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Chapter 14: Brother Yu, You Misunderstood

Bai Qi was dumbfounded. He was having a hard time figuring out what was going on.

A while ago, he was still learning from the little fairy how to steal the ball. He finally got to steal the ball from her, but suddenly, someone had pushed him to the floor.

The pain around his knee snapped him out of his trance.

Bai Qi looked up and finally saw the person who had pushed him away. His pupil shrunk. Bai Qi knew that he was now in trouble.

The little angel might have forgotten about how he had tugged her hair, but Mu Zhen Yu still remember that episode. Bai Qi was worried that Mu Zhen Yu would tell the little angel, and that would make her hate him even more.

“Mu Zhen Yu... you...” Bai Qi did not know what he should do. He wanted to plead for him not to say anything. But the little angel was still here. If he speak now, the little fairy would remember.

It was hard for him to finally find his chance to get close to her. He was even promoted as her first teammate. He did not want to lose everything so soon.


“Brother Yu” Zhang Li Xue snapped out of her trance and finally looked at the person in front of her. “What are you doing here”

Her eyes widened as she recalled what Mu Zhen Yu had done earlier. She came out from behind him and quickly went over to Bai Qis side.

“Bai Qi, how are you Are you hurt” She first checked at his injury.

He was her teammate. It would be a bad thing if he was injured. Seeing that he was not injured, Zhang Li Xue finally let out a breath of relief.

However, Mu Zhen Yu was surprised to see what was going on in front of him. He did not think that Zhang Li Xue would worry about this person. He could not understand why, but his heart ached upon noticing how close the two of them seemed to be at this moment.

Mu Zhen Yu did not like seeing them being so close.

“Xiao Li Xue, what are you doing” Mu Zhen Yu called her out.

Zhang Li Xue turned around with a deep frown that resembled her fathers on her face. “Brother Yu, what are you doing Why did you suddenly push away someone else”

Mu Zhen Yu shivered upon seeing the girls frown. He had met Zhang Li Xues father a few times and each time, the uncle stare at him with a pair of scary eyes.

“I-I didnt.” Mu Zhen Yu panicked. “Xiao Li Xue, I was trying to protect you. I saw that he was stealing the ball from you and thought that he was bullying you again.”

Zhang Li Xue finally figured out what was going on. The frown on her face gradually disappeared. “Brother Yu, you misunderstood. Bai Qi was not bullying me. We were practicing basketball.”

“Basketball” Mu Zhen Yu alternate his gaze between the two of them.

“Un.” Zhang Li Xue nodded. “There is still time before class would begin. Therefore, I thought, it would be a good chance to practice.”

Mu Zhen Yu frowned. He could not understand why Zhang Li Xue would be playing basketball at this time. As her playmate, Mu Zhen Yu thought that he understood her well.

Xiao Li Xue did not like to play outdoors. Each time that he came to her house, Xiao Li Xue would invite him to play with Lego, or the two would draw together.

Then, the person who had invited her to play basketball should be Bai Qi, right

His eyes finally stopped at Bai Qi as he recalled what he had done during the wedding.

But before he could ask her why was she practicing with the boy who had bullied her, the bell rang, telling her that it was time for them to go to their class.

Bai Qi was the first to react. Fearing that Mu Zhen Yu was going to remind the little fairy what he had done previously, Bai Qi quickly picked up his bag and ran off from the gymnasium.

Mu Zhen Yu stared in the direction where Bai Qi ran off too. His eyes narrowed, and no one knew what was going on in his mind at this time.

“Brother Yu, lets go to class, or well be late,” Zhang Li Xue reminded him.

Mu Zhen Yu finally snapped out of his trance. He watched the little girls back and pondered whether he should remind her of what Bai Qi had done previously.

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However, before he could chase after her, Zhang Li Xue had already disappeared from his gaze.

Mu Zhen Yu heaved a long sigh. Noticing that he would be late for class, Mu Zhen Yu decided to talk to her again after school ended.


“Li Xue, youre a little late today.” Fang Su Jin spoke as she watched her desk mate sit down.

“Un. Something happened just now.” A slight frown appeared on Zhang Li Xues face. When she remembered how Mu Zhen Yu had pushed Bai Qi again, Zhang Li Xue could not help but worry.

Although she could not detect any injury on him, Zhang Li Xue was still worried.

She recalled the look on Bai Qis face and wondered why did he look so afraid.

Did something happen between the two of them

Zhang Li Xue was worried if this would make Bai Qi stop coming to their practice.

He was her first teammate. It was not easy for her to recruit a member. She had finally found someone who was willing to join her. She really did not want to lose him. Besides... she had already spent her time training him.

Fang Su Jin saw the serious look on Zhang Li Xues face and worry. “Is it something serious”

“No.” Zhang Li Xue flashed her a smile. “Su Jin, dont worry. Its nothing serious.”

Fang Su Jin was at ease when she saw her friends smile. Seeing that it was not a serious matter, she then turned to focus on their teacher.

Meanwhile, Zhang Li Xue was planning to find Bai Qi after school.



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