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Love So Sweet Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Youre Too Short

Early that morning, Zhang Li Xue went downstairs and the first thing she did was to look after her parents. Seeing that the two of them were not around, Zhang Li Xue was a little disappointed to see that they were not around.

Seeing the granny walk into the room carrying their breakfast to the dining table, Zhang Li Xue walked over and asked, “Granny Xiao, where are my mom and dad Are they still upstairs”

The older housekeeper placed the bowl on the table before turning to the young girl. “Your mom and dad should be in the backyard playing basketball. Li Xue, go and tell them that breakfast is ready.”

Zhang Li Xues eyes lit up. “Alright.” Turning around, she ran into the backyard with her pair of short legs to look for her parents.

As she walked outside, she could already hear the sound of the ball bouncing on the court. Zhang Li Xue approached closer and saw her mother dribbling the ball on the court, while her father was blocking her mothers way.

The two of them seemed as if they were having a lot of fun. Zhang Li Xue decided to stand at the side and watch them for a while before she would call them in for breakfast.

At this time, Li Qin Yao was going to shoot the ball into the hoop. Meanwhile, Zhang Yu Han raised his hand and blocked her with his tall body.


Li Qin Yaos height only reached her husbands chest. With his blocking, it would be difficult for her to move forward or shoot the ball from her position.

At this time, Li Qin Yao played a trick to fool her husband.

She pretended to shoot into the hoop. But with one swift move, she retreated a few steps backward until she reached the center of the court. Lifting the ball to her shoulder height, Li Qin Yao was about to shoot her famous three-pointer shot.

However, Zhang Yu Han decided to play dirty.

Before his wife could shoot the ball, Zhang Yu Han had already hugged her waist, preventing her to make any further move. The ball fell from her hand as Zhang Yu Han hugged her in his arms tightly.

Suddenly, the mood changed and the two seemed to be teasing each other in the middle of the basketball court.

Seeing that her parents were no longer playing, Zhang Li Xue finally decided to call them. “Mommy, Daddy, breakfast is ready. Lets go in and eat.”

The couple finally stopped fooling around and turned to their daughter. Seeing that she had turned around, Li Qin Yao pinched at her husbands waist and asked him to stop fooling around.

Who would have thought that their daughter would turn around this time and saw this incident

“Daddy, hurry up.” Zhang Li Xue urged. “Didnt you say that you are going to send me to school earlier”

Zhang Yu Han looked at his daughter helplessly. Seeing that the girl had entered the house, he turned to his wife and asked, “Why is Li Xue so eager to arrive at the kindergarten earlier these days”

Li Qin Yao chuckled. “She said she wanted to recruit a group of kids and form a team to play basketball with her. I think shes still looking for members.” She turned to her husband and narrowed her eyes. “Shes truly her daddys daughter.”

Zhang Yu Han only laughed when he heard his wifes words.

The family of three ate their breakfast together. Then, the couple sent their daughter off to the kindergarten.

After kissing her parents on the cheek, Zhang Li Xue ran into the school to look for her teammate. When she arrived at the playground, her friend, Bai Qi was already there to practice basketball.

Her eyes lit up.

Although Ba Qi was not very good at basketball, Zhang Li Xue could see that the boy was really diligent in his practice. Sooner or later, he would be very good.

If only he could grow taller. That would be great as well, right.

Bai Qi was practicing his dribbling skills. The ball slipped off his hands and finally rolled to Zhang Li Xues legs. Bai Qis expression lit up when he saw that his little fairy had arrived.

“Li Xue!” He ran over to her side with a bright smile on his face. “Youre here.” His ears turned redder when he thought of how his little fairy has been watching him practicing. “Have you been watching me”

Zhang Li Xue nodded.

“Then, what do you think” Bai Qi pulled at the hem of his shirt as he looked at the girl with worry. “Do you think that I am making a lot of progress”

“Un.” Zhang Li Xue nodded again. “You did make a lot of progress.”

It has been a week since she had taught him the proper way to dribble and the boy caught up quickly. Moreover, he was also very diligent in his practice.

Zhang Li Xue was glad that her first teammate was a hardworking person.

“But Bai Qi, you have to remember to drink milk a lot.”

The smile on Bai Qis face stiffened. His mother always made him drink milk every day, but he always found a way to throw them away. Bai Qi did not like the taste of milk.

“Why” Bai Qi stared at his little fairy with wide eyes.

“Youre too short.”

Hearing her words, Bai Qi felt as if he was struck by thunder.

His little fairy called him short But he was still an inch taller than this little fairy, ah!

Unfortunately, Bai Qi was too shocked that he was unable to come up with any word.

“Drinking milk is good. It will help you grow taller and make your bone stronger. And then, you can play better.” Zhang Li Xue continued to promote the benefit. “Bai Qi, you have to grow taller.”

This... he certainly did not expect to hear this from her. Bai Qi began to worry that his little fairy would hate him because he was too short.

“Then, dont worry. I will drink a lot of milk and grow taller,” Bai Qi made a promise. A deep frown appeared on his face.

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Although he did not like the taste of milk, he will have to brave himself and drink a lot of milk when he got home. When he grows taller, his little fairy will naturally like him even more, right



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