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Chapter 15: Missed Each Other

Zhang Li Xue had planned to look for Bai Qi after school ended. However, the moment the class ended, her teacher had asked her and a few of her friends to help tidy the art supply as well as carry the materials back to the teachers room.

When they returned to the class, her classmates were no longer around. Zhang Li Xue grabbed her small backpack and walked over to the entrance.

Her eyes were busy looking for Bai Qi, but she could not see him around.

“Li Xue, are you looking for someone”

Hearing the voice, Zhang Li Xue turned and saw that both Fang Su Jin and Lin Na were looking at her curiously.

“Un.” Zhang Li Xue nodded. “But I think that person had already gone home.”

There were only a few children around the kindergarten and each of them was still waiting for their parents to pick them up.


“Is it something important” Lin Na asked.

Zhang Li Xue thought about what had happened in the gymnasium earlier. She thought that Bai Qis expression seemed as if he was hurt after Mu Zhen Yu had pushed him to the ground.

She did not know why, but Zhang Li Xue thought that Bai Qi seemed to be a little bit afraid of Brother Yu.

Her instinct was telling her that if she did not convince him that Brother Yu had only misunderstood what happened, Bai Qi might stop showing up at their practice again.

Sensing that both Lin Na and Fang Su Jin were waiting for her response, Zhang Li Xue finally shook her head. “Its not that important.”

Fang Su Jin continued to look at her face as if she was in deep thought. “Then, whatever it is, you will have to wait until a few days later.”

“Why” Zhang Li Xue stared at her friend with her eyes wide.

“Li Xue, have you forgotten that tomorrows the weekend” Fang Su Jin spoke.

Zhang Li Xue sucked in a deep breath. She was too worried about her Bai Qi that she had forgotten that there would be no school tomorrow.

With her head down, Zhang Li Xue could only tell herself to talk to Bai Qi a few days later.

In fact, Zhang Li Xue was not the only person who was left disappointed on this day.

Just like her, Mu Zhen Yu has been waiting for Zhang Li Xue, wanting to remind her to stay away from Bai Qi. However, he had missed her as she had come out a little later from school. He thought that she had come out of class left earlier and left.

The three of them had missed each other just like this.

Zhang Li Xue walked out of the gate and found her father waiting for her. Her eyes lit up. Zhang Li Xue pushed her worry to the back of her mind and ran over to her father. Anyway, there was nothing else she can do at this moment. She can only wait for Monday before she speaks to Bai Qi again.

“Daddy!” She spread her arms and wrapped them around her fathers neck. Some children around her age would be embarrassed to be intimate with their parents in front of the other kids, but Zhang Li Xue had never cared about this.

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As the little princess of the family, she enjoyed being pampered the most.

In one swift motion, her father lifted her up and hugged her tightly. “Li Xue, did you forget that your mommy had reminded you not to run around”

The little girl pouted. “Daddy, I didnt forget. But I got excited when I see you.”

Zhang Yu Han laughed. “Are you that happy to see me pick you up”

“Un.” She nodded. “Happy. Daddy, youre not busy today”

Usually, her father would send her over to kindergarten and it was her mother who would pick her up. It was rare to see her father show up to pick her up. When she saw him, she could not help but feel a little excited.

Hearing his daughters words, Zhang Yu Hans heart softened.

“Well, Im not busy today. I get off work earlier and decided to come over. Mommy is waiting for us in the car. Should we go out and eat together”

Her lips stretched up wider. “Daddy, can we go and eat chicken wings”

Zhang Yu Han heaved a sigh. Looking at the daughter who was crazy about chicken wings made him a little helpless. He bopped at his daughters nose and spoke, “Alright. Lets go and eat chicken wings.”

Zhang Li Xue clapped her hand happily upon hearing her fathers words. Thinking of eating her favorite chicken wings makes her feel hungrier. Her little tummy started to rumble. Soon, she really forget about what had happened in the gymnasium.


On the weekend, Zhang Li Xue woke up in the morning and accompanied her mother in the garden.

In the past, her mother would still work at the company. Nowadays, she would often stay home to accompany her. In her free time, her mother had made a few new hobbies, such as gardening.

There was already a large vegetable patch that her mother has been working on.

Zhang Li Xue especially likes watching the small seed grow up into a plant. Although she was not a big fan of vegetables, growing them was something that she like.

After helping her mother water the plant, Zhang Li Xue walked into the house and followed the auntie to wash up.

When she came down again, Zhang Li Xue caught the sight of her mother talking with her father with a serious look on their face. Noticing her appearance, her parents turned to her and flashed a smile.

“Li Xue, would you accompany me to the airport after this”

“Mommy, why are we going to the airport”

“Your father needed to accompany your uncle somewhere,” Li Qin Yao said. “After sending your father, well go and have our lunch at the cafe, alright”

“Oh.” The little girl turned to her father. “Daddy, where are you going Can I come along”

“Im going to work for a few days. Dont you still have school” Zhang Yu Han said. Seeing his daughters disappointed face, Zhang Yu Han leaned over to pinch her cheek. “Ill take you and your mommy to play during your school holiday, alright”

Hearing her fathers words, Zhang Li Xue could only nod. She was disappointed but knew that there was nothing else that she can do.



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