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Chapter 13: I Want to Grow Taller

With Zhang Li Xues persuasion, Bai Qi began to drink more milk. Even though he still did not like the taste of milk, Bai Qi had forced himself to drink more. He sucked in a deep breath and bear with the taste.

Once he finished the glass of milk, Bai Qi would stand against the wall and let his mother measure his height.

However, after a few days of drinking milk and measuring his height, Bai Qi realized that there was no change at all. He did not grow any taller!

This made him grow frustrated. He began to wonder if drinking milk was not going to help. Will he stay as a short boy forever

If that happened, will the little fairy hate him Will she stop playing with him

Bai Qi was in a dilemma.

The elders in the family watched the anxious look on the young boys face and laughed.


“You wont get taller after drinking a few glasses of milk,” Mother Bai said. “This thing takes time. Instead of measuring your height each time after drinking milk, lets measure your height again in a few months. Maybe then you will see a difference”

Bai Qi pouted unhappily when he heard this. He wanted to prove to his little fairly that he has been obediently drinking milk. If he grew taller, then the girl would definitely notice his effort, right

Father Bai has been watching his son for a while and grew curious at his sons sudden change. “Bai Qi, why did you suddenly want to grow taller”

The last time, whenever his mother asked him to drink milk, the boy would find a lot of excuses. He once caught the sight of his son pouring a glass of milk into the pot of roses that his mother had looked after. Fortunately, the roses did not die.

Father Bai thought that there should be something that made his son change his mind, right

Bai Qi pursed his lips. He... didnt want to tell them it was because a certain someone had called him short.

“The teacher said drinking milk will make me grow taller,” Bai Qi came up with an excuse. “I want to grow taller.”

The boy was in his growing period and they did not doubt his words.

“You are still in your growing period. Sooner or later, you will grow taller,” Mother Bai coaxed him again.

“In fact, drinking milk alone would not be enough,” Grandmother Bai spoke.

She has been observing her grandson for a while and could guess what was going on. These days, she noticed that her grandsons change was related to the little girl from Zhangs family. Seeing how he had stubbornly wanted to grow taller, Grandmother Bai quickly connected the puzzle pieces

“You cant be picky with food,” Grandmother Bai decided to use this chance to trick her grandson. “Otherwise, you wont get the nutrient you need to grow up. Since you are still growing, you have to eat a lot and dont waste any food.”

Since it was his grandmother who had said it, Bai Qi naturally believed her words.

He stared at the breakfast on the table and decided that he should eat well and dont leave any leftovers.

Thinking that he still need to arrive at the kindergarten earlier and practice, Bai Qi picked up his chopsticks quickly and began to eat.


After giving her parents a few kisses on their cheek, Zhang Li Xue ran over to the gymnasium to practice her basketball.

Because of her adorable look and her lively personality, many kids in the school liked her. As she walked over to the gymnasium, there were a few kids who greeted and invited her to play with them. However, the little girls mind was filled with her basketball practice.

After exchanging a few words with her classmate, Zhang Li Xue hurriedly ran over to find her teammate.

On the other side, Mu Zhen Yu had just arrived at the kindergarten when he saw the little girl talking to a few of her classmates in the playground.

Because of their age differences, he did not get the chance to see her as much as he wanted to. Now that she had seen her here, Mu Zhen Yu wanted to call her over.

However, just before he could wave his hand and call her name, the little girl had run away.

His hand paused mid-air and Mu Zhen Yu stared in the direction in which Zhang Li Xue had run off to.

A deep frown appeared on his face.

Mu Zhen Yu realized that the direction where the girl was heading was not her classroom.

Where is she going

After pondering about it for a while, Mu Zhen Yu decided to follow her and look at what she was doing. The further he walked, Mu Zhen Yu realized that the atmosphere was getting quieter. At this time, the children were playing in the playground. No one came to the gymnasium.

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He looked around left and right to look for her, but he could not see her.

His ears caught some noise coming from the gymnasium. Mu Zhen Yu followed the sound and stood on tiptoe to peek inside the gymnasium.

He finally saw the girl he was looking for. However, what he saw next angered him.

Last time, he had seen how Bai Qi pulled the little girls hair and made her cry. He had thought that Bai Qi was no longer making trouble, but who would have thought that Bai Qi was bullying that little girl again!

Mu Zhen Yu had not expected that he will witness Bai Qi, snatching away the ball from Zhang Li Xue. This scene angered him so much. Mu Zhen Yu ran over to the gymnasium and headed straight to them.

The sound of his footsteps caught both Zhang Li Xues and Bai Qis attention. Just as they looked up, Mu Zhen Yu suddenly pushed Bai Qi away and pulled the little girls arms, and hid her behind him.

“Xiao Li Xue, stand behind me!” Mu Zhen Yu spoke. Then, he turned to Bai Qi who was now sitting on the floor and roared angrily. “Bai Qi! What are you trying to do” His chest heaved up and down, and his eyes narrowed as he stared at the boy.



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