhang Li Xues face lit up. Taking the plate of snacks from her grandmother, Zhang Li Xue then walked into the living room to watch the television.

Less than then minutes later, her grandmother walked out of the room again with an anxious look on her face. Before Zhang Li Xue could ask what was going on, her grandmother had looked at her again.

“Li Xue, get ready. We are going out.”

Zhang Li Xue watched as her grandmother ran around the house anxiously. She did not get to ask her grandmother where they were going.

A while later, the three of them sat in a car and her grandmother drove them over to the hospital.

Zhang Li Xue sat down quietly. Although she had not said a word, she could not help but worry.

Her mother entered the doctors room to do some examinations. When her mother came out again, Zhang Li Xue raised her head to look at her and wondered what was going on. Seeing that the adults were in deep thoughts, Zhang Li Xue did not make trouble. She could only sit down obediently with her little sketchbook in her hand.

When they arrived home, Zhang Li Xue could still see that her mother was in a daze. After pondering about it for a while, she walked over to her mother with a glass of water.

“Mommy, are you still feeling unwell” Zhang Li Xues small hands held the glass tightly as she was worried that the contents would splash out.

“Im alright.” Li Qin Yao patted at her daughters head and looked at the glass of water. “Is that for me”

“En.” The little girl nodded.

“Thank you, Li Xue.” Li Qin Yao took the glass, kissed the little girl on the cheek and she giggled happily. Li Qin Yao drank the water and put the glass on the table. Then, she took the little girl to her lap and hugged her tightly.

Feeling her mothers embracing her, Zhang Li Xue started to act coquettishly with her mother. Her small arms wrapped around her mothers neck as she rubbed her face on her mothers neck.

Zhang Li Xue was always close to her mother. However, recently, Li Qin Yao began to notice that her daughter was getting stickier to her. These days, the little princess would want to follow her everywhere she goes and clung to her.

There was a smile on her face as Li Qin Yao spoke again. “Li Xue, what do you think about having a little brother or sister”

The little girl stared back at her mother and tilted her head sideways as if pondering over her mothers question. “Is it like Brother Zhen Yus baby brother”

“Hmm...” Li Qin Yao nodded.

Zhang Li Xue remembered Mu Zhen Yus little brother. The baby was only a few months and he was adorable. Each time she came to play with him, the baby would laugh happily. The thought that she will have someone to play with her later, made her expression turn up. She also wanted to have a little brother or sister like Mu Zhen Yu.

“Brother Zhen Yus baby brother is cute. I like him,” Zhang Li Xue answered after considering the question for a while. “Mommy, if I have a little brother or sister, I can play with the baby”

“En.” Li Qin Yao nodded.

“Then I like it,” Zhang Li Xue answered. “Baby smell good. Mommy, when are you going to bring home a baby for me to play with”

Li Qin Yao laughed at her question. “We will have to wait for a few months. When the baby comes, will you be a good sister”

“Mommy,” Zhang Li Xue looked at her mother and blinked. “Li Xue is always a good girl.”

“Right. My little princess is always a good girl.” Li Qin Yao then rained her kisses on the girls face, causing the little girl to giggle again.

At this time, the phone rang. Li Qin Yao picked up the phone and her lips curled into a smile upon seeing that her husband was making a video call.

“Daddy!” Zhang Li Xue chirped as her fathers face appeared on the screen.

Looking at his two favorite girls on the screen, Zhang Yu Hans tired face disappeared and a smile curled on his lips.

“Li Xue, are you behaving yourself when Im not around”

“En.” Zhang Li Xue nodded. Then she leaned her head on her mothers shoulder. “Daddy, When are you coming back Mommy and I miss you.”



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